DAP man: Chin Tong willingly 'offered himself' to be fooled by Muhyiddin

Teng Chang Khim says Liew was the person who convinced DAP supporters to trust Muhyiddin back in 2016.

22/4/2021 7:38:00 AM

POLITICS | DAP central executive committee member Teng Chan Kim says Liew Chin Tong was the person who convinced DAP supporters to trust Muhyiddin back in 2016.

Teng Chang Khim says Liew was the person who convinced DAP supporters to trust Muhyiddin back in 2016.

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DAP, don't waste your time with internal fighting & better focus on being an effective opposition as the county needs good check & balance It's always easy to connect the dots when looking back but very difficult when looking at the future. Futhermore, what's the best alternative if not for PH back in 2016.

tengchangkhim now you can overthrow and takeover dapmalaysia by overthrowing limkitsiang &. guanenglim LiewChinTong .... maybe if you lead dapmalaysia you could be PM o people change. Character assassination in progress.... I believe LCT did it in good faith. And since they are in a coalition, isn’t it the right thing to ask? And everyone needs a second chance. Politics is a gamble. Either you bet on the right choice or not.

Told ya guys. Chin Tong's a minion of Kit Siang and they actually caused more harm to DAP because of their delusion. Look how sweet were they in this picture. Didn't even bother to criticize Din at the time. Dap tak kira siapa.. semua lahanat.. hahaha Very true. The problems with those who think they are “smartest men of DAP”, Tony, LGE and Chin Tong all have selective memories!

Disagree, you can't see things that far. No way

Chin Tong will lead Johor DAP again, say party insiders | The Malaysian InsightThey say party veteran Kit Siang, central leadership have given their blessings.

Yes, fools..never get them back..support MCA or Gerakan There was a mission back then isn't it? Mission accomplished? it was in good faith. Did Teng able to see the future? All dapig's members are fools.

Kit Siang calls on DAP candidates to rally behind Liew Chin TongThe DAP veteran makes the call amidst speculation of a mounting challenge against Liew's leadership in Johor. I call that interference....fair election? Unlikely Rally For Better Malaysia Drama again Sohai

DAP must transform from a grocery to a supermarket - Chin TongThe party has rapidly expanded since 2018 and its management must follow suit. Be worry on your current position first, Mr. Zhuge Chin Tong. It’s clear DAP’s multiracial platform is under threat from its Chauvinist Chinese faction which is gaining grassroots support as result of PH Govt collapse & popularity of Xi Jinping’s Chinese Nationalism among Msian Chinese. Xi’s Ketuanan Cina can takeover DAP.

Pemilihan DAP: Chin Tong, setiausaha buat kejutan, buang undi serentakTindakan dua pemimpin negeri itu menepis dakwaan mereka akan bertembung dalam pemilihan DAP Johor hari ini. FMTNews DAP

Johor DAP polls: Liew Chin Tong re-elected as state party chairmanBATU PAHAT: Liew Chin Tong has been re-elected as Johor DAP chairman at the party polls here.