‘Carry documents with you’

'Carry documents with you'


'Carry documents with you'

PETALING JAYA: Foreign students must have either their passports or iKad with them or risk being detain­ed, says Immigration Department director-general Datuk Khairul Dzaimee Daud (pic).

Khairul Dzaimee also dispelled claims that those detained were treated like “animals” without pro­per food and having to put up in dirty conditions.

Every officer would carry an Immigration ID and students have the right to ask to see it, he said.

A scholar funded by the Botswa­na government, she arrived in Ma­­laysia on June 28 and was roun­ded up in an operation on July 5.

“Because she couldn’t produce the passport, she was taken away in a truck with many others in it. The truck went to numerous locations before arriving at the police station in KL two hours later.

Mapcu is hoping to meet with enforcement authorities to address the issue of genuine foreign students being unreasonably harassed by enforcement, he said.

“All the students have is a photocopy of their passport and receipt from EMGS stating the passport has been submitted to them,” he said.

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This tragedy has tarnished our reputation and will definitely hurt the education business. Imigresen should NOT be allowed to conduct raids if they are not equipped to verify documents instantly on-site. The archaic SOP should be discarded.

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