Malaysians, Covid-19

Malaysians, Covid-19

Does Malaysia have a trolley problem? | Malay Mail

Does Malaysia have a trolley problem? | Malay Mail

27/7/2021 10:49:00 PM

Does Malaysia have a trolley problem? | Malay Mail

JULY 26 — No, I don’t mean an issue with the supply of trolleys at the supermarket. The trolley problem is a popular scenario involving ethics. Imagine you see a runaway trolley about to slam into half a dozen people and, presumably, kill them. You are the only one who can divert the trolley by...

channel for the latest updates.I recently raised this question in a Facebook poll. I asked what should be the priority for the country now: Reopen businesses or reduce infection numbers?What surprised me was the high number of folks who answered something like, “Both” or “This is not an Either/Or”, as if there wasn’t an inevitable trade-off. Such an answer is a decision to"refuse" the trolley problem, it’s a decision to not decide — which is, of course, to decide without willing to accept one’s decision.

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Bad both ways, butThis essay argues that we should reopen the economy.Malaysia’s daily positive numbers don’t look like they’re going down anytime soon, even with the lockdown. Sadly, this means that in addition to an overburdened healthcare system, we have millions of folks bordering on depression and thousands who’ve already crossed the threshold. 

More than a few have already taken their lives.If we were to reopen the economy, the #1 problem would be the surge of daily numbers upwards. As bad as this is, at the very least it gives hope in the form of income to the many out there who are languishing at home.

With something to look forward to, perhaps the mental health and job crisis can be lessened from their already dire levels.Yes, this may cause hospitals to be packed even more — but what else is new? Even with the lockdown, we’re surpassing five-digits regularly.

Maybe the country needs to take a gamble on vaccinations and hope that the increase in daily dosages will bring returns soon? Maybe we should take the harsh step of accepting that some folks will never agree to be vaccinated and if this means they get infected they will not be prioritised for hospital admissions and treatment? 

Maybe therakyatneeds to be educated that it’s their choice to make between risking Covid-19 infection and finding work, and if they get infected it’s on them?Maybe Malaysians should accept that a significant portion of our population remains adamant against following SOPs, etc. even after almost one and a half years, thus more deaths is simply the price the nation pays collectively for such apathy, but that we will refuse to pay the price anymore in terms of a locked down economy?

This, essentially, is the trolley problem. The in-your-face acceptance of difficult decisions which necessitates the giving up of axioms previously held to be"precious" (eg, “We should only reopenafterwe’ve solved the public health crisis.”).

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Remember, to not decide is already to decide. My call is to open up the economy and remind everyone to buck up. What’s yours?* This is the personal opinion of the columnist. Read more: Malay Mail »

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