Dr M reveals suggesting NOC governance, offers to serve

The former PM is sceptical this will come to fruition.

10/6/2021 11:58:00 AM

POLITICS | chedetofficial revealed that he proposed the setting up of a National Operations Council (NOC) govt - similar to the one in 1969 - during his audience with the YDPA today. However, he is sceptical that the proposal would come to fruition.

The former PM is sceptical this will come to fruition.

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chedetofficial Tun, tq for suggestion. But I don't want u to involve again. Just retire and enjoy your remaining days 🙏 chedetofficial Can covid been cure by mageran…only sickness in politics… chedetofficial Well done Tun M,abolish DAP. chedetofficial It's d hearts desire of all Malaysians to overcome the pendemic Hope d Agong is in sync with Tun who is working tirelessly to resolve the problem Too many lives hv been lost already

chedetofficial Not you again chedetofficial chedetofficial Thanks but no thanks chedetofficial in case malaysians have forgotten... chedetofficial You know, Tun M reads a lot. This is why he knows what happened in the past. Wait. He also lived it and remembers it. He remembers how it works. Also he probably read about how it worked. But really, some times one just needs a sensible mind who wants to see things stable.

chedetofficial gtfo chedetofficial the last time we gave that job to chedetofficial, he bailed out on us.. and caused this mess. i think i prefer to take my chances elsewhere this time. chedetofficial Alamak not again, can’t take it anymore already done damages still want to continue with more damages. Why can’t we just have a proper decent government and led by effective and efficient PM. I am tired of all drama’s.

Setting up NOC like in 1969 will not be suitable, says PM's aidePETALING JAYA: Setting up the National Operations Council (Mageran) would not be the appropriate move at this time, says the Prime Minister’s principal private secretary. wanfayhsal Dajjal in disguise as mankind

chedetofficial Atok punya cadangan.. mesti related to how he can get into power again... chedetofficial I am rakyat have similar reaction - taknak. chedetofficial Dr M from Political Heavyweight GE14 par excellence to unmitigated Political Liability 2021. chedetofficial I would chip in if someone wants to strap him on a rocket and send him to Mars..

chedetofficial We should pray day & night this will not happen. Give the mandate back to the parties that won GE14. chedetofficial Many ask why did he resign? Do you know how much pressure he got and accused him of traitor - he give a fuck, so he resigned! Now deal with it! chedetofficial Offers to serve? Oh no oh no oh no no no no no! No thanks!!!

chedetofficial Mahathir is correct. Only a MAGERAN can solve this pandemic. All Malay Rulers must approve and support setting up MAGERAN. chedetofficial Y bring out a relic from the past? Ahh ok... the idea came from a person from that era! chedetofficial TAKNAKATUK. That's all I have to say.

'Call to set up NOC unsuitable amidst current health, economic crisis' | New Straits TimesNSTnation Principal private secretary to the prime minister, Datuk Dr Marzuki Mohamad, said the proposal could become a step backwards and inhibit all efforts that have been put in place to tackle the ongoing health and economic crisis. NOC COVID19

chedetofficial If he was thinking about the country and the people, he would not have resigned in the first place, leaving the country in tatters. He wanted a power without check and balance so that he can bring the billions stashed overseas for his children and cronies. chedetofficial And learn from Japan again ?

chedetofficial Country never collapsed before, lets hope not chedetofficial NOC can only save this country if members within the NOC are performing honestly and not having any political motives whatsoever. Members of the NOC must Act For The People. chedetofficial If not because of his irresponsible action to reluctant hand over his PM position to Anuar, then Muhyhiddin will never have a chance to be PM as at today. So old still crazy for power.

chedetofficial Yes! he is full non sense. Negara tkde apa pun. Apasal nk darurat nak NCO. Negara nk vaksin jela. Jgn bodo sgt chedetofficial Hope Agong will pull all MPs irregardless of the political devides to back TUN to lead once again. Tun is the right person to handle this Crisis. Don't forget Tun is the only person with solid track record in handling CRISIS. Be it Political or Economy. Like it or not..its Tun.

chedetofficial Enough with this nonsense Tun M. chedetofficial Are you out of your mind? Tun M, please retire and leave the country alone. chedetofficial Look...our country is now in a very serious situation now with Health & Economy Crisis. Its time to reassess back the appt of PN Govt was a correct decision. Only Agong has the POWER now to fix this mess. The Lives & Livelihoods of our people are now at a very crucial state.

Puad hits out at Marzuki for NOC comments | The Malaysian InsightUMNO Supreme Council member accuses PM’s aide of diversionary tactic in special address style video. I thought the fella had a body tattoo or something

chedetofficial need a better and efficient govt. chedetofficial He a two time PM offered himself to lead. Now why the noise that only DSAI is greedy for power & not this 2 term PM who put us in this hellhole we are in or Muhyiddin who stole the govt(Langkah Sheraton) & pushed for this unwanted darurat not said to be greedy for power?

chedetofficial Yes he will only serve for 2 years and hand over to another person.... hahaha... chedetofficial x pyh offer to serve la…. terima kasih saja… yg kuasai kerajaan ni pun skrg hasil bimbingan jugak…. anak2 didik… menteri pengiring… carca marba…tq 4 the offer… chedetofficial Your ideas are all outdated...no one is interested

chedetofficial At least he has an idea. Others? Only want to be PM, only want to be government.... LOL chedetofficial The Agong probably knows you’re a Satan chedetofficial So u volunteered yourself to be incharge of NOC and then register your party under ROS. Great move. chedetofficial And you are the chairman kan? 😜😜😜

Dua anak mula merengek rindukan Dr Fatihah | Harian MetroKuala Lumpur: “Dua anak sudah mula aktif. Adakalanya mereka merengek sebab merindukan belaian mummy (ibu) mereka,' kata Ahmad Nazri Jantan.

Doktor gigi turut digerak tingkat kadar vaksinasi - Dr. Adham BabaGraduan sekolah perubatan di seluruh negara termasuk doktor gigi bakal digerakkan untuk membantu menjayakan Program Imunisasi Covid-19 Kebangsaan (PICK). full force mereka2 adalah frontliner. semoga dilindungi Allah barua nak bergerak apa jenis doktor Hm.

Dr Adham: Vaccination for those in 'critical' economic sector to begin | New Straits TimesNSTnation The government will begin the inoculation drive involving people in 'critical' economic sectors with priority given to sectors allowed to operate throughout the implementation of the on-going MCO 3.0. NIP Immunisation Vaccination Covid19