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Brexit, Brexit Countdown

Foster accuses Govt and EU of trying to trap NI

DUP leader says Angela Merkel's comments over NI staying in the customs union reveal 'the real objective of Dublin and the European Union'

08/10/2019 14:03:00

DUP leader says Angela Merkel's comments over NI staying in the customs union reveal 'the real objective of Dublin and the European Union '

DUP leader Arlene Foster has said comments by German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Northern Ireland must remain in the customs union for any Brexit deal to be reached reveal 'the real objective of Dublin and the European Union '.

Ms Foster was speaking after sources claimed that following a call earlier between British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Ms Merkel a Brexit deal was now "essentially impossible". Ms Foster said no UK government would ever concede leaving part of its sovereign territory in a foreign organisation that it is not part of.

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She said: "For the United Kingdom to be asked to leave a part of its sovereign territory in a foreign organisation of which the UK would no longer be a part and over which we would have no say whatsoever is beyond crazy. No UK government could ever concede such a surrender.

"The EU is not interested in a negotiated outcome at this time. Their position is the UK can only leave with a deal if it agrees a binding piece of international law permanently tying either the whole country or a part of it to the EU's legal order over which it has no control.

"The true purpose of the 'backstop' is now in the open for an to see. Those who eagerly supported the backstop as the best of both worlds can now see the error of that assessment. It was neither temporary nor an insurance policy."It appears that Martin Selmayr's remarks about Northern Ireland being the price of Brexit is still the EU negotiating stance.

"The Prime Minister's proposals have flushed out Dublin's real intentions to trap Northern Ireland in the EU Customs Union forever, where Dublin rather than the United Kingdom's elected representatives would be in the driving seat."We will not accept any such ultimatum or outcome."

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"The true purpose of the "backstop" is now in the open for all to see.Those who eagerly supported the backstop as the best of both worlds can now see the error of that assessment.It was neither temporary nor an insurance policy."@DUPleader

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— Nigel Dodds (@NigelDoddsDUP) October 8, 2019 Earlier, DUP Deputy Leader Nigel Dodds said a Brexit deal was unlikely to be achieved by an informal deadline of Friday.When asked if a deal could be achieved by Friday, DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds told Bloomberg Television: "It looks difficult at the moment - I am very, very sad about that.

"What it does flush out is that the original backstop proposals were clearly something that certain Dublin politicians particularly in the government really felt was the end destination," Mr Dodds said.He said Ireland was turning peace process agreements upside down by dismissing the Northern Irish consent idea of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit proposal.

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God that bloody siege mentality, they are all out to get us!! Time the Unionists where marched back to there Queen ,the where planted hear ,simple as that, the are appalling. How does Noel Gallagher have such a say on Northern Ireland, Foster wake up and smell the Roses Boris only interested in getting the conservatives back to power with a majority so he won’t kneed the likes of your sorry party to prop him up he would sell his soul for that

DUP leader is Arlene foster not Angela Merkel!! DUPleader has turned into a long playing record with the needle stuck The Transvaal is looking for more Boers...DUP tribe and their ilk would be a good substitute.. intolerant, narrow minded, bigoted, irridentist, hateful, intransigent, incapable of compromise, out of sync with their beloved Britannia..

Where has the RHI enquiry gone? Are the members of the enquiry still being paid? Yawn to her rants 🤪 Arlene is delusional. Arlene playing the Hard Man. Arelene foster has lost her marbles. The north doesn’t belong to Dublin or London or the EU. It belongs to the people and Arlene does not represent even those she presumes to represent. The “precious union” she obsesses over hastens to a certain end. That is Arlene’s legacy

Everyones to blame except the dup Happy fucking days 😃 Do the dup think they are some grand prize to be won.I dont think so. Stupid bloody eejit of a woman believing a story Dominic Cummings fed to the Tory Spectator! As they say in Fermanagh (and other parts no doubt) “ Arlene would g’way and have a titter a’ wit”

Dont think ye are needed that much life and business goes on She's as popular as a shit sandwich. The woman is a pathetic excuse of why the north will never move on from the trouble's. She hasn't been to work in nearly three years as Stormont remains closed. 🇪🇺 🇬🇧 🇮🇪 You're talking nonsense Arlene. You have trodden a very dangerous and stupid path in your intransigent support of Brexit and denial of the wishes of the majority in NI. You are to blame for this tragedy on the island and you alone.

She does realise no sane person believes a word she says right? Oh for gods sake who in their right mind would want to trap NI? Wake up Arlene no one wants you! What foster want is reunification Somebody remind her that N Ireland voted to remain Will someone waken Arlene up with a swift boot up the ass. Does she not get it or what

DUPleader nobody listens to you now your we plan with Tories to blame Ireland is hilarious o and.yoi can stick you veto where the sun doesn't shine It’s. getting near to election time and the DUP hate Ireland and catholics voting machine has started. All you’ll get from them now is the rallying call.

