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Guan Eng slams Hadi for playing race, religion card

He says this is a desperate move by PAS in wanting to restore the current trust deficit between the government and the voters.

20/6/2021 10:19:00 AM

He says this is a desperate move by PAS in wanting to restore the current trust deficit between the government and the voters. FMTNews Race Religion Politics

He says this is a desperate move by PAS in wanting to restore the current trust deficit between the government and the voters.

-June 20, 2021 3:18 PMLim Guan Eng said PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s statement smacks of racism and bigotry.PETALING JAYA: PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s statement yesterday asking young voters not to be “fooled a second time” by allowing Pakatan Harapan (PH) to return to power smacks of nothing but racism and bigotry, says DAP.

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Its secretary-general, Lim Guan Eng, said this was a desperate attempt to try and rally the youths to support the Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition.In a statement yesterday, Hadi claimed that PH had revealed its “extreme attitude” towards Islam and its leaders just days after it won the last general election in 2018. However, he did not give examples or instances of this happening.

“Realising that PN has lost its parliamentary majority and any shred of political legitimacy to rule as a government following the King’s command, Hadi is playing the race and extremist religious card,” said Lim, who was finance minister during PH’s 22 months in power.

“Relying on lies based on race and religion exposes the sheer desperation by PAS to exploit whatever means possible to restore the trust deficit between the government and the voters.”A statement from the palace on Wednesday said the King was aware of the important role of Parliament in discussing matters related to Covid-19 and wanted it to be reconvened as soon as possible.

This was soon followed by a joint statement from the Malay Rulers that there was no need for the nation to remain under a state of emergency after Aug 1.In his statement yesterday, Hadi advised the younger generation not to be easily swayed by media into supporting PH’s re-election as he said it would “cause regret in this life and the next”.

“Do not be fooled twice … it is forbidden to be together with enemies of the religion and the ummah,” he said, citing a narration from Prophet Muhammad. Read more: Free Malaysia Today »

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Why you bother with this Biawak Those are the only cards he has. Hairan, masih ada MP yang mahu komen apa-apa yang dikatakan oleh Hadi ni. Cakap Hadi dari tahun 80an sampai sekarang tiada visi dan misi. All he can think of is creating distrust among people by lying all the way to win political support. Disgusting.

Don't worry abt abdulhadiawang , guanenglim .The keys of death&hell are in God's hand now...We will all reap what we sow...whether hate or love,lies or truth,pride or humility,deceit or honesty,malice or kindness..The 1st are all the traits of the devil;the 2nd, traits of God😭 Yes, he knows PAS is loosing support. Hence using the religious card.

Like ur party never play race card ehhh... obvious & everyone know... Drop that innocent act please the only card he can play......otak kosong gaji buta Really! As if we too dumb to understand of what DAP has done to us Malaysian ( esp robbed everything that we worked hard for) during your short tenor being a government?

So true! I think we ALL should move away from racial-based politics, or political party. ALL! We need to focus on the universal issues & unite all of Malaysians. We can't move forward when our movements are racial based. guanenglim abdulhadiawang anwaribrahim SyedSaddiq After voting for PH in the last election, the damaged they did to the malays was huge in only 20 months. Will never vote for PH for DAP to be in power limkitsiang guanenglim

PAS upholds Agong’s view on the Parliament | The Malaysian InsightThe Islamic party also supports His Majesty’s statement on the importance of having a stable and strong government. 😂😂😂

Cermin parti sendiri la LGE.. Apa komen LGE tentang ronie liew yang mahu DAP tak perlu hilang cina nya kerana mahu sokongan melayu india ? Hadi is right - M'sians shld remmbr ph's lies. & it's very rich 4 lge 2 claim Hadi playd th racist card whn dap is king of racism. Dap the worst of the worst race in Msia..see 22 months PH in power..ptuii

Biasa lah pas Empty vessel Penunggang Agama....biasa laa Apa macam, Hadi? But that is never sedition. That is not insensitive. The opposite is. His politics is toxic.

Jangan sisih wakil pembangkang dalam jawatankuasa Parlimen hibrid, kata Guan Eng | The Malaysian InsightJangan sisih wakil pembangkang dalam jawatankuasa Parlimen hibrid, kata Guan Eng it should be parliament sitting as usual. not hybrid parliament or what ever names they want to call it.

Guan Eng still waiting for Azhar's reply on opposition's exclusion in Parliament panelLim says he was concerned that efforts for a 'hybrid sitting' were aimed at turning Parliament into a rubber stamp. The A(*$ PN using pandemic playing dirty politics. Are we still democracy country? When will opposition realize that this fella is siding with one side only ?

DAP bantah pengecualian pembangkang dalam jawatankuasa khas Parlimen hibridLim Guan Eng berkata, beliau sudah menulis surat kepada Speaker Dewan Rakyat Azhar Azizan Harun pada 9 Jun tetapi belum menerima jawapan. FMTNews DAP LimGuanEng Aku nk muntah dgr lecture depa pasal keluhuran undang undang.. kawasan depa penuh kilang haram , penuh pusat judi , penuh kedai haram no ekor Dalam kawasan dun / parlimen mrk. Tapi dok cite pasal undang undang bagai At least tutup dulu lah pusat judi kilang haram area korang He forgot

DAP protests exclusion of opposition in Dewan hybrid committeeLim Guan Eng says he wrote to Dewan Rakyat Speaker Azhar Azizan Harun on June 9 but has yet to receive a reply. FMTNews LimGuanEng AzharAzizanHarun SpecialCommittee HybridParliament The useless Speaker is still sleeping. Can spend tax money and send delegation to Turkey and Egypt bit can't meet own fellow MPs in Parliament. Sad This art harun is the most bias and abuse the democratic parliament proceeding , he might as well held parliament in his house , parliament is for opposition and government to decide on the country direction and not for the speaker to act on his will and fancy

It's game on in Malaysian political footballShifting goalposts, level playing field, red and yellow cards and a Variety of rules are part of the game. FMTNews Football Euro Politics In the first place, is there even a goalpost to shift?