‘You’re in Canada now’: B.C. man berates women for not speaking English - BC | Globalnews.ca

2022-08-16 4:27:00 AM

‘You’re in Canada now’: B.C. man berates women for not speaking English

‘You’re in Canada now’: B.C. man berates women for not speaking English

'At first I was agitated really. I saw a lot of people walking by and not saying anything and that's when I decided to confront him,' Donna Damaso told Global News.

Alberta resident Donna Damaso said she was heading to the Vancouver airport on Aug. 11 when she came across two women trying to purchase tickets for the SkyTrain.“At first I was agitated, really. I saw a lot of people walking by and not saying anything and that’s when I decided to confront him,” Damaso told Global News.

Story continues below advertisementDamaso said the women were just minding their own business and the man did not need to insert himself into the situation.3:39Doris Wai Ki Mah, a co-founder of the Stand With Asians Coalition, said when she first saw the video, she was very angry.

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Guy wants to carry out the Canadian tradition of committing cultural genocide against any non-Anglo cultures Native Americans don't speak English, Colonists genocide and multi-generation effort of assimilation made them speak English. This so -called Lawyer have no understanding of human right and definitely racist

the guy is a bully. and the journalist are racists. this whole article and a story full of it all. The same thing happens in Quebec with French, except it’s culturally accepted. Dying for headlines today it seems. Your in Canada now, so why don't you speak any of the original languages already spoken here when your ancestors landed? Mind you I'm not saying people should learn these languages (unless you really want to of course), I'm just pointing out that the guy as a hypocrite.

This isn't news worthy unless it's a pervasive Canadian attitude, and I haven't seen evidence to indicate that it is. When news outlets cover TikTok videos, they're becoming irrelevant. Basic logic-- they speak other languages to each other doesn't necessarily mean they don't speak English at all.🤦‍♀️

He should not have said anything and immigrants need to be encouraged to learn English when moving to Canada. Good luck buddy. In Richmond of all places. What a choad. Well this act makes me want to 🤮. Just pointing out a fact thou. When federal and provincial politicians and levels of govt and govt agencies preach discrimination for two yrs on 6 million 🇨🇦for something like personal autonomy it begins to encourage acts of discrimination.

It's rare, but sometimes I see the point of the old ways; dad observed a bully picking on the vulnerable, asked him to stop. Bully got in his face. Dad flattens him. I mean, lesson served: pre 1950. How did he know they weren’t tourists? This guy has never gone anywhere outside his province? Lucky family he belongs too!

Canadians have a right to chose their own languages in private talking ! As a Canadian born multi-lingual person, this grates on my nerves. Just bc you only speak one language doesn’t mean that others should be speaking in a language you understand to accommodate you. The exception is if the conversation is being had with you. Mind your business

totally unacceptable, i would have posted his face. netball racists claims he’s a lawyer, he’s a pathetic ignorant liar “I called him a racist. Maybe he doesn’t like Asians?” MAYBE? This women is ignorant & should stfu about accusing someone of racism. The term used to hold weight, until shitshows like this started blurting it out wherever. Canada is NOT a fucking race of people. tpas

If I move to Quebec I have to speak French. I move to another country I'm expected to learn the local language. This man probably could have handle it all better. Another issue I have here is the article is targeting this man by his skin pigmentation which in its self is racist Maybe they were pis sing the time away jabbering at the ticket window while other folks were trying to buy theirs. To anyone for that matter, have a question? read the board. Step up, money in hand, buy the ticket and move on. Don't start payment rummaging at the window.

Now do Quebec which does this every day, and legally. LoL. He should be reminded that he is speaking English in Canada because his ancestors genocided the indigenous people in adapting their culture.

What is canada. Is a melting pot of all people. Speak what you will Though this only happened in redneck Alberta… As is common, he chose to confront and intimidate women. Post national state things It is a massive public safety issue having grown adults walking around unwilling to learn how to communicate. But this guy is clearly a liberal, which is odd because I thought liberals couldn't be racist, I thought I was the racist.

The bloc quebec requires berating to be conducted in booth official languages. People need to mind their God damn business. We will probably only see more & more as identity politics rage thru us all! Of course the purpose is to divide us more, weaken us as individuals & as a nation, then conquering us with the “mark”! Mental illness is also on the rise! No excuses though!

I lived in a foreign country where I had to learn the language. It was not easy for me, but very easy for my kids, one way for me to learn Was I rode buses and practiced with passengers who were more than happy to teach me & it was a lot of fun! Bigot and a bully.

Full of hate inside him. Be kind folks, you don't know maybe they are learning English. Mind your own business and move on. Hey pp one of your kids is lose again. If they are speaking to each other, why should he care what they are speaking? Mr 'I am a lawyer', I hope you get disbarred. You are a disgrace to lawyers, Canadians, and men. Put your mask back on, no one asked you to speak!

Seems like a legitimate concern. Many English speaking Canadians are becoming tired of mass immigration from cultures that don’t assimilate. And to English speaking Canadians, you better start speaking up like this man or you lose your way of life. These people are ridiculous Poster boy for the BC Liberals and Conservatives.

Bro is wearing a mask. Went to McGill.... Clearly a Liberal Party supporter. Such a jerk move. I’d challenging him to know any indigenous languages… we’re in Canada man! Also who cares what language anybody speaks as they go about their daily business. He right You should learn the language of the country you are planning to live in.

Canada is a welcoming nation, a melting pot....Canadians do not seek to coerce people coming from other nations to speak English or French. They would prefer to see them learn the language(s) on their own terms. Put him in jail for harassment. People are free to do what they want. He's got a point come to a country and not learn the langauge anywhere else see what happens

I'm really starting to hate being white. 🙃 oh stop Who cares they should learn to speak English. Have they ever heard our national anthem?