Horrified by clip of polluted river, Environment minister demands immediate action

10/4/2020 4:47:00 AM

Horrified by clip of polluted river, Environment minister demands immediate action

A river in Jelapang, Perak, has been polluted with chemical waste.A short video clip, recorded by an unknown individual, which shows the condition of the polluted river was shared by the Environment Minister Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man on his Facebook page.

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Foams float on the surface of the water. The person is heard saying that the foams are a mix of four colours - white, green, yellow and blue.The fish are seen swimming to the surface."There are thousands of fish in this river… they will die. This is too much," the man is heard saying.

According to the man, this was not the first time that the river has been polluted.The pollution has been perpetuated for years, he claimed.He also alleged that the pollution was linked to a nearby factory that produces gloves.Meanwhile, Tuan Ibrahim said that he had instructed the Perak Department of Environment to take immediate action with regard to the pollution.

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Talk cock again! Action pls! Many of the Malaysian rivers are highly polluted. 😥 Buat2 cepat2 jgn cakap Boss. Tak payah demand pun. Buat apa yg perlu. Turun padang.... Atau turun sungai. Menteri kan? Muka cibai Lakukan yang terbaik. ramainyaaaa geng baca tajuk Don't just talk, action speaks louder 🙄😷 patut menteri yang bagi solusi, bukan buat demand suruh orang cari solusi. menteri mewa macam ni la... 😂

hantu demand hantu buat baik. Kau la yg kena amik action hawau. Nak demand2 apa lagi hawau And the supporter geng here. What do you expect from MK? Demand dari siapa ni? Dah lama sangat jadi pembangkang, dah lupa yang sekarang dah jadi menteri. Sigh. Lebai bodoh... Tetiba pandai berlakun.Mmg pon kaki berlakun.Rogues in disguise..Trust deficit makin akan meningkat antara rakyat dn semua lanun2 kt PN.Your stay in the Govt not welcomed by the people.Only problem is that damage already in progress,nnti dh damage baru serah pada PH.anwaribrahim

Sblm ni x prnh tgk ke? Minister bwh tempurung ni Reword- minister INSTRUCTED for immediate action. See his original posting. Dumb Demand immediate action? Hey, you're the Environmental Minister! You should be aware of what goes on in this country and why the rivers are so polluted. Think people are being harsh criticising you? You're the minister! Do something rather than demand someone else to do it.

Mewa Do your job minister of environment , that is if you are as capable as the last minister. Disaster Environment Minister What action did he demand. Officers to run to the ground impose fines and court action. What about the source of the pollution. Any long term action and SOLUTION or optics value only ?

Balak king. Hahahha horrified lanjiao ustitm This may be your first, but surely will not be your last. You will be remembered very dearly if you are able to rehabilitate the M'sian river 'Polluters' a minister dod not demand. she should give a solution. Menteri makan gaji buta betoi lah titm ni....demand2 apa nya..ko menteri lah ngok...

that’s it? clean it up, job done for April , where my rm50k salary ? Please check the metadata from the video. Sounds like there are mutant fishes that can live in contaminated water for years; so claims this videographer. Sometimes I even wonder if they are. poor malaysia.kini He makes me laugh with every statement he makes. This musang is a perfect example of hypocrisy at it's worst

Abe,mu tau x koje mu ape? Ni mcm blur terok dah ni..baik letak jawatan gi mancing je r 🤦‍♀️ Maybe he will just go out and try to drink it all - heaven forbid that he would want a study done and a long term plan put in place to clean it up!!!! Who is going to pay for it as the economy is collapsing😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Dia masih tak tahu apa kerja dia hahahaha. Lebai ni pandai kah pasal environment... tengok kelate dulu lah Good for nothing lebai kulop. shitty kelantan Nice drama titm_official - Let's see how many dramas like this will be staged to promote TITM as Environment Minister. Eh, dia pulak yang nak demand? Bukan patut dia yg buat?

Pathetic Horrified.....? 🤦‍♂️If he really is then PASpusat administered Kelantan would not be in a such a sorry state! Wayang-kulit, menteripintubelakang titm_official puii bang pergi tengok sendiri negeri kelantan..... macam tahi mewa menteri ni klu korg nk tau... WSmunkit Demands immediate action. How about take immediate action yourself?

That’s all?

LETTER | Attorney-general must rein in prosecutorsLETTER | We hope he will spring into immediate action to uphold the rule of law.

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