Authenticity of 'Arab donation' not relevant, key is Najib's belief - Defence

Authenticity of 'Arab donation' not relevant, key is Najib's belief - Defence

3/6/2020 8:36:00 AM

Authenticity of 'Arab donation' not relevant, key is Najib's belief - Defence

NAJIB TRIAL | In his submission, defence lawyer says what mattered is that Najib believed it to be true.

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Who gives a hoot on what you believe, when there's money trail in bank transaction? Awful defense So the Arab donor was something like Santa Claus? Taking us as fools!!! Those who still support this guy must be hopeless fools!! Memang bangang siapa yg pecaya alasan mcm ni w. t. f. Kalau macam tu. Pembunuh kalau “percaya” dia tak bunuh, kira tak bersalah la ye🙄

Forget all the fuss. Just free him and habis cerita la....Malaysia jurisdiction system always not fair and transparent punya la Kah kah kah Honestly, they really want to make all Malaysians to look so dumb to believe in this or they really think we are? indeed, but money trail does. the AMLATFA charge is not on the utilisation of the RM42 million, but rather the RECEIPT of the RM42 million. Therefore, the very fact that the amount had indeed gone into Najib’s accounts itself should already be considered money-laundering.

Now we judge your belief not what you have done? Pulak dahhh 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 My belief is that najibrazak has $hit for brains. Not necessarily authenticated but it's true. How can you choose to belief when there is no authenticity? Ridiculous! Malaysia Boleh! Zahid said he met the Arab donor. Doesn't matter if he really met him. Key is his belief that he met him. Who IS his lawyer? Noh Omar?

Laughed so hard there was definitely some pee. This is a fucking joke. I believe the stolen money is not stolen so that’s enough. 🖕🏿🖕🏿 Pandai pilih gambar ya 😳 Can get away aaa if you say you are innocent because you was stupid? huh? Bull Shall not comment until the court has decided. Going to go to a bank and asked for RM10b now, because I believe the banks stole money from my account. Do I need to authenticate my claims? No, it is not relevant because I believe it happened!

But how plausible the authenticity of 'Arab donation' is still relevant. It is evidence whether his belief is believable or not. Is this the 'Samantha' legal defence? Hahaha Sumbat dia dlm jel. Hahahahahhahaha lol...PM macam ni 😁...kantoi la rakyat dan negara ...asyik curi dan SAYA TAK TAU 😆 Hahahaha.. 😅😂🤣😅😂🤣 Bloody effing brilliant - one of the best comedy script by far!

Najib really believed RM42 million was Arab donation, says defence | The Malaysian InsightLawyer says the former PM had no cause to suspect the funds were from other sources. I really believed that such a defense is total bull$hit. I also believe that najibrazak is really stupid as well. There. Fixed it. I call your bullshit and raise you craptalk. Haha 🤣 he really believed.

Najib percaya RM42 juta sumbangan raja Arab Saudi, kata peguam | The Malaysian InsightPeguam berkata, bekas perdana menteri itu tidak mengesyaki dana berkenaan berasal daripada sumber lain. Menipu kuat betul. 😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡 Tak ada alasan lain ke

'Third parties', not Najib, misappropriated SRC International funds, says defence'Counsel Harvinderjit Singh says former SRC International CEO Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil and financier Low Taek Jho were the ones who 'manipulated' Najib's bank accounts FMTNews SRC NajibRazak LIAR LAWYER ‘sin of omission’ ... don’t blame another person/ company The drama has begun.. pop corn please

Defence accuses prosecution of ‘tailoring case’ in Najib trial | The Malaysian InsightCharges against accused made no mention of abetment or conspiracy, says lawyer.

Why put SRC under MOF Inc if Najib wanted to plunder, poses Najib's defenceThe move does not reflect the intentions of someone who wanted to steal public funds, says counsel Farhan Read. It doesn't take a donkey to figure out that Najib was the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) board of advisers chairman... so the issue whether SRC was under MOF or anything else is irrelevant. So that he as the PM then could consult the FM then?

Don't convict Najib based on public opinion, says defence in SRC trialLawyer Farhan Read says while the public might be angry, the matter should be decided based on law and facts. FMTNews 1MDB SRCInternational It should be based on money trail. Thieves should be jailed. mampuih pi la