COMMENT | Why Heineken/Carlsberg should be given some MCO exemptions

COMMENT | Why Heineken/Carlsberg should be given some MCO exemptions

7/4/2020 4:31:00 AM

COMMENT | Why Heineken/Carlsberg should be given some MCO exemptions

‘Supply is going to become scarce and prices are going to rise. All of this is needless.’

-COMMENT | Well, Covid-19 has not changed one bit the often misplaced religious polemics in Malaysia with a lot of froth being stirred in the beer glass for nothing. The point to note is that Heineken and Carlsberg are a food and beverage business.To repeat, the last word of the previous sentence – a business. A business that needs to satisfy the requirements of its customers, which may not be approved by some, but an F&B business all the same. So let it operate like how a lot of other businesses are allowed to.

'Abang, adik' terhalang kawat duri I'm free to express my own views - Charles Taman Negara looking forward to operation under new normal | New Straits Times

What is disturbing is that the end result is that the government submits to these ridiculous, irrational, thoughtless demands by those intending to score political points during such difficult times and orders that the permission to work – not full time, but to maintain operations with minimal staff – is revoked.

That is exactly what seems to have happened although the announcement strangely comes from Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa who tweeted yesterday that the exemption order granted to Heineken to operate during the movement control order (MCO) had been rescinded.

Presumably the same applies to Heineken’s only major competitor in Malaysia, Carlsberg. Between the two of them, they produce almost 100% of the local beer market, producing a variety of brands in their respective stables.

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jom undi Lu minum todi jer lah selayaknya... Relax small matter,no need to be an issue, actually they generate good income for government also. Bodo Still want to stir up this beer issue eh? Got nothing to do? They should think first, rather than to make a u-turn later. 🤔🙂 How is it pas bigots having a say on civil law. MALAYSIA IS SECULAR, NOT ISLAMIC NATION. as such we're governed by civil war only. We pay taxes to keep the country going. Muslims pay zakat. So why is on bowing to religious bigots

Hahaha semalam marah kenapa bukak hari ni bagi sebab pulak kenapa perlu bukak Tax tak tax.. Negara yang diberkati tuhan akan mendatangkan lebih banyak kebaikan.. Sebab tu ajaran islam lebih mementingkan mematuhi hukum agama daripada keduniaan.. Orang islam perlu berpegang teguh kepada agama dan tidak menggadaikan agama demi kepentingan duniawi

Decisions or rules made may not please everybody. They may benefit the majority. We should learn to accept them no matter how painful they are to a certain individual. La mula2 marah bagi sekarng marah bqtal.. dqdar politik taik budqk 2 dqp HM always think of themselves Comment one : Heineken wants the workers earn their salary, to hell with the threats of Wuhancoronavirus, eh gunasegaram ?

MCO says 'essential services' of which food is one of them. It didn't say 'essential food item' Is coke, potato chips, Twisties essential? To a vegetarian, meat is 'non-essential food' We live in society. Respect ppl choice of food If ban alcohol then ban coke (diabetes) too Alcohol consumption is for non muslims...others shukd back off n mind their own biz

PAS either u get your salary or no salary. Gest what they choose? Fat Minister salary and 600k Mercedes they want Beer is not essential but a luxury...if you give exceptions then your putting all the workers in the factory at risk if new cluster came from them.... To stay calm...kekaltenang 🍻 These r the highest tax the government could collect including exporting, in order to give out bantuan prihatin easily. There is no free money.

Because need money for the stimulus I drink beer but it is not essential. My fishes are starving from lack of food. I have a leaking pipe in my ceiling since 19 Mar which no plumber can come and fix. Those are more essential than my beer. Backdoor priorities. Salary and Mercedes they want If there are any businesses that need to be given exemptions the PN Malay-Islamofascists and their running dogs, it should be businesses that facilitate basic needs of Malaysians like tech outlets, self-service laundries etc. Why must beer companies be given exemptions?

pls dont drink n writing mkini_bm mkini_cn

Why favour ‘haram’ product during MCO? Bersatu Youth questions 'Malay-Muslim' govt | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, April 6 — The Youth wing of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia that is part of the ruling coalition has questioned Putrajaya today for allowing Heineken Malaysia Bhd to continue its operations during the movement control order (MCO). The wing compared the Domestic Trade and Consumer... Haram s haram What is the big hoo-haa when even they manufacture and no business? Just observe your MCO Oh for heaven's sake, its already been rescinded by the govt this morning lah!

Why favour ‘haram’ product during MCO? Bersatu Youth asks ‘Malay-Muslim’ govt | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, April 6 — The Youth wing of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia that is part of the ruling coalition today questioned Putrajaya for allowing Heineken Malaysia Bhd to continue its operations during the movement control order (MCO). The wing compared the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs... No one is forcing you to buy it or consume it. What you going to ban next...this is not Saudi Arabia. Idiots again Money don't fly from Sky idiots Money is produce when Business pay Tax and This Business pay highest revenue the Gov can earn, Carlsberg paid dividend much higher that the Biggest Bank in Malaysia Pas idea is illogic and stupid at best

Health DG explains why no mass screening for Covid-19PUTRAJAYA: The Health Ministry is not practising mass screening for Covid-19 as its strategy is geared towards a more focused approach, such as targeting those in high-risk groups.

PPBM man questions why brewery allowed to operatePPBM Youth religious bureau chief says thousands of halal and Bumiputera businesses have not been able to operate. FMTNews AbuHafizSallehHudin Take beer! Paying tax to fund the big stimulus covid budget. Basic economic, why always must play religion. Mine your business 😂

Ismail Sabri confirms MCO exemption revoked for Heineken, CarlsbergHe said this was decided at a special Cabinet meeting FMTNews Heineken Carlsberg If this the case, ‘we’ will have the well aged beers after the MCO only if they don’t declare it as wastages. What about the operating licence for cigarette companies during MCO? Are they essential? And in this cabinet meeting the gutless MCA and MIC kept quiet I believe?

Putrajaya confirms terminated Heineken, Carlsberg’s factory permit during MCO | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, April 6 — The federal government has cancelled the operating permit of Heineken Malaysia Berhad and Carlsberg Malaysia's factories during the ongoing movement control order (MCO) following public backlash. Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob confirmed the news today... Flip flop. I can see the Covid 19 virus panic stricken and shaking with fear at this. Risk factor in employing Non Muslim Minister !!