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Don’t smash ’em! Norza urges fans to be patient with top players

Don't smash 'em! Norza urges fans to be patient with top players

10/3/2021 2:51:00 AM

Don't smash 'em! Norza urges fans to be patient with top players

KUALA LUMPUR: Badminton Association of Malaysia ( BAM ) president Tan Sri Norza Zakaria has leaped to the defence of Lee Zii Jia and doubles pair Aaron Chia - Soh Wooi Yik for their erratic displays of late.

Zii Jia has been struggling to replicate the form that saw him upstage the world’s top 10 opponents on a regular basis before the pandemic while Aaron-Wooi Yik appeared to be jittery when it matters most and it has left them still title-less on the World Tour.

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“Indeed these youngsters are facing issues with inconsistency but we do not want to blame them, ” said Norza after chairing the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) Executive Board meeting here yesterday.“They must learn (from their struggles and rectify their shortcomings) fast.

“Zii Jia needs to get back to his world top-10 form while Aaron-Wooi Yik have to start beating the world’s top-five opponents.“We have told the coaches, Hendrawan (men’s singles head coach) and Flandi (Limpele, men’s doubles head coach) to help them bounce back as quickly as possible.

“That’s what these players need to do if they want to achieve their Olympics dreams.“In fact, we want all our young players to expedite their progress, this includes the recent batch of junior players who got promoted to the senior team as we’re in the process of preparing for Paris 2024 after a recent team restructuring.

“So, I hope the fans can go easy on our young players and not put too much pressure on them.“These players are our future and we’re counting on them.” Read more: The Star »

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d entire management of BAM need 2b cleansed & revamped, more like it.

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