BAM suspends Zii Jia, Jin Wei from competing for two years

BAM suspends Zii Jia, Jin Wei from competing for two years

21/1/2022 12:39:00 PM

BAM suspends Zii Jia, Jin Wei from competing for two years

This comes after Lee’s decision to tender his resignation on Jan 11.


Wont be long before Singapore or UAE ( with their golden visa scheme for sports) takes him in. Malu lah ... Malaysia! This is not fair Right thing to do, nobody is bigger than a club Next is sepaktakraw Badminton ASSociation of Malaysia. Malaysia will never reach greatness in sports ever again. Greedy politics get involved in sports is just not good. First, hockey gone. Football gone. Bowling gone. Squash gone. Last greatness, Badminton, being killed right now. Good job, Malaysia. Truly Boleh!

What does BAM gain from suspending these players BAM senior officials must be really bodoh sombong politician wannabe attitude!! What a load of rubbish from BAM Zii Jia, mohon jadi Rakyat Singapura Join kawan dia Loh Kian Yew. LKY was from Penang migrated into Singapore 🇸🇬 Bye Bye Malaysia 🇲🇾 BAM BAM BAM Bangsat Lahanat 2 ekor

Ni lgi satu organisasi yg rakyat kena protes baru tukar kot. Authoritarian sgt. Takkan maju badminton negara begini punya gaya

BAM won't register Zii Jia for tournaments for two years | New Straits TimesNSTsports The verdict is out, world No 7 LeeZiiJia will not be registered for any international tournaments for the next two years for prematurely withdrawing from the BA of Malaysia (BAM). Badminton

Shame on the BA_Malaysia ! Vengeance! Yes/No? Move to neighbouring country, change your nationality and represent them 🤣 Move elsewhere. And give 🖕🏿 to the BAM. We will still support u. Why need to ban for 2yrs? BAM make a big mistake they should negotiate again for the good name of our country. Move to Spore. U will be very much loved there!!

Then just go and play for other country! That's one way to lose another world-class athlete. The other is to cut off their essential funding and allowances. Is Malaysia trying to nurture sporting talents or kill them off completely? Wow.. so spiteful!

BAM suspends Zii Jia for 2 years for turning pro | The Malaysian InsightAll England champion will not be allowed to compete in any international tournament during this period.

Singapore might make him an offer he can't refuse.... Ego & bangang BAM! Good response by BAM, must teach him a lesson...

Rashid Sidek says Zii Jia leaving BAM at the wrong time | New Straits TimesNSTsports RashidSidek said shuttler LeeZiiJia shouldn't have quit the national team so soon. BAM Badminton Rashid is right. Lee's decision is both hasty and shows immaturity. Maybe he believes he has arrived, but as far as his track record is concerned, his resume is quite empty. Getting to the top 10 is easier than staying in the top 10. That is where he is yet to prove his mettle.

Zii Jia resigns from BAM to turn pro | New Straits TimesKUALA LUMPUR: BA of Malaysia (BAM) president Tan Sri Norza Zakaria confirmed on Wednesday that world No 7 Lee Zii Jia had tendered in his resignation last week (Jan 11). Doesn't seem like a wise move, but let's wait and see. The only way for him to justify this move is to win tournaments and move up the rankings, consistently. As a pro, the bottom line is - No wins; No sponsors.

Zii Jia quits BAM, Tze Yong withdraws from Syed Modi event | New Straits TimesKUALA LUMPUR: It was just not a good day for Malaysian men’s singles badminton.

Lee Zii Jia tinggalkan BAM'Benar, kita telah terima surat perletakan jawatan Zii Jia dan beliau telah hadir bersama kakaknya. Kita cuba memujuknya agar kekal bersama BAM, memandangkan kita telah didik beliau sejak usianya 13 tahun.' Kaydy__ 🥺🥺 asyik bandingkan die dgn lcw, mmglaa sepatutnya..