Anwar has support of MPs from outside Harapan too, claims PKR sec-gen

Anwar has support of MPs from outside Harapan too, claims PKR sec-gen


Anwar has support of MPs from outside Harapan too, claims PKR sec-gen

Harapan will get enough numbers to form a gov't under Anwar Ibrahim's leadership, adds Saifuddin Nasution Ismail.

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Enough is Enough! Power Hungry Politician. Focus on the People 😑 saifnasution sudahlah. Politicians were given the mandate to govern the nation. However, at this end, only politicking daily n endlessly. 😡😥 Masa zaman pembangkang Nasition ni menipu, jd kerajaan pun menipu, masa kerajaan kosong ni pun dia menipu. Nasution ni penipu paling agung!

I knew that sir but please don't talk so much. Instead work more harder to get more supporter in order for him to be PM8. A ROYAL GOVERNMENT IN THE MAKING.. Don't waste your energy. External? Is the report true or not? Thought PH don’t agree backdoor government, now need external support to maintain government? If yes then that “external” will be DPM, ministers and/or deputies. That’s backdoor too. guanenglim chedetofficial yeobeeyin saifnasution

In short, all have own agenda & politicians fighting for power. Better for Tun to reform the cabinet with capable people. No doubt some of PH ministers were good like DrDzul and some others, hope they get re-elected but are some pretty useless but was there because of Party Sorry..kami dah muak dgn kamu

The plotters never anticipated chedetofficial will quit. They assumed Tun will jump and take the offer to work with UMNO and long as Anwar never becomes PM and Tun gets to remain as PM under the new coalition. They were so wrong. sudala... orang dah muak ngn orang politik... semua gile kuasa.... elok agong gantung parlimen dan lantik sendiri PM ngn kabinet dari org professional yang reti buat keje...ahli politik semua bole blah...semak je

Anwar and PKR MPs leave PJ hotel to meet the KingPETALING JAYA: PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and PKR MPs will be among those meeting the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri'ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah at Istana Negara on Wednesday (Feb 26) morning.

Who cares? The Agong can even appoint Saifuddin Nasution as the next PM and nobody can question the Agong's decision. jezlai

Harapan backing Anwar as PM, but is there a deal?The move creates uncertainty on what kind of government will be formed. Sailang liao 😂 Alhamdulillah Sendiri nk rogol belakang.. najib pulak yg salah🤣🤣

'We nominated Anwar after Dr M declined to attend meet to restore Harapan gov't'The coalition says the interim prime minister refused to chair the Harapan presidential council meeting on Tuesday. Sbb he knows u guys are a bunch of hypocrites Pandai bagi alasan lol I prefer TunM over Anwar

Harapan nominates Anwar as their choice for PM (Updated)PETALING JAYA: Pakatan Harapan (PH) MPs have nominated Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s for prime minister to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah R... Yes this should be done immediately after pru 14.the delay caused rampasan of kuasa in today. Useless on who Harapan nominates as PM now.They no longer have seats to talk.If GE is called,that wont sure PH could add more to form gov,or lose more their current seats. Maybe Anwar cant even retain MP for PD. Fact is DAP once powerful seat producers similar to UMNO ,but at this time they risk becoming a non-performing party at GE.They lost their core support,with their denial to problems faced by their people and constant extreme suck-ups. No DAP, means NO PH.

With #TeguhSetiaDSAI, PKR Youth kicks off campaign for Anwar to be 8th PM | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25 — PKR Youth has launched a campaign to rally public support for its party president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to be the sole candidate for the next prime minister as Malaysia is thrown into political uncertainty.  Its chief Akmal Nasir said the campaign calls out to all... Honestly, not the time for this. Come on. Focus on building Malaysia laaaaaa. All this will only make it worst. This really shows the real objective of reform and anwaribrahim it's not building or doing something different. It's just you being president! Sudahlah!

Ahli Parlimen PKR persembah nama Anwar pada Agong | The Malaysian InsightMereka turut tandatangan akuan bersumpah menyokong Anwar dilantik perdana menteri, kata wakil rakyat ini. Kalau Agong setuju.. Kau handle malaysia baik baik okeh. Dan jangan lupa tunai janji . Jangan pulak kata tu janji 4 pasukan Skg 3 dah jadi lain Cuba lah tunaikan . Slow pun xpe jnji ada iltizam Selamat Mentadbir jika diPerkenan. Aaminn. Kalau fail...sndri mau ingt la Kalau calon dalam kereta tersebut yang berbaju hijau drwanazizah lebih layak berbanding anwaribrahim dari segi integriti dan kredibiliti. Congratulations AI

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