Covıd 19

Covıd 19

China to give M'sia 500k Sinovac doses, Hisham thanks 'big brother' Wang

The foreign minister also thanks Japan for contributing AstraZeneca vaccines to M'sia.

16/6/2021 12:18:00 PM

COVID19 | China has agreed to contribute 500k doses of the Sinovac vaccine to Malaysia, HishammuddinH2O confirmed. Malaysia would also be receiving Japan-made AstraZeneca vaccines.

The foreign minister also thanks Japan for contributing AstraZeneca vaccines to M'sia.

Hishammuddin said he received the confirmation on the contribution from his counterpart in China Wang Yi yesterday. Read more: »

Singapore got Pfizer vaccine quicker because Temasek Holdings had a stake in BioNTech, says KJ

KUALA LUMPUR: Among the reasons why Singapore was ahead of Malaysia in procuring Covid-19 vaccines was because Temasek Holdings and other investors had invested US$250mil (RM1.06bil) into German biotech company BioNTech, says Khairy Jamaluddin.

HishammuddinH2O Billion2 utk vaksin dlm budget mana p wehh?!!..contribute tu lain cita, tu hang deal yamseng dgn big brother china hang settle kes airspace n laut..skrg yg nyanyi billion2 dlm budget tuk vaksin apa cita, xkan kapal tenggelam tgh jln kot dgn billion2 tu..phuikk.. HishammuddinH2O Try flew big brother territory, will jet back in piece

HishammuddinH2O Semua bagi vaksin abis 5b aritu kita bagi politician la eh? HishammuddinH2O So….. 2.5 days worth. Gee China, you’re so generous 🤦‍♂️ HishammuddinH2O PASPusat bukan benci China, DAP, Chinese kah? Sekarang macam mana? Guna Vaccine China juga? HishammuddinH2O Seriously im confuse.. bukan kita mmg dh ada budget n dh beli ker vaksin ni…knp others still need to contribute the vaccine to us..

HishammuddinH2O I don't trust this guy. There is something fishy going on. Why are they 'giving' away vaccines to 'help' when Malaysia had RM5 Bil allocated for vaccine procurement? HishammuddinH2O Where's that RM5bil for COVID-19 vaccination programme HishammuddinH2O No matter how many doses received, never our turn to get vaccinated. Its like lucky draw, some ppl had it just after few weeks registered. Priorities like villagers, disability, media ppl...jumping queue? We normal citizen would finally get vaccinated after 20years.

HishammuddinH2O Satu pihak bersokan horay2, satu pihak darurat terdesak nak mati sampai babi jadi halal, dajal menguasai dunia Malaysia : You flew in my territory without dare you.!!! China: don't marahlah.l, I am yr big brother..Will give free vaccine. Malaysia : ok set.

China urges Nato to stop exaggerating 'China threat theory' | Malay MailBEIJING, June 15 ― China's mission to the European Union urged Nato today to stop exaggerating the “China threat theory” after the group's leaders warned that the country presents “systemic challenges”. Nato leaders yesterday had taken a forceful stance towards Beijing in a communique at... It’s amazing that China is not aware of their foibles and transgressions. As if the rest of the world is not watching and observing what they do.

HishammuddinH2O Only one thot came into my mind…nothing is ever for free… SuretSingh HishammuddinH2O Diharap sumbangan vaksin tidak disalahfaham oleh China sebagai pujukan / gula-gula ke atas pencerobohan kapal laut / kapal udara China di kawasan perairan / ruang udara negara baru-baru ini..... So kapal masuk all forgiven ke?

HishammuddinH2O HishammuddinH2O Dulu Cina balik tongsan. You diam macam tikus. Now you kena kowtow Big Brother ? Nak jadi DPM ke ? HishammuddinH2O Hearing the same shit over and over again. Just see if other states gets some share this time because it has always been Selangor Selangor Selangor Selangor Selangor I repeat Selangor

HishammuddinH2O Malaysia got a population of 33millions. Do your math, how many vaccine required for herd immunity 80% of population. HishammuddinH2O Khairykj HishammuddinH2O Where is our money ? Where did it go to ? HishammuddinH2O Kira settle tepi la ni kan. Blh pelan2 tarik balik protest note kah

HishammuddinH2O 'big brother' 🥲 HishammuddinH2O Vietnam got 1 million doses of vaccine FOC from Japan. Taiwan got 1.24 million doses also FOC from Japan. Both countries never call Japan Big Brother. 😉 Malaysia got just 500k doses from China? 😅

Beijing accuses NATO of exaggerating 'China threat theory' | New Straits TimesNSTworld Beijing on Tuesday accused NATO of exaggerating the threat from China and 'creating confrontation', after a vow from the Western allies to work together to counter the 'systemic challenges' posed by its policies.

HishammuddinH2O Are this 500k vaccine to use Malaysia airspace and water? HishammuddinH2O That’s all little Brother gets from Big Brother in Beijing? 500k doses of vaccine?😅 HishammuddinH2O Also tell you big brother don’t kacau us by sending his military ships and aircrafts into our waters and airspace.

HishammuddinH2O What is the real catch?

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Biden rallies NATO against 'new challenges' from Russia, China | New Straits TimesNSTworld US President JoeBiden warned Monday that NATO must adapt to new challenges posed by China and Russia as he met fellow leaders to renew Washington's 'sacred' bond with its allies.

China to launch first crewed space mission in five years | Malay MailJIUQUAN (China), June 16 ― China will send three men into orbit tomorrow in its first crewed mission in nearly five years, part of an ambitious plan to complete a space station by the end of next year. China is expected to launch the crewed spacecraft Shenzhou-12 at 9:22 a.m. (0122 GMT) on June...

Alibaba victim of huge data leak as China tightens securityAlibaba Group Holding Ltd was the victim of a months-long web-scraping operation by a marketing consultant that siphoned up sensitive data including usernames and phone numbers, according to a court case that wrapped in June.