Dr M: I would choose Umno if reputation not in shambles

Dr M: I would choose Umno if reputation not in shambles


Dr M: I would choose Umno if reputation not in shambles

This is in response to Umno secretary-general's ultimatum to choose between his former party or DAP if he wants to retain power.

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Pru14 majoriti rakyat tolak org umno Hari ini: bersatu tidur sekatil dgn org umno yg ditolak Another Islamofascist who goes around on the social media spewing fascism taught to them by Mahathir chedetofficial since the time he was PM for the first time. The present tainted leaders in the said party have to leave the scene n be replaced by fresh n new candidates to helm her.

Your reputation also 'koyak' 🤭 lol lol lol ...who teach Umno to steal and racism?...it’s you Mahathir ...if only Malaysia had a visionary leader like our neighbour country ...Malaysia wdnt be in deep shit ...even PM steals ppls money ...shameful on u Mahathir ..it started from you ... A LEOPARD CANNOT CHANGE ITS SPOTS.

Nothing to be surprised if sometime next year, Mahathir chedetofficial declares that Umno's reputation has been repaired and restored and so he would choose Pas-Umno-BN Islamofascists to be Federal Government again. And he will become their Prime Minister until the day he dies. It happened solely becoz of your mistake! No one else to be blamed. You are just trying being ignorance

In mind💁‍♂️💁‍♂️💁‍♂️ Malaysiakini mmg bangsat penghasut pemecah segala..headline x serupa isi, sengaja putar belit semata nk mengapikan..wtf..

Accept it, this is a Dr M-Anwar government, says DAP manLiew Chin Tong says the nation needs both Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the PKR president to consolidate its nascent democracy. FMTNews Mahathir Anwar Malaysia R u proposing a 2-captain rule in New Malaysia. Ironis that u shud suddenly a kaki bodek & cannot b objective anymore in ur views. He is lost because they are at lost about reversing the fortune of PH.

Re plan b: Be or B Madey should correct umno not to kill it You are UMNO !! Dr M pilih UMNO? Sungguh tidak percaya. Memang DNA ko ameno pun... Perompak, rasuah, cronyism, macam.... Is you that screwed up UMNO !!! For your own richness and cronies !!! With your Dictatorship and ISA “Opt lalang” and mutiny plan on Tunku Rahman !!! And using the Razak as the scrape goat !!! Yes or No ?

DAP leader: Reality check – we need both Dr M and AnwarAgainst a bleak backdrop for Harapan, Liew Chin Tong says there is still time for this government to reform.

Umno MPs sought Azmin’s guidance, says Dr Mahathir | The Malaysian InsightPM says economic affairs minister told him that those at his house on Tuesday felt directionless. they shud ask for diva AA for guidance. at least he honest unlike her brother. Why Azmin? Azmin is lyiiiiiiiing..

Dr M says Azmin can meet anyone, sheds light on talks with Umno MPsUmno MPs wanted to know if they should join other parties, some expressed support for Mahathir. Probably he is t one suggested t meeting What a shit !!! Azmin must remove him

Two Umno MPs almost duke it out in Parliament (VIDEO) | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Nov 20 — Two Opposition lawmakers came close to a fist fight in the Parliament lobby after a shouting match this afternoon just before Dewan Rakyat took a recess for lunch. The two Umno men looked close to trading blows but were quickly separated by parliamentary security personnel...

Pro-PKR NGO urges Azmin to explain meeting with Umno reps | Malay MailIPOH, Nov 20 — A pro-PKR non-governmental organisation (NGO) today urged PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali to attend the party’s political bureau meeting today to explain his meeting with 22 Umno lawmakers at his home on Monday night. Pertubuhan Rangkaian Organisasi (PRO) 98 Reformis...

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