Weekend Kitchen, Goma-Ae, Japanese Sesame Salad

Weekend Kitchen, Goma-Ae

From side dish to the star of the show: Make this simple yet sublime ‘goma-ae’ or Japanese sesame salad | Malay Mail

From side dish to the star of the show: Make this simple yet sublime ‘goma-ae’ or Japanese sesame salad

24/10/2021 5:19:00 AM

From side dish to the star of the show: Make this simple yet sublime ‘goma-ae’ or Japanese sesame salad

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 24 — Mealtimes can be competitive, with every dish calling out for our approval. There are times we put far too much attention on the main course, the star of the show so to speak. A well-marbled ribeye steak, oh so juicy and full of flavourful fat. The wafer thin skin of a...

dashi).So we can easily tweak this side dish (or main dish, depending on how you’re serving it) either by altering the type of vegetables used or its dressing.Some enoki mushrooms add textural contrast.For my version, I’ve used a mix of whatever leafy greens I have left in the fridge that needed using before they went bad. (The frugal home cook strikes again!) Some

enokimushrooms add textural contrast.Whichever vegetables you use, it’s important to rinse them right after blanching under cold running water. This is to stop them cooking further and retain their bright, vivid colours.Squeeze the vegetables gently to prevent any bruising but firmly enough to rid it of all excess water. We don’t want to inadvertently dilute the seasoned-just-right

goma-aedressing later, do we?I also like making the final sauce creamier with a little cheat, by adding a splash ofgoma dareor bottled Japanese sesame sauce. You can skip this if you like if you’re a purist — the freshly madegoma-aedressing is aromatic enough – but I can never resist gilding the lily. headtopics.com

Ingredients6 tablespoons white sesame seeds1 tablespoon soy sauce200g spinach or other leafy greens100g enoki mushrooms1 tablespoon goma dare (bottled Japanese sesame sauce); optionalFor garnishing:sliced cili padiMethodFirst toast the white sesame seeds in a pan over low heat. You will know it’s time to remove them from the heat when a few of the sesame seeds begin to pop. Therefore don’t leave the sesame seeds alone and watch the pan closely.

To make the final sauce creamier, a splash of 'goma dare' (bottled Japanese sesame sauce) helps.Once the toasted sesame seeds have cooled down a little, add them to a mortar and gently pound with a pestle. Don’t use the food processor because you’re not looking for a fine powder here; coarse and uneven will give a nicer texture and mouthfeel.

Mix the ground sesame seeds with the soy sauce and sugar in a bowl (you can do this directly in the mortar, if you prefer). Once well combined, set aside. This will be yourgoma-aedressing.Bring a large pot of water to boil, as you would with pasta. Once it is boiling, add the spinach or other leafy greens you’re using, and the enoki mushrooms. Instead of salt (that you would use for pasta water), season the water with soy sauce.

The leafy greens and mushrooms generally take less than a minute to cook; the stems go in first, then the leaves about 30 seconds later. Remember, you’re blanching it so that it still has a bit of crunch; be careful not to overcook your greens.Drain the vegetables and rinse under cold running water until it has cooled down. This stops the cooking process and prevents it from losing its vivid green colour. headtopics.com

Using your hands, squeeze out the excess water from the now cool vegetables. Pat dry with some kitchen towel to further remove any remaining moisture. Cut the vegetables to sections of about 3-4 centimetres long so they are roughly uniform in size.Garnish the dish with sliced 'cili padi' for a burst of colour.

Add the sliced vegetables to the bowl ofgoma-aedressing. You may optionally add somegoma darehere, if you like. Toss to mix well. Cover with a lid and chill in the fridge for at least half an hour.To serve, plate thegoma-aevegetables by stacking the sections neatly on top of each other. Garnish the dish with sliced

cili padifor a burst of colour. Enjoy with a hot bowl of steamed rice, some cold udon or by itself as a vegetarian main. Read more: Malay Mail »

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