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EU has no breakthrough Brexit offer - sources

European Union officials have denied reports that Brussels was preparing a major concession to Britain to secure a Brexit deal.


European Union officials have denied the reports that Brussels was preparing a major concession to Britain to secure a Brexit deal, reports tconnellyRTE |

European Union officials have denied reports that Brussels was preparing a major concession to Britain to secure a Brexit deal.

Citing diplomatic sources close to the talks, the Times said European governments were prepared to "concede a unilateral revocation of the withdrawal treaty by Stormont after a period of time. The date of 2025 has been mooted, as long as both communities agree to it.

Another EU official dealing with Brexit said when asked if the EU was indeed ready to make such a step: "I did not hear that."

A second diplomat dismissed the report as spin, saying that this has not been discussed in talks between Britain's Brexit negotiator David Frost and the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.

Taoiseach warns Brexit deal won't be secured at any cost

This creates a customs border between Northern Ireland & our biggest market in Great Britain. We do more business with GB than the rest of world. Economic madness. @duponline has been clear in opposition to this. It's the NI only Backstop reheated & represents no real compromise.

An unnamed cabinet minister cited by the newspaper said that a "very large number" of Conservative members of parliament will quit if it comes to a no-deal Brexit.

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe has said that Ireland still wants to work with the UK to find solutions to solve the impasse because the stakes are so high that constructive engagement is the only choice.

Mr Donohoe told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "In terms of the charge that the Irish Government is looking to trap anybody in any kind of arrangement, that is absolutely not the case."

Last night Taoiseach Leo Varadkar warned Mr Johnson that negotiating a new Brexit agreement by the crucial EU summit next week will be "very difficult".

"There are some fundamental objectives that haven't changed for the past three years and we need them guaranteed," he told RTÉ news.

Britain's Brexit minister will have lunch with the Mr Barnier, tomorrow, EU sources said.

Ministers are planning to bring MPs in to Westminster on 19 October regardless of whether Boris Johnson is able to win agreement from EU leaders on a Brexit deal, the sources said.

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tconnellyRTE Boris Johnson is an utter embarrassment. Leaking to his lapdog Brexit supporting media misinformation. Trying to blame the EU and in particular Varadkar for what is Boris' failed Brexit plans. tconnellyRTE Is he sitting in a high up bus shelter? tconnellyRTE It's just misinformation from the english.

seanwhelanRTE Yeah but what's the latest on colleenrooney ?

Taoiseach: 'Very difficult' to secure Brexit agreement before EU summit next weekThe Taoiseach has said it will now be 'very difficult' to secure a Brexit agreement before a crucial EU summit next week.

Donohoe's Brexit Budget with cig hikes, carbon tax & €900m Brexit rescue fundPASCHAL Donohoe says Budget 2020 will have “absolutely no surprises” – as the Government’s financial plans around Brexit are revealed this afternoon. The Finance Minister is…

Foster accuses Govt and EU of trying to trap NIDUP leader Arlene Foster has said comments by German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Northern Ireland must remain in the customs union for any Brexit deal to be reached reveal 'the real objective of Dublin and the European Union '. Yup, it was the plan all along. Cameron was in it, of course, with the 'shooting himself in the foot' act with the referendum. And then the whole Brexit campaign must have been in the scheme as well. And all for a country that costs the UK incredibly more than it produces. Complete Rubbish from Foster but they have done a rubbish job of representing people in Northern Ireland in the last 3 years. 😂 the head on her

Dominic Cummings memo reveals contradictory Brexit policy with demented overtonesTories just not used to Ireland having the upper hand against Britain No deal Brexit is the worst possible start to the negotiations for a later trade deal. A comprehensive EU and U.K. trade deal will take a decade or so fully to negotiate, even assuming mutual trust and respect. no deal is a disaster no deal ain't happening like seriously!! If you go back far enough you’ll find Dominic Cummings has Irish roots. If you go back farther you’ll find he has Scottish roots. And before that? His ancestors came to the UK from Normandy after the Battle of Hastings. A true Brit...

Varadkar and Johnson talk by phone and reiterate desire to reach Brexit deal Leo Varadkar : 'I don’t play dirty, I don’t think most EU leaders do either' Bollocks, his lies have now been exposed, the backstab was a trap that gave Dublin a veto over the United Kingdom until they ripped up the Belfast Agreement to shreds and coerced Northern Ireland out of the UK or made us a colony of Dublin NoAnnexation NoSurrender really? Your leadership campaign would tell a different story Teesh

Johnson faces fresh rebellion over no-deal BrexitBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing a fresh rebellion in his cabinet, with a group of ministers reportedly poised to resign due to concerns that he is leading the country towards a no-deal Brexit We all know that is it only NOW they have twiged that His cabinet are completely devoid of backbone, so not expecting any resignations just yet. This is the EU fault they should have put proper measures in place , before UK joined EU , when they were finalising the agreement on paper' also for when ' UK leaving EU , the EU messed up , they should sort this out at the start ?

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