Blackface, Justin Trudeau

Blackface, Justin Trudeau

‘That is part of my story now’: Trudeau talks about blackface scandal at Black History Month event

'That is part of my story now': Trudeau talks about blackface scandal at Black History Month event


'That is part of my story now': Trudeau talks about blackface scandal at Black History Month event

Photos and a video of Trudeau wearing makeup to darken his skin surfaced during last fall’s election campaign, rocking the Liberal campaign

On Monday, Trudeau raised the embarrassing disclosure of the photos during a question-and-answer session with broadcast journalist Marci Ien during an evening reception celebrating Canada’s black community.Trudeau said it has prompted him to “be even more committed to standing with this community and fighting every day against the barriers and discrimination that are so invisible to so many people.”

But he said black leaders across the country encouraged him to turn the mortifying disclosure into something positive for race relations in Canada.

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Dreams come true Unconscious racism, really, if you paint your body black, shove something down your pants to make it look like you’ve a big dick, dance around like a monkey, I would say it was very conscious racism, pretty fawqin extreme too So very saddened as we can’t even bring ourselves to read this as we can’t believe a word that leaves JT’s mouth or from any member of the government and political party he represents. No authenticity by actions in anything said, done or promised.

Could you imagine the hue and cry in the media if a Conservative leader had past photos with blackface? Typical liberal media double standards. 'my story' lost respect of world leaders, majority of Canadians, lost wife and kids, lost native Canadians and Quebecers, just a loser What a fool. So is playing Grabass with a resisting young female reporter.

And STILL got a standing ovation from the HUNDREDS in the room. 3TermPM Immature... . childish.... Irresponsible... . Not a leader

‘Deep disappointment’: Trudeau revisits blackface in Black History Month receptionThe prime minister was asked during a question-and-answer session at a reception celebrating Canada's black community to account for the fact that he donned blackface and brownface multiple times in younger days. While he rapes the land in favour of big oil... He didnt realize it was wrong. In the 2000s. must be nice to be a liberal... like water off a duck's back

I would like to know if there were people of colour at these parties if so what did they think? Also what kind of jokes and comments did it receive? JustinTrudeauisanIdiot 'That is part of my story now': Trudeau don,t forget sexual assault He should be ashamed & 'redface' after this! TrudeauIsNotFitForOffice

Nobody was wearing blackface at that time. We all knew it was racist. All adults knew it was racist. We weren’t doing it. Only Trudeau. Not us. TrudeauMustGo National Post, how do you allow this PM to lie so often without calling him out Oh ya, 680 million reasons why. Part of very sad story. Oh Skippy, blackface is the least of your problems.

Oh please, once again, only in Canada! Make a victim out of the criminal! How stupid do you think Canadians are? Ugh. Politely racist

Tory Leadership Hopeful Says She’ll Try To Bring Down Liberals Right AwayTop Tories are blaming Trudeau Liberals after Teck pulled its Frontier oilsands mine application. Teck required Oil at $65/barrel for Frontier to be profitable, meanwhile Western Select is at $30.88/barrel.... I understand they are playing politics, yet it's still ridiculously stupid. Because what Canada needs most is another multi-million dollar election that will return exactly the same results. Send in the clowns....

Wtf? Is this guy totally clueless He’s the bravest black person I know. How’d we get so lucky? Disgraceful. Even more disgraceful that Cdns re-elected him. What kind of message does that send? How many of the posters here are black? Just asking 😍 And partisan media outlets will play it again, again and again. Move on National Post. At least try to appear legitimate.

Canada JustinTrudeau liberal_party ... 'After his remarks, Trudeau received a standing ovation' It is more obvious every day that a large swath of politicians, celebrities, media and citizens are enablers and hypocrites. Would Stephen Harper have received a standing ovation? An embarrassment to Canadians JustinTrudeau CPC_HQ

“That is part of my story.” See. Really woke people say “my journey”. So, not so woke. How about adding to the story by telling us how you arrived at the decision to resign today 🤔 When you have proven to be a world class liar. It is hard to believe anything he says. Unless of course you are in the media, then his word is gospel.