Angela was saying to Boris and Arlene “Auf Wiedersehen, Pets - see you wouldn’t wanna be you” It's a straight forward real objective: Ireland will not break it's promises in the Good Friday Agreement; the EU will support them; we'll watch while the UK destroys GFA instead along with the rest of the UK.

Think you will find these comments come from Cummings and not Merkel. You need to check your facts. All part of the choreographed statement issues last night starting with the Spectator 995 days since northern Ireland had an elected sitting government. Who exactly does this woman claim to represent? Why are these bigoted small minded insular people and their leaders in a rush to austerity?

Wildcat response season. Talk about dialogue up the rhetoric. Anyway, I am sure this was Germany’s stance a few years ago as well as now. Pity no one was listening. What's wrong with that Arlene? Isn't that what 2/3s of NI voted for? Jesus Christ when are they going to get it The only objective the Republic has here is ensuring peace and that the Good Friday Agreement is upheld! IRELAND DIDN'T VOTE TO LEAVE! THIS IS ENGLAND'S MESS TO SORT OUT!!!!!

Intellectually bankrupt..... 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️ biggest bigot in Ireland 🇮🇪 Reveal I didn't know that they were hidden If only you hadn’t helped put yourself in this position 🤨 Yeah Arlene, Angela Merkels 1st thought when she wakes up in the morning is how she can secretly shaft NI! 🙄 you’re on the wrong side of history. And it won’t end well for your goals.

A bear trap wouldn’t trap her The real imperial nature of the Eu is now shining. This mad woman's agenda is clear, a return to old ways so she can say; 'Told you so.' Truly embarrassing that this minority party is being given so much sway by the UKG. The DUP are stuck in an 1800’s mindset of them’uns and us’uns. The EU really should stand up to them more. They’re a regional party with minority views. They don’t represent N. Ireland.

At least we know the nature of the pound of flesh Johnson has demanded for the quid pro quo Hard to imagine anyone was sober enough to wed that woman Sure It’s as clear as wood pellets 🔥 Arlene the game is up 'real objective?' leavers can say any dumbery campaigning, and did it pretty much, in Italy 1 on 3 evades taxes, wants to get out of EU because thinks Merkel is 'stealing' the pension he didn't pay taxes for, makes sense as much as the Brexit

They reveal that's the only way to have no border in Ireland, and it was always the case. This seemingly being a revelation to you DUPleader I will put down to your bigotry rather than you being as thick as shite. what’s that objective arlene? the need to avoid a border on the island? the dup aka the “custodians of the good friday agreement”...

Dean_Journalist THEMMUNS, it's always THEMMUNS 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Dublin IS the European Union. Ireland is a vassal state. Hmm, what on earth did Ireland fight for, I wonder. it’s a man actually derek ? Oh, grow up Arlene!! Quit playing games and go back to work with the rest of the eejits up there. Dire Straits wrote a song for the NI Assembly...

She is truly dreadful! Wake up DUP voters! You are being DUPed comprehensively! 🙈 & in rolls the misery from ppl from Northern Ireland😣🙉🤮 The real objective of trying to not destabilise peace and cripple even more an underperforming economy? What a mug of a woman The real priority is the Good Friday PEACE agreement... ‘‘Twas ye that voted out by the way...👍

UK people have worked hard to get a decent standard of living & have now decided to take a gamble on improving it through Brexit. Why should Ire risk our standard of living because of their gamble. We will NOT agree to a deal that puts at risk our living standards It might be wise to wait until people who aren’t proven liars and charlatans tell us what was actually said.

No they reveal how you are not in touch with the people of Northern Ireland and somehow you are being allowed to dictate what goes on. Get in the bin! Wind your neck in. Angela Merkel: Chancellor of Germany for 15 years. The world's most powerful woman/female politician, will NOT allow YOU, to dictate the future of the EU. You're not even a MLA. Nor a MP. ShutIt

The last few days has shown exactly why the backstop in Mays deal is unacceptable to the UK. They would be at the mercy of the EU I'd swear the DUP's objective is a United Ireland. Not that I'm complaining. They're all lying bastards in politics but the British are just going over the top and taking things as much out of context as possible to confuse the dummies, it's their only hope.

😂 the head on her Complete Rubbish from Foster but they have done a rubbish job of representing people in Northern Ireland in the last 3 years. Yup, it was the plan all along. Cameron was in it, of course, with the 'shooting himself in the foot' act with the referendum. And then the whole Brexit campaign must have been in the scheme as well. And all for a country that costs the UK incredibly more than it produces.

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