Anwar warns of new racist narrative among Malays, Chinese and Indians

Anwar warns of new racist narrative among Malays, Chinese and Indians


Anwar warns of new racist narrative among Malays, Chinese and Indians

The PKR president says that this narrative plagues those from all ethnic groups.

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Anwar Ibrahim is unhappy DAP won in Sandakan. What does Anwar Ibrahim expect people of other races in Malaysia to do when his Malay jihadists go around calling people of other races as pigs, dogs and apes? Racists living in glass houses shouldn’t throw the first stone. How else do you expect other races to respond.

Umno is not the Malays, the Malays are not Umno COMMENT | Umno is just another political party. It does not carry the burden of the entire race on its shoulders. Same go to Islam& Malay 'Umno is not the Malays, the Malays are not Umno' How true. Unlike racist Umno, most Malays are friendly and easy to get along. PAS is not the muslim, the Muslim are not PAS

Ku Li warns of snap polls, Zaid unconvinced of Dr M-Anwar transition He says BN and PAS must begin negotiation on seat allocations for the next general election. Nothing useful to do I guess other than speculation. What this AnwarIbrahim2 becomes a PM or not got to do with u, zaidibrahim razaleigh? Half-past sicko leaders like u guys r irrelevant nowadays. Juz dissapear lah. 🙄 U had the chance to make an impact to the Nation b4 but u chickened out. Only the braves persevere & prevail! Usefull comment from him

Mat Hasan: If Umno looks bad, so do the Malays He reiterates that the party will hold fast to its Malay-Muslim agenda.  Pulak dahh.. mcm laa umno represent malay.. menda laaa umno doesnt represent malays laa That’s a little too much la

National laureates need not be just Malays, says A. Samad Said | Malay Mail GEORGE TOWN, May 13 ― The nomination of the Malaysian National Laureate does not necessarily have to be confined to only Malay writers, said one of its recipients Datuk A. Samad Said. He said future candidates can be of any ethnicity as long as the person is a writer who had contributed... Agreed. It’s a national laureate. It doesn’t even have to be a specific language as long as it’s a Malaysian author.

Takiyuddin’s statement on Anwar is irresponsible, unfair: Azmin KUALA LUMPUR: PAS secretary-general Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan’s statement questioning if Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is fit to be prime minister since he i...

Status banduan Anwar adalah fakta, kata Takiyuddin | The Malaysian Insight Beliau enggan minta maaf kerana gelar presiden PKR itu sebagai bekas banduan. Status PASPusat berkawan dgn pencuri... pemakan duit anak yatim ... Duit tabung haji duit skim pencen juga adalah fakta!!! titm_official Tantawi100 Once a Banduan always a banduan.A recorded history in our mind.

Pardon or not, PAS sec-gen maintains right to call Anwar an ex-con | Malay Mail KUALA LUMPUR, May 12 — PAS leader Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan insisted he was correct in calling PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim a former convict despite the royal pardon granted to the latter. According to the Malaysiakini news portal, the PAS secretary-general maintained his position when... Itu lh Pas reality nya Pedahal. Asal x ikut parti dia panggil org lain kafir pun biasa. Panggil org x masuk syurga pun biasa. Apa nak pelik? Can he call u a buffoon?

Perlu ada prosedur untuk benarkan menteri berkempen waktu kerja, kata Anwar | The Malaysian Insight Presiden PKR berkata, menteri akan menghabiskan masa sepanjang hari untuk berkempen sekiranya kekurangan garis panduan yang betul.

Should Mahathir serve a full term? COMMENT: 'Anwar Ibrahim has a legitimate claim to the crown of Putrajaya.' Yes, full two (2) terms if he's willing & still capable of; Malaysians don't owe DS Anwar the premiership that he so think that he's entitled to! This sense of entitlement, haiz ... haiz! Does the Federal Constitution of Malaysia say that the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia must resign after 2 years in office? No. So let Dr. Mahathir be Prime Minister of Malaysia for as long as it takes. Shouldn't...2years is enough. The country need stability not over plotting to unseat the PM. If you promised over something, fullfil its.

Azmin: Takiyuddin's statement on Anwar is irresponsible, unfair KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): PAS secretary-general Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan's statement questioning if Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is fit to be prime minister since he is a former convict has been described as irresponsible by Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali.

Takiyuddin defends calling Anwar a convict Get your facts straight, the PAS leader tells those asking him to apologise. Mana2 watak dari PAS tak perlu dilayan. Agama pun boleh jadi alat mereka, benda lain apatah lagi. Anwar was convicted for 3 different charges, pardoned for 1 only, served other 2. So he is an EX Convict, Bekas Banduan. But the question is, why is Pas so keen on blocking Anwar Ibrahim from becoming Prime Minister? Who in Pakatan Harapan is making use of Pas to get rid of Anwar Ibrahim?

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