Noor Hisham Abdullah

Noor Hisham Abdullah

From blue-eyed boy to ‘government’s puppet’ | The Malaysian Insight

From blue-eyed boy to ‘government’s puppet’

3/8/2021 2:02:00 AM

From blue-eyed boy to ‘government’s puppet’

Once lauded as the man who brought the Covid crisis under control, Noor Hisham is now derided for being Muhyiddin's tool.

Copy URLDIRECTOR-GENERAL of health Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has drawn the ire of politicians and doctors for recommending the closure of Parliament for two weeks following an outbreak of Covid-19 in the House. The decision, which prompted more than 100 MPs to stage a march on Parliament yesterday, was perceived to have been based on politics rather than science. As the government had been due to answer some hard questions in yesterday’s sitting, the shutting down of the House appeared too convenient for many’s liking.

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DGHisham it’s not too late to u-turn His handling of last September outbreak in Sabah later to rest of Malaysia is the start of his downfall and preferential treatment of PN politicians is highly partial He wanted emergency, he wanted lockdown --- Everyone who disagrees with him, especially pakatanharapan_ politicians will call him names/labels, as usual. Carry on your good work DGHisham

Toy* Once a hero and now a real traitor. Puppet ,lapdog and Kadam now. Itulah pembangkang It was never under control. Fools paradise. He brought the covid crisis under control? Seriously? He was conferred Tan Sri whilst the number of cases were minuscule…cases rocket high… hospitals were stretched…contract doctors issue… all good at cover up

Lapdog! Applying protocol unevenly is bound to invite flaming. This country no rules and cannot be clear on it?

Nudging smoking behaviour'According to the Health Ministry, smoking kills about 20,000 Malaysians every year.' 'Keadilan dan Kesaksamaan berlaku dan sistem keadilan seperti itu dibentuk sehingga seluruh dunia menjadi terkejut' - Muhammad Qasim telah melihat era damai di kalangan umat Islam. Dia adalah Imam Al-Mahdi yang dinanti-nantikan.

He chose his shit. Exactly He choose to be gov lapdog. Pity his family . Indeed he is. He is a total disgrace for Muslim. And yet as a Governments Servant that received a pay from the citizens, he blatantly block all twitter from someone that not agree to him. Just resignlah. Be a surgeon again and pass to someone that have a knowledge in desease ctrl

Hero to zero? what nonsense just the other day thevibesnews said PN hayed him.

The game changerPETALING JAYA: Walk-in vaccinations for Malaysian and non-Malaysians will begin in August, says the Special Committee on Covid-19 Vaccine Supply (JKJAV).

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