Covıd 19

Covıd 19

Covid-19 patient found dead at home in Tangkak

The patient was undergoing self-quarantine.

28/7/2021 7:44:00 AM

COVID19 | Zuraimi Abd Aziz, 51, who was undergoing self-quarantine was found dead at his house in Tangkak, Johor yesterday. He was found lying unconscious on the sofa in the living room by his nephew who came to the house to deliver him food.

The patient was undergoing self-quarantine.


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So dont ever ask covid19 patient to self quarantine after this. Its too risky and dangerous. Whos idea was this? Adham kata better late than ever? Tak ingt exact words dia Can't Bernama also report if the victim had already gotten his jab. I think these things are crucial to know. Quarantine, but does he done swap test? He passed away due to covid or others health issue? The title very misleading.

My condolences... DGHisham KKMPutrajaya DrAdhamBaba what is the strategy of MOH to reduce BID cases? Is there any response? Why do you allow the people of Malaysia die without medical treatment ? KerajaanPNGagal meanwhile KerajaanGagal was clapping for KJ at parliament during his parade of ego RIP

Covid-19 patient found dead at home in Johor | Malay MailJOHOR BARU, July 28 — A Covid-19 patient who was undergoing self-quarantine was found dead at his house in Jalan Bayan, Kampung Kenangan Tun Syed Nasir in Tangkak, yesterday. Tangkak Fire and Rescue Station head Rafiah Abd Aziz said the Johor State Fire and... Sepanjang 48 jam yg lalu, setiap selang 7 minit, seorang meninggal kerana covid di Malaysia. Mungkin mangsa ialah seorang ayah, ibu, anak atau nenek seseorang. Apakah rejim pembunuh PNipu ada menghormati dan menghargai nyawa rakyat?

Covid-19 (July 26): 14,516 new cases, Johor and Kedah in 4-digitsApart from Perlis, no where in the country qualifies to enter Phase 2 of the National Recovery Plan. UPDATE | Malaysia today saw 207 COVID19 deaths, the first time daily deaths have exceeded 200. The number of patients in ICU also climbed to a record high of 1,009 - the first time it crossed into four digits. It's OK. The PM has said that he won't let people suffer.

Lelaki meninggal depan rumah positif Covid-19 | Harian MetroSungai Petani: Lelaki yang mengadu sakit dada dan ditemukan meninggal dunia di hadapan sebuah rumah di Kampung Padang, Tikam Batu, di sini, semalam disahkan positif Covid-19. fatinsyafirah 😪 keluaq pakai double mask sis Innallillahi wainnalillahirojiun Alfatihah Innallillahi wainnalillahirojiun .

S'wak starts study for Covid-19 antibody drug spin-offCOVID19 | The study will monitor specific antibodies over a two-year period.

14,516 Covid-19 cases today; Johor records surge in infections | New Straits TimesNSTnation Malaysia recorded 14,516 new Covid19 cases today, with KlangValley contributing to 55 per cent of the infections. coronavirus 🇲🇾🦠

Pembantu rumah positif Covid-19, Siti Sarah risau kandungan | Harian MetroRap covid19 Penyanyi Siti Sarah, suami yang juga pelawak Shuib serta tiga anak mereka menjalani ujian saringan Covid-19 selepas pembantu rumahnya disahkan positif wabak itu, semalam.