Takeda bets on Japan R&D hub for next blockbuster drug

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「武田薬品、『苦節10年』湘南研究所の成果に託す次の成長」の英文記事をNikkei Asia NikkeiAsia に掲載しています。 ▶️ Takeda bets on Japan R&D hub for next blockbuster drug

TOKYO -- Takeda Pharmaceutical's state-of-the-art research and development center in the waterfront city of Shonan has yet to yield a blockbuster treatment since its founding a decade ago -- a weak track record the Japanese drugmaker is determined to improve.

In addition to excessive sleepiness, it can cause hallucinations and could lead to a serious sleep disorder. The number of patients is estimated at around 3 million worldwide. Takeda's eagerness to tout its work on the narcolepsy treatment reflects the hard truth that the 140 billion yen R&D site has not produced a top seller.

Takeda's research site in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is the largest in the group, having overtaken the Shonan facility. Launching a homegrown top seller that will bring in more than 500 billion yen in global sales has been a long-cherished goal of Takeda.


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