'Worst weekend' for out of service ambulances across B.C.

2022-08-16 6:00:00 PM

'Worst weekend' for out of service ambulances across B.C.

'Worst weekend' for out of service ambulances across B.C.

It was a tough weekend for BC Emergency Health Services paramedics.

“We probably had our worst weekend from what reports to me are as far as out-of-services across the province,” said Troy Clifford, president of the Ambulance Paramedics of British Columbia In Ashcroft, a man died while waiting for an ambulance after suffering an apparent heart attack within steps of the ambulance station.The U.Copy article link Copy link An incident caught on camera in Richmond, B.Mayor Barbara Roden told CTV News Vancouver a man was walking his dog Sunday morning when he had a heart attack.

Unfortunately, the ambulance took 30 minutes to arrive.Reports say they were on a call in Clinton at the time.Coast Guard first responded to the sinking vessel on Saturday.Clifford says many communities are being left without ambulances because there are no paramedics to staff them.Alberta resident Donna Damaso said she was heading to the Vancouver airport on Aug."Over the weekend, we saw points where Kamloops was down to 1.S.5 ambulances."It's frustrating, it makes me incredibly sad for the family and friends of the deceased, it makes me worried for my community because I know that people in the community are worried about it.

And what I mean 1.Peter Ross, a senior scientist with Raincoast Conservation Foundation, said the vessel sank in an important feeding area for endangered southern resident killer whales.He then started asking them where they were from.5 is one-and-a-half ambulance staffed.So, two paramedics on one and half on the other.“The very worrying part of this entire incident is that it happened probably in the worst place of all for southern resident killer whales, right in the middle of critical habitat,” Ross said.Even during this period, I know that the whole Cariboo region, right from Quesnel down to Ashcroft, was really significantly short staffed," he said.Read more: Alberta RCMP investigating video of teens yelling racial slur at party Story continues below advertisement In the video, the man can be heard saying, “You’re in Canada now.A paramedic with just over 12 years experience recently reached out to Castanet saying it saddens all of them to know that people are dying because they could not get to them soon enough.S."We just feel that we've been abandoned.

The woman, who Castanet has agreed not to name, says that paramedics have no jurisdiction over where they are sent.“I cannot count how many times I have heard that it was ridiculous that someone had to wait 45 minutes or more for an ambulance when they have an ambulance station in their community,” she said.Chinook salmon, the whales' main prey and a species facing its own survival challenges, swim along bluffs on San Juan Island, creating a feeding channel for the orcas, he said.” Damaso said the women were just minding their own business and the man did not need to insert himself into the situation."Just because an ambulance station is situated in your community, does not mean that we are there.We are sent on out-of-town transfers, sometimes full-day road trips, to repatriate patients to their homes or other care centres, or we are pulled into other communities to do calls or cross-cover an area, meaning the ambulances in that community are busy or have been sent elsewhere.S.” She adds that, like many healthcare workers, they are feeling burnt out after two-and-a-half years of the COVID-19 pandemic.Damaso said the two women thanked her for stepping in and saying something, but told her to be careful next time."It's going to be hard to attract ambulance paramedics from Surrey or White Rock or Richmond or Delta to come in work in small, rural communities.

BCEHS points out that it is a provincial service with no municipal boundaries and uses a "dynamic deployment model" to make the most of available resources and respond to patients.(Twitter/@USCGPacificNW) There are only 74 southern resident killer whales remaining and the federal government says the main threats to the species are contaminants, declining chinook populations and acoustic disturbances.It also says it has experienced some "staffing challenges" and has been working with the government to make significant changes and investments to improve and stabilize staffing.However, nearly 25 per cent of permanent positions with BCEHS are currently unfilled.S.communities New anti-racism training program coming to some B.In recent months, 42 new dispatch positions were added along with 22 ambulances, but only nine of those ambulances have been deployed so far.BCEHS says the remainder are slated for deployment by the end of 2022.The Aleutian Isle sank Saturday off San Juan Island, roughly 25 kilometres east of Victoria, and its five crew members were rescued by a Good Samaritan, the U.

Clifford has been sounding the alarm for months.Story continues below advertisement “I kept thinking that could be my mother,” she said.He says the time for talk is over and action is needed to address the serious shortage of paramedics in the province.Coast Guard has said.“We need to have these tough conversations and BCEHS needs to be held accountable.“If they haven’t provided the services to these communities that they’re mandated to do, they need to say why and what they’re doing about it to fix [it].Officials have not determined what caused the sinking.“All Canadians have to realize that we all have to reflect on our own biases,” she said.I haven’t seen that,” said Clifford.

.Petty Officer Michael Clark told The Associated Press that a sheen had entered Canadian waters and there was concern for the southern resident killer whales last seen near the southern tip of San Juan Island but moving away toward Port Angeles.

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