‘Unity, unity, unity’: Pelosi urges Democratic cohesion amid Sanders’ campaign boom

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“We cannot show any division. This has to be about unity, unity, unity.'

2020 Election, Bernie Sanders


“We cannot show any division. This has to be about unity, unity, unity.'

Down-ballot jitters are apparent as the Vermont senator takes an increasingly commanding lead in early voting and withstands the constant pummeling by rivals who have been unable to slow his rise.

Independent senators push for another Lynn Beyak suspension, despite apology “Bernie Sanders just adds fuel to that fire,” Luria said. She has endorsed Biden but had praise for former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, calling both of them politicians who “build bridges rather than break them down.” Hoping to propel Biden’s lagging candidacy in a state he has pledged to win, the No. 3 House Democrat, Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, an influential leader and the highest-ranking African American in Congress, announced his endorsement on Wednesday. 0:38 Bernie Sanders’ Seattle campaign headquarters vandalized Bernie Sanders’ Seattle campaign headquarters vandalized Veteran Rep. David Price, D-N.C., said of Biden: “There’s not a congressional district in this country he couldn’t campaign in.” Divisions run deep among House Democrats, whose primary preferences span the party’s ideological reach, from the most liberal and progressive members backing Sanders to those preferring Biden, Bloomberg or the other more centrist candidates. Story continues below advertisement Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is one of Sanders’ most high-profile backers in the House. Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., is a Sanders campaign co-chairman. READ MORE: Bernie Sanders wins Nevada caucuses, becomes Democratic front-runner for 2020 election Many liberals say Sanders is the only candidate able to energize base voters and take on Trump. His commitment to curbing income inequality and his bold policy proposals, including “Medicare for All” and tuition-free college, are galvanizing voters, they say. They point to Sanders’ strong showing in Nevada as a snapshot of the coalition he could build nationwide against Trump. Campaigning Wednesday in South Carolina, Sanders warned that a “conventional campaign” like Biden’s won’t defeat Trump. In Tuesday night’s presidential debate, candidate Pete Buttigieg warned of the potential down-ballot consequences in Congress if Sanders won the nomination. Senate Democrats are struggling to flip the chamber from Republicans, who have a slim majority, while House Democrats are working to retain their advantage. Pelosi said she thinks that “whoever our nominee is, we will enthusiastically embrace — and we will win the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives.” 1:42 Nevada caucus: Sanders says ‘We have now won’ after networks predict victory Nevada caucus: Sanders says ‘We have now won’ after networks predict victory House Democrats hold a modest majority, and while Trump is eager to have his party in control of the chamber, House Republicans have seen a rush toward the exits with retirements. The House GOP is still recruiting candidates to challenge the Democrats and has lagged in fundraising. Story continues below advertisement Pelosi said lawmakers will have a briefing Thursday at the Democratic National Committee headquarters about the nominating process. The party convention is in July. Democrats changed the nominating rules to reduce the power of “superdelegates” — lawmakers and other VIPs — to choose the nominee. READ MORE: Bernie Sanders painted as top target for Democrat rivals after Nevada win If no candidate secures the nod outright on the initial round of voting at the convention, the superdelegates, including lawmakers, may have a role to play in casting votes. At an earlier debate in Las Vegas, the 2020 candidates were asked whether the candidate with the most delegates should be the nominee, even if that person lacked a delegate majority. Almost every candidate suggested that the convention process should work its way out. Sanders, who helped force the changes to the nomination process this year and expects to take a significant delegate lead in the coming weeks, was the only exception. “The person who has the most votes should become the nominee,” he said. 1:54 Bernie Sanders warns Russia to stay out of 2020 campaign Bernie Sanders warns Russia to stay out of 2020 campaign House Democrats, particularly the freshmen, are being told to chart their own course as they did running in 2018. In much the way some House Democrats won their seats as they distanced themselves from Pelosi, they may be faced with running for reelection by distancing themselves from the party nominee. Story continues below advertisement “This is tough,” Pelosi told the House caucus. “We have to win.” © 2020 The Canadian Press Read more: Global National

Poor Nancy won't have to worry after November elections since she won't be the House leader. She should think about retiring along with creepy uncle Joe! Trash

Sanders faces brunt of attacks in Democratic debate as rivals look to reverse fortunesWith South Carolina and Super Tuesday looming, Biden, Warren and Buttigieg sought to blunt the momentum of the Vermont senator Dumb and Dumber.

Bernie Sanders Targeted Again And Again In Chaotic Democratic DebateThe Vermont senator drew most of the attacks onstage in Charleston. But it might be too late to stop his march to the nomination. Bernie reminds me of our Canadian hero Tommy Douglas; real leader for real change for all citizens which happened decades ago!

‘That is part of my story now’: Trudeau talks about blackface scandal at Black History Month eventPhotos and a video of Trudeau wearing makeup to darken his skin surfaced during last fall’s election campaign, rocking the Liberal campaign “So, yes, Black History month is as much about me as it is any other black person.” CanadianPM JustinTrudeau still has not told us how many other times (besides the three we know of) did he wear blackface and when was the last time? Also what exactly is this costume? Hogwash talk.

Bernie Sanders faces attacks in Democrats’ debate-stage clashBloomberg charged that “Russia is helping you get elected so you lose” to President Donald Trump

Democrats unload on Sanders in likely debate preview Bernie Sanders is facing the greatest test of his presidential campaign as his Democratic rivals prepare to launch a series of attacks on the Vermont senator during what could be a pivotal debate on the eve of the South Carolina primary. *Corporate Democrats Sanders releases his plans how he intends to pay for his free stuff. Like Taxing fossil fuels Increase taxes on Capital gains Increase taxes on high incomes Increase taxes on Corporations with high compensation levels for CEO. Price tag $37 Trillion he estimates. Yup, Sociaism!

At Black History Month Event, PM Reflects On ‘Dumb’ Use Of Racist MakeupPhotos of Trudeau in blackface and brownface rocked the Liberal election campaign last fall. Canada ... And the media that created Trudeau in the first place lap it all up like the enablers and hypocrites that they are.

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