COMMENT | Muhyiddin’s grand plan to stay in power

COMMENT | Muhyiddin’s grand plan to stay in power

10/4/2020 4:06:00 AM

COMMENT | Muhyiddin’s grand plan to stay in power

Umno and former Umno warlords are appointed to key positions of power, money and patronage.

COMMENT| Even as the government steps up in a big way to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, backroom manoeuvrings are taking place to ensure that when Parliament meets sometime in May, it will have the necessary number of MPs to survive a no-confidence vote.

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It may also be true to say that the government and in particular Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is using the pandemic to strengthen his position and his credibility in the eyes of the public so that people support him to continue as PM.Muhyiddin’s grand plan to maintain his majority is a simple one, and one that has been used time and again in the Umno-BN government – reward the faithful even at the expense of competence, accountability and integrity. Satisfy the people who will support you.

Thus it was no accident that his cabinet, after he was picked by the king to form government, was enlarged.The Perikatan Nasional government has been criticised for forming a cabinet of 70 members, including deputies, as opposed to 55 in the previous Pakatan Harapan government. But other things take precedence when Muhyiddin’s government came to power through the backdoor – it was not what the people voted for.

What happens is that he has the undying loyalty of some 70 MPs – give or take one or two who may be made senators first – tied to him inseparably by bonds of money, power and patronage.The ministerial post comes with many privileges, including a purse which goes up by more than RM50,000 a month or RM600,000 a year in terms of additional salaries and allowances, including posh accommodation, cars, drivers and help.

And then there is the opportunity to dispense patronage in the form of contracts, awards, publicity, introductions and so on, which can take the pay packet to much more than that, even though much of it will be illegal. But as we all know, that has not stopped anyone before.

With 70 MPs in the form of ministers and deputy ministers in the bag, he will need 45 MPs more for 115 MPs and a comfortable majority in the 222-seat Parliament. That would mean giving a sizable number of them some plum positions within government corporations and agencies.

Such appointments of Umno and former Umno warlords to key positions of power, money and patronage will help round up the number of MPs to keep Muhyiddin in power by cascading the benefits downwards.Never mind that it harks back to former PM Najib Abdul Razak’s policies of in effect buying loyalties to him, the immediate plan is to keep this backdoor government and Muhyiddin in power.

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That explains the sudden slew of people losing their positions at government agencies and even government-linked companies (GLCs), some even before appointments expire and even when they have been doing a good job.These are rather needless from the point of view of the country and the unprecedented problems it faces from the Covid-19 pandemic, but still political expediency and the low calibre of our politicians result in the reality that these exist.

Umno heavyweightsLet us look at one in detail – the appointment of the Social Security Organisation (Socso) chairperson. AsFocus Malaysiaexclusive story, subsequently confirmed, insurance veteran Zakri Khir resigned as Socso chairperson on April 7.Zakri was appointed on Oct 8, 2018, by the now-defunct Council of Eminent Persons, to chair Socso based on his expertise in the insurance and risk business. He is also the first Malaysian appointed as country manager for Allianz Malaysia Bhd.

His successor was supposed to be Sabak Bernam MP Mohd Fasiah Mohd Fakeh of Bersatu, an MP who defected from Umno in December 2018. He seems to have no corporate track record. But when he went to Socso to take up his appointment, he was told that a legal clause

from becoming chairperson.The Socso Act bars any member of the legislature from being appointed to the position.How embarrassing! In their clear and present haste to get MPs appointed to these positions, those who make decisions have not even bothered to check up properly on the legislation.

Reports and talk out there are about further major changes taking place, including at GLCs. According toFocus Malaysiaexpected to rolland PN MPs are expected to fill this.Some of the nominees include Umno heavyweights. They are Arau MP Shahidan Kassim for Felda and either Besut MP Idris Jusoh or Machang MP Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub for Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara).

The current Felda chairperson is Mohd Bakke Salleh. According to an April 3 report by Singapore’sThe Straits Times, he had been shown the exit at the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB). Bakke was appointed as Felda chairperson on June 26 last year on a two-year contract.

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TheMalaysian Reservereported on April 3 that Dr Nungsari Radhi stepped down from Khazanah Research Institute. Nungsari is also Malaysian Aviation Commission executive chairperson.Other leadership changes include the termination of Noripah Kamso as Bank Rakyat chairperson on April 3. Her contract was due to expire only in December this year.

On April 1,Malay Mailreported that Noor Farida Mohd Ariffin had been removed as Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) chairperson. Her entire board was sacked, too. Noor Farida had been replaced by Nelson Renganathan, the chairperson of Regent International School and former MIC Youth chief.

News portalFree Malaysia Todayalso reported that Mohamad Nageeb Ahmad Abdul Wahab’s job as Felcra chairperson was also hanging in the balance.Such changes are rather disruptive and unnecessary but show that politics is very much in play behind the scenes despite Covid-19 and all the challenges to our livelihoods and the economy that it poses.

