Hamzah: Health workers must notify authorities of undocumented migrants

SOP requires this when undocumented foreigners come to PPVs.

24/9/2021 2:32:00 AM

Hamzah: Health workers must notify authorities of undocumented migrants

SOP requires this when undocumented foreigners come to PPVs.

PARLIAMENT| The government requires healthcare workers to notify security forces if undocumented migrants show up at health facilities and vaccine centres (PPVs).Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin said this was among the vaccination standard operating procedures (SOPs) decided by the cabinet for the vaccination programme of undocumented migrants.

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"Referring to the nationwide vaccination strategies for undocumented migrants... Read more: malaysiakini.com »

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Islam dilindungi oleh 3 negara di dunia hari ini, Arab Saudi, Turki dan Pakistan. Tidak lama lagi akan tiba masanya 2 negara akan jatuh kerana perang melawan kebenaran. Muhammad Qasim melihat bahawa Imam Al-Mahdi akan menyelamatkan Islam & Muslim. kah memang smpi bila2 la diorang ni takkan dtg ke ppv Khairykj What's goin on kj? Should undocumented migrants hide or nah? You might need to inform hamzah. Gosh so xenophobic for what

BODOH! Madness. Discouraging undocumented from getting vaccines endangers all of us. Madness Say bye bye to herd immunity. No point in saying we want to vaccinate everyone if the undocumented get scared of raids and don't show up. They'll become Malaysia's variant factories and infect children. Yeah nah.

Why sabotage the programme to vaccinate all? Hantar balik 'pendatang asing' satu hal, tapi kalau warga tidak berdokumen yang kamu halau balik pigi Filipina atau Indonesia dihantar lagi balik pigi Malaysia, apa kau mau buat? Typical...i am not surprised. Malay Islamic Government is racist and xenophobic.....they hate all ethnicities except Malays.....why would they care about the health of non-Malay human beings?

Unless assurances can be given that only anonymised data are collected or that no legal action can be pursued through this decision, this will only further alienate an already deprived group of people.

IPCC Bill to be tabled for second reading in current Parliament session - HamzahThe bill was tabled for first reading in August last year.

His department fucked it up and asking other department to help tackle the problem. How useless. This is how to get people not vaccinate. Umno was the party who pave the entry of immigrants and now an idiot to terrify them from receiving vaccine in this pandemic.. Wrong timing.. Khairykj can U make sure Hamzah doesn't stop yr good work on vaccinating undocumented foreigners 4 the good of all?Besides undocumented Indonesian&Filipinos,who may have entered through rat lanes in the past,most undocumented foreigners,became undocumented, through bureaucracy.

There are many of them in the country n now they would go into hiding. This would pose a health risk in trying to control this pandemic. 😡😥 The question is what will be then done to these undocumented workers when they come out? The country’s track record is quite bad on the treatment of these workers.

Of course 'undocumented migrants' are present in numbers in the country because we have 'wide open' borders...? 🤔🤔🤔 Strange how 'undocumented migrants' always seem to be someone else's fault... 🤔😡 This statement will affect the vaccine plan for everyone... Banyak orang mendakwa bahawa penolakan Muhammad Qasim, pada dasarnya hanya membuktikan bahawa dia adalah Imam mahdi sendiri. Sama ada dia menerima atau menolak, tidak mungkin dia dapat melepaskan diri dari takdirnya.

Are you mad?!! Everyone - legal and not have to be vaccinated to protect all in the nation. be Why are you such a xenophobe? Investigate your own Ministry to see how many thousands of people came in illegally-their entry eased by corruption in your Ministry.

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Even your recalibration program is slow and f*cked up... Already registered my workers since June, but till now didn't receive appointment for thumbprint! YB, you have just stopped all undocumented migrants from getting the vaccine. Stupidest statement to date!!!! I think he is out of his mind... U scare people away, we have to vaccine undocumented migrants to stop the virus

Sure.. add more responsibility to KKM as if there's no pandemic spreading around. now you know the seriousness. Who authorised this? Wtf... lagi la diorg sembunyi x nk vaksin... I didn’t know undocumented migrants can be in charge of UMNO too Idiot, nak hidup dia senang tapi menyusahkan orang. Kau buat polisi mcm ni akan menyebabkan ramai pendatang takut nak gi PPV , end up kau scrutinies projek KKM utk memaksimumkan orang utk divaksin

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What is wrong with you? If your immigration dept and border cops can't do their job proper to deny someone entry, stop asking others to do their job for them.

Isu kerakyatan akan dibawa ke Majlis Raja-Raja, kata Hamzah | The Malaysian InsightPerlu persetujuan Majlis Raja-Raja terlebih dahulu sebelum Perlembagaan Persekutuan boleh dipinda. J.P.N PUNYA KAKITANGAN YG BERI KERAKYATAN PADA WARGA CHINA PUN TK PERLU MINTA MAJLIS RAJA RAJA MELAYU BERMESYUARAT....DIA ORG LAGI PANDAI BUAT KERJA DRI MENTERI BANGANG YG BERNAMA Hamzah Bangsat....CARI LA PERHATIAN ATAU GIMIK DGN CARA LAIN....BINGAI.

Govt's citizenship ruling appeal meant to buy time to amend constitution - HamzahHome minister also notes contradictory court rulings from other cases. 😂😂😂 The fact remains, are our Malaysian women somehow 2nd rate citizen? Didn't know we somehow have a medieval caste system in a modern country. How quaint. Where was Khairy Jamaluddin born? How come he is Malaysian citizen while others have it so difficult?

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