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Emotional eating might be a gateway to eating disorders

Turning to a tub of ice cream after a break-up may be a cliché, but there’s some truth to eating in response to negative emotions.

4/7/2020 11:15:00 AM

Turning to a tub of ice cream after a break-up may be a cliché, but there’s some truth to eating in response to negative emotions.

Research finds that negative emotions cause stronger appetite responses in emotional eaters, leaving them at risk for binge-eating and bulimia.

journal.The study investigated the extent to which individual eating styles and emotional states predict appetite response to food images, by comparing emotional eaters and restrictive eaters.Emotional eaters use food to regulate negative emotions, while restrictive eaters control their eating through diets and calorie restriction.

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While a person can be both an emotional and a restrictive eater, the two traits were not highly associated in this study’s sample.Schnepper and her co-authors found that emotional eaters had a stronger appetite response and found food to be more pleasant when experiencing negative emotions, compared to when they felt neutral emotions.

Restrictive eaters, on the other hand, appeared more attentive towards food in the negative condition, although this did not influence their appetite and there was no significant change between the negative and neutral emotional conditions.The findings point towards potential strategies for treating eating disorders.

“When trying to improve eating behaviour, a focus on emotion regulation strategies that do not rely on eating as a remedy for negative emotions seems promising,” says Schnepper.The authors were compelled to investigate the subject because of a lack of consensus in the literature.

“There are different and conflicting theories on which eating style best predicts overeating in response to negative emotions.“We aimed to clarify which traits predict emotional overeating on various outcome variables,” she says.They conducted the study among 80 female students at the University of Salzburg, all of whom were of average BMI.

During the lab sessions, researchers read scripts to the participants in order to induce either a neutral or a negative emotional response.The negative scripts related to recent events from the participant’s personal life during which they experienced challenging emotions, while the neutral scripts related to subjects such as brushing one’s teeth.

The participants were then shown images of appetising food and neutral objects.Researchers recorded participants’ facial expressions through electromyography, brain reactivity through EEGs (electroencephalography), and self-reported data.For example, emotional eaters frowned less when shown images of food after researchers read the negative script, compared to when they read the neutral script – an indication of a stronger appetite response.

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The study chose to only test female participants as women are more prone to eating disorders, therefore, given the limited subject pool, as well as the controlled conditions, Schnepper says that “We cannot draw conclusions for men or for long-term eating behaviour in daily life.”

Nevertheless, the study furthers our understanding of emotional overeating, and the findings may help in the early detection and treatment of eating disorders. Read more: The Star »

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