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Fmtnews, Pkr

2 PKR councillors quit party

Jess Choy and Shoba Selvarajoo, whose names were on a list of suspended members, say they have also lost confidence in PKR president Anwar Ibrahim.

4/6/2020 6:20:00 AM

Jess Choy and Shoba Selvarajoo, whose names were on a list of suspended members, say they have also lost confidence in PKR president Anwar Ibrahim. FMTNews PKR

Jess Choy and Shoba Selvarajoo, whose names were on a list of suspended members, say they have also lost confidence in PKR president Anwar Ibrahim.

Selayang municipal councillor Jess Choy and Shah Alam municipal councillor Shoba Selvarajoo.PETALING JAYA: Two PKR councillors have quit the party with immediate effect following the inclusion of their names on a list of suspended members.Jess Choy and Shoba Selvarajoo, who is a PKR women’s exco, also claimed to have lost confidence in PKR president Anwar Ibrahim and his leadership, citing the “embarrassing” party polls.

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Last year’s party election was plagued by several controversies, including a brawl, allegations of corruption and sabotage as well as technical glitches.The polls also saw the party split between two camps, with one faction siding with Anwar and the other with then-deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali.

“I was affected by the circulation of a list of suspended members which included my name,” Choy and Shoba said in similar but separate Facebook posts yesterday.“The time has come for a decision to be made.”Choy is a Selayang municipal councillor while Shoba is a Shah Alam municipal councillor.

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Even PKR members lost confidence in Anwar, what more in parliament? PuanShoba & Jess Choy, both of you ended up being THE SAME as all our Malaysian Politicians, SELF. If U cared, U would STAY & fight on until you get JUSTICE from PKR & PH for U & the RAKYAT. WHY JOIN politics if you cannot STAY FIRM with your believes to help the RAKYAT?

Jess Choy dan Shoba joint lah parti Jamin. PKR pun dah tak inginkan kamu lagi. Selamat maju jaya My instinct says if Wan Azizah is not DSAI wifey...she will lost her confidence as well. For every 2 that leave, there are many more that are supportive of PKR for what they stand for and what they are truly passionate about. So I am delighted that these pretenders are slowly but surely being “removed” from the party.

Its good to leave now rather than back stab later! Anwar ni elok pencen ikut Atok je Bermasalah sungguh PKR Nak keluar keluar lah tak siapa Kish lagi bgus makin berkurang lah pengkhianat dalam ph-pkr pergi cium kitol tu RajaMohdShahrim Good. Ahli majlis yg sewa rumah aku tapi tak nak bayar.. RajaMohdShahrim Ok

No love lost. Now's the time to get rid of the Kartel Semburit sympathizers Saying you have lost confidence after your suspension don't you wanted too. So, I don't what to say 😅 I think, go and find a new nest lol Hoho..Good! Good riddance to bad Kitol Rubbish SanjeevanSS Sama la dgn Datuk SS sekarang jadi kuli untuk PN. Mana ada duit and power terus support mereka.

Dah ada tawaran lagi baik la tu.. Titik bengik, cebisan2 cartel Good riddance.Too much leeches in your party. We know what you want, may be you will get call soon.... Its the other way around Nama dah naik, baru nak kata ni dan tu. plsresign from post too. It is time for DSAI to clean up his act in his party & rid of blind loyalty b4 venturing further like reclaiming the peoples' mandate, GE15 etc. The Rakyat's confidence in PKR is in doubt.

Suspended members x big deal Boleh belah! Looking bleak for PKR. GE15 around d corner. Yet unstable n unable to prove it's capable to lead d rakyat. So many traitors within. Why is these happening now? Bakal menerima habuan lantikan GLC Good riddance AA bootlickers.. good riddance Suspended 😂😂😂 Hnya PN terbaek..pH pkr perosak

Bye2 Well U guy's might has made a wise moved, 😂 Dah memang pengikut kitul bla sajalah. Macamlah mereka ini ada pengaruh sangat, jadi pengampu adalah.

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Dr M explains pre-Sheraton meeting photo, why he didn't go to palaceEx-PM says he was against quitting Harapan but did not outright reject Muhyiddin's previous urgings. Everyone in this photo knew what they were exactly doing. Such bullshit. And the best brains in PH, believe him 🤢

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