It is a huge step – backwards.P GUNASEGARAM is editor ofFocus Malaysia. Read more: »

Next term we no need to vote ...because Agong will choose his own canbinet to guide our malaysia. Our job become more easy Stay at home just waiting for breaking news. Eventually, they would still have to get back to the rakyat for the necessary mandate in order to stay in office. He can do anything he likes. We see what he can do in next general election.

Ok lah tu .. takkan nak bagi dap pulak hahha Who cares what P Gunasegaram writes or what Malaysiakini reports! Their targets are not for the masses but for their own selfish kind and breed. Langkah Sheraton was turning point for many Msians facing hardship now. No one can deny that Langkah Sheraton had resulted in Govt inability to act quickly & effectively when new Wave outbreak hit. We lost 2 crucial wks to Govt inactions.

Harap dia stay on power. MyPM. Tengok2kan media ni. Lain macam je Dont be stupid🐃🐃 Stfu Malaysia Kini 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 He should remain in Power !! As this is a Malay Country & he is accepted by our majority. no point to vote any more... lets the elite and political warlords decide who will rules... NotMyPM notmygovernment notmyabah

Still stupid politics on time of crisis... tunfaisal RameshRaoAKS Blame the naive PH Presidents for trusting the old snake... I mean the really old one It's ok because previous government's performance not much better even worse the end of a 22 months dark era for malaysia This is why MKini should be closed down or suspended. COVID 19 has nothing to do with Politics....Editor take note.

Malaysiakini always hv those Idiots PH in their hearts,Govt.around the world already acknowledge the PN Govt. While we are in the midst of National Emergency, all he is busy with is ditching out GLC jobs and positions to unqualified and inexperienced politicians in his bid to stay in power... His own creative way of stayin alive at the expense of the nations and its people's precarious future..chedetofficial anwaribrahim guanenglim fahmi_fadzil hannahyeoh MyDSA_official DrDzul KhalidSamad mpklang raishussin

This is why he only appeared once in 2 weeks.... bullshit while all PM in other countries tries to always be with rakyat. He is busy to strengthen his position only. When you’re in a chess competition, you’re always playing against time. The clock ticks on although it’s not your turn. You have to stay alert and strategise how to throw away your opponent. The same goes with politics.

he will be our PM until next term. agong approved this. Teruskan YAB TS Muhyiddin kami rakyat akan sokong anda. Kalau PRU pun kami akan undi dan berikan kemenangan besar pada semua parti anda This so called writer always making negative story. He must be having sort of mental sickness. May TSMY stay on. He is doing a great job. Anything but Dog and Pig(DAP)

Politik Malaysia mementingkan diri sendiri dan menggunakan perjuangan bangsa dan agama utk mencapai matlamat. Akhirnya, rakyat diperbodohkan. Back door movement mkini_bm mkini_cn Proven to be a very bad planner... 😂 Kleptocrats are back! biasalah orang malas n suka duduk rumah makan wang kerajaan memang suka kerajaan PN. Harapkan kerajaan aje... tak malu

Coronavirus maybe a calamity for the rakyat, it is a golden opportunity for these backdoor buttfockers. The rakyat’s lives is the least of priorities to these power-mongering motherfockers. This is not the govt I voted for. stay in power do what to support kaki perompak malu. bapa muhi ulama tapi anak sokong org perompak. sampai sekarang najib belum bayar baki cukai LHDN.

MuhyiddinYassin chedetofficial anwaribrahim limkitsiang Ofcourse that is his right thing to do. As rakyat we too do not like to see govt. change every other evening. Making thing worst is, its bloody recycle political bins after all.. Pokemakini...just accept the facts that you are the minority. Stay at home. Stay as opposition. That suits you. This is Malays...ia. This is muslim country. And will always be that way.

stop politicking laa BODOH. Bertahan hingga bila? PRU15? Pada PRU15 parti2 Melayu berebut kawasan. Kawasan majoriti Melayu 60% ke bawah kemungkinan dimenangi PH atau setara. Analisislah berapa sebenarnya kawasan selamat untuk kerajaan Melayu Islam. Atau Malaysia mungkin berPMkan bukan Melayu pasca PRU15?

Exactly. This is what Umno-BN Government did between 2004-2018. And that's exactly the reason why NajibRazak and his Umno-BN got thrashed in GE14. Which leads to the question of from where is Cash is King MuhyiddinYassin going to get 6.5 million votes to win GE15? What is the purpose to stay in power with not the people vote.

Certain Melayu people are really bodoh dan no principle Again the Malaysia are the loser. He was no difference with Najib using Money to buy vote. Political again using Malay and money. What does capable cabinet he had? Open your eye n see he will no lass long. This web always polictiking, how shit are you?

those who steal the people’s mandate will never Rest In Peace Crazy in this period. Crazy power seekers

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