BAM president gives Lee Zii Jia 'blessing' to turn pro

BAM president gives Lee Zii Jia 'blessing' to turn pro

25/1/2022 9:39:00 AM

BAM president gives Lee Zii Jia 'blessing' to turn pro

Lee urges the public to support BAM now that things have sorted out.


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Dah kena kejam oleh berbagai golongan rakyat baru bam buat u turn ie nampak sangat pengurusan bam tak berkualiti & tak berintegriti langsung! Fuck your blessings. Blessings? But still won't retract the 2 years ban? Blessings jadah ko ingt ayah pin ke An about turn after numerous 'firings'.🙂 😂😂😂 blessing

Ahmad Faizal: Stop turning BAM -Lee Zii Jia issue into polemicHe hopes both parties will find an amicable solution. Who is attacking who?

Zii Jia submits appeal on two-year sanction, confirm BAMPETALING JAYA: Lee Zii Jia has made an appeal to save his badminton career, and today he submitted his letter to the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM). BA_Malaysia ought to acquiesce & give in to shuttle_jiajia proposals. Don't turn this into a KobayashiMaru NoWinSituation TrustNoOne If BAM still adamant with the 2 years ban, all badminton players under BAM should walk out of BAM. Shit & teach BAM a lesson that they cannot politic power abuse any of you or else all of you would be next!!!

Belum masa Zii Jia keluar BAMBelum masa Zii Jia keluar BAM Misbun juga menjelaskan, adalah satu kerugian besar jika Zii Jia kekal dengan pendirian untuk bergerak secara profesional dan menerima keputusan BAM yang tidak akan mendaftarkannya menyertai mana-mana kejohanan antarabangsa…

BAM ban on Zii Jia and Jin Wei: No one is a winner | New Straits TimesNSTletters Can Malaysian badminton deliver a medal with no world-class player in sight? Perhaps, it is BAM that needs a revamp. badminton LeeZiiJia GohJinWei Lee is just an average player. Not world class like Lee Chong Wei

Ahmad Faizal dijangka bertemu Zii Jia, BAM esok | Harian Metrobadminton perak Pertemuan dan perbincangan Persatuan Badminton Malaysia (BAM) dan pemain badminton perseorangan Lee Zii Jia akan diadakan secepat mungkin dalam masa terdekat bagi segera menyelesaikan kemelut.

Zii Jia appeals to BAM against two-year banKUALA LUMPUR: The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) today received an appeal from national number one men’s singles shuttler, Lee Zii Jia agains...