Wet’suwet’en protests: Violent ends to past confrontations haunt Trudeau’s governmentEven as he called Friday for police to enforce injunctions and bring down the barricades, Trudeau stressed the need for a peaceful resolution and worried about the potential for another Oka. Failure to uphold the law makes matters worse. In a nutshell: For 3 weeks the only plan we could come up with is to do nothing, there is no back up plan. Trudeau has divided this country and has nearly caused it to rip itself apart. Any longer with him at the helm Canada will disappear and separatist movements will chip away provinces one by one out of self preservation

Unbelievable. All around unbelievable. “Unconscious Racism” ? Blackface is arguably the most conscious form of blatant racism I can think of....if that was unconscious he’s even dumber than I thought! He’s going to bring death to Canada and you would still luv him And if his story had a title... “How to get away with absolutely anything”.

If this was a conservative guy that did what he did he would have been scourged and quartered then guillotined. Who wants to hear about these pathetic things this fool has done! His legacy of stupid grows and grows. Can he ever shut up Shameless narcissist. It may have happened in the past, but one thing for sure is that he’s still a narcissist and craves attention no matter what. It’s all about him and his overinflated ego which lead to and continues to lead to very poor choices. TrudeauIsNotFitForOffice

ECB chief Christine Lagarde kicks off roadshow by welcoming public views, concernsLagarde will kick off the town-hall events – dubbed the ‘ECB Listens’ after a similarly branded event run by the U.S. Federal Reserve last year – in Brussels on March 26

Fraud He just meant he posted them on his Facebook Story. I can’t believe I’m seeing this. Spin spin spin TruDUMB.... All about him. Such a pitiful man. Kunta Kunty His 'story?' WTF? cdnpoli

Lifestyle Icon B. Smith Dead At 70 After Battle With Alzheimer’s DiseaseBarbara 'B.' Smith was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease in 2013 Husband seems a really trashy character who disrespected her...will the girlfriend turn up for the funeral?

Fucking perfect. Billions of dollars in oilfield investment walking out of Canada and Trudeau's spending his hours on a virtue signalling apology tour while the other racial group he was supposed to cuddle up to blocks railroad tracks. Jesus Christ, what a cringy narcissist. It was always part of his 'story ' the media failed to do their job and we ended up with this clown.

He made dumb choices then and he continues to make dumb choices now. Nothing has changed for this man. Black history month is the perfect time to talk about your struggles with your inner blackness. Share your torment Justin. oh here we go, hes trying to turn his disgraceful decision into a teachable moment for the rest of us . He sich Narcissist , he cant even let Black history month go without injecting himself into the narrative. Im shockedhe didn't get introduced by his slave name.

Canada is in such a divided state, and it's all on justin Trudeau the nation is ready to tear down this liberal looser He is educating us on how to be racist and make even that woke. Maybe a vote of no confidence will be too

This Is What Life Is Really Like When You Weigh Over 400 Pounds'Does anyone really think it’s healthy to be told over and over and over again that you’re essentially on the verge of death every moment of every day?' Yes. That means you have people in your life that care about you lol FakeNews Wuhan_Clan your gf showing off Kind of when you smoke cigarettes', the only difference smokers get also hit by government taxes

Literally all of his weaknesses and failures are instantly turned into assets. Is there another public figure in this country that could get away with this sanctimonious crap? This is not even about Liberals & Conservatives; it's about integrity (or, rather its total absence). He makes anything that happens about him Ego on steroids!

Why are my fellow conservatives, libertarians and right wingers using black face against him? Freedom of expression is something we are fighting for dearly. Painting your face isn't racist, nor did he have any racist intentions when he did it. We have a culture war to win. Bhahaha Don’t believe a word!

The problem isn’t that HE’S a racist, the problem is that WE ALL are racist.... Got it... Believe him? I don’t And then he bowed to the Irianian murderers weeks after 57 Canadians were innocently killed. O K He should do it again to get our minds off the blockades.

It’s a “teachable experience” BlackHistory JustinTrudeau The thing that irks me is that this tool has so many defenders. He's proven to be utterly inept at his job. But because of his name, his party and the ideological fracture in this country, he's defended over and over. He's incompetent. Being prime minister should be part of your history now too.

Everything about him is acting....there’s no real person underneath...substance abusing, narcissistic, sociopath. The saddest part isn't the manure he spreads it's that a certain segment of our society will actully buy into his BS Loser. 'Another learning moment for Canadians' Trudeau is a dedicated racist. He literally painted his whole body in black shoe polish while wearing a shirt with bananas on it and stuffed his crotch area because he lacks anything down there. Who does that

Meanwhile the country is falling apart.

Hogwash talk. CanadianPM JustinTrudeau still has not told us how many other times (besides the three we know of) did he wear blackface and when was the last time? Also what exactly is this costume? “So, yes, Black History month is as much about me as it is any other black person.”

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