Free Breakfast Programme may cost up to RM1.67b, says Maszlee

Free Breakfast Programme may cost up to RM1.67b, says Maszlee


Free Breakfast Programme may cost up to RM1.67b, says Maszlee

A total of 2.69 million pupils nationwide will benefit from the programme.

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This is the most ridiculous idea and waste of public money. School children dont need free food but better education system. Look into this 1st not free food. The 1st thing to do is ask teachers and parents. I think its time to change the minister and deputy Only for deserving students who come from poor families.

Is the free breakfast in vernacular school too? My reaction to this Lets hope it's not some scheme to rewards cronies at the expense of the young. And they should get a proper nutritionist to head this so kids are fed the right food maszlee please make sure a fair and open tender system to implement this. Please make sure no waste of tax payers money. Please have audit process to ensure the implementation. PLEASE chedetofficial guanenglim

u give free lunch also your KPI negative with this move, waste of money without solving any real problem of education. this clown with that kid should go. OMG! Better give free education-no school fee & examination fee if like this.. At least can reduce parents burden.. Meow meow What about lunch? Bukan duit mak bapak certotblackshoe. Janji tidak disonglap🙊🙊

Feed them free with knowledge. Education is the solution.

Free breakfast programme, APs, MyKad sale among issues to be discussed in Parliament on Wednesday (Oct 9)KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): The mechanism for the Free Breakfast Programme (PSP) for all primary school children planned to begin next year, is one of the main focus of the Dewan Rakyat meeting on Wednesday (Oct 9).

Not all school children need this program selective...'s costly to feed empty stomachs...more so of d children maszlee Seriously? That is for how many days & for how many pax Parents who can not provide healthy breakfast to their kid should not be parents in the first place. 167 million ringgit in your pocket!!

it is greater than 3.6b ? Full transparency of procurement, vendors and monitoring please. Stop doling out free crutches. Not all of us need or want it. Focus only on the very poor or needy. Don’t make my kids like the maruah Melayu jokers too. Tq Free Breakfast a.k.a Free Food seems to be the only way to some Msians heart..Free Education would be better but Who is interested in it anyway..Some Msians aspires to be a Free Loader till eternity in the name of special rights..chedetofficial anwaribrahim limkitsiang

Seriously dude!!! 1.67b for free breakfast programme? Where does this guys getting this figures from? Hand to believe BUT since it’s for a good cause I’m for it.

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Im ok with government in using my tax for this. Go get a Real Job that matches your ability Its a good program, why not? Only u need to ensure transparency, award the contracts legally and ensure the foods qualities. After all, the students are our future. maszlee Might aswell pay teachers better

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Ahmad Maslan offers free consultation on GSTKUALA LUMPUR: Former deputy finance minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan has offered to be a consultant to the government on matters related to Goods and Service Tax (GST). Nopes. Stick to ur kangkung. 😂😂😂

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