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Trudeau takes a knee at anti-racism demonstration

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has arrived at an anti-racism protest in Ottawa.

2020-06-05 10:56:00 PM

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a knee while attending a demonstration on Parliament Hill that was organized to protest racial injustice and police brutality. Read more here:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has arrived at an anti-racism protest in Ottawa.

The prime minister knelt on the ground at one point in solidarity with the anti-racism demonstrators gathered on Parliament Hill.He also clapped and nodded his head when a speaker said that everyone must choose to be either "a racist or an anti-racist."

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Read more:Shouting at packed protests increases COVID-19 risk, top doc saysSome in the crowd urged him to stand up to U.S. President Donald Trump.Trudeau had declined to say earlier Friday whether he would attend, but arrived on Parliament Hill in mid-afternoon with security guards, wearing a black cloth mask.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 5, 2020. Read more: CTV News »

Citizens arrest! A knee is great, economic empowerment is better. Where is progress on UNDPAD? UndpadPush Phony looking for a photo opp. Trudeau you are disgusting! He can attend protests with thousands but refuses to open parliament. However Trudeau needs to take strict notice of Ahmed Hussain as he is discriminating with 3rd world some specific countries on visa issuance and Canadian embassy Bangkok visa officer is extreme example of predjudice and discrimination towards specific cases

Most Canadians polled want the border reopened immediately. All about the photo ops!! Can you to a crowded protest and take a knee for photographic purposes only, but unable to actually do his job and sit in parliament... lazy ass POS is what JustinTrudeau is!! The hypocrite racist should resign! TrudeauBlackface TrudeauDictatorship

Yup. Violating social distancing in a crowd. I expect no less from our little socialist DICtator. Why is that ok ? And bringing back parliament can't happen ? Because the DICtator says so. That'll really piss off the Orange-utang. Well done Trudeau. Now wait for the hate twitters from himself Yes, BLM! I couldn't breath since Sept, 2018 in the condo building of 160 Vanderhoof Ave, Toronto. I absolutely believe Prime minister Trudeau yesterday said that the Canada exist social system race discriminations. White supremacy, racism already existed in the condo for long.

Irony Is he wore blackface which is racist Hypocrite! Goddam hypocrite. Such a hypocrite 🤦🏻‍♂️ nice nice are you gonna give the natives their land back now Canada: o primeiro ministro na manifestação contra o racismo Brasil: o governo falsificando os números do genocídio que promove Oh look I found these two racists commenting on the protests......

Hypocrite Get off your damn knee black face!! If i had done the things this hypocrite has done i would be in jail. this kneeling choregraphy is quite ridiculous , something to point out as history marker to remember later on Justin “taking a knee” photo op can mean anything and everything. Anybody.. black, white, purple can be prejudice but taking a knee in solidarity to end Systemic Racism in our justice system, law enforcement & political processes? Walk the walk and talk the talk then Justin.

Of course he did. Just Thank you surrounded by a human wall of armed police officers, the prime minister with the most ethics violations and the most ministers with criminal records, reminds you that you shouldn't defend yourself or even have a police force. He's on your side (with words) and that's all you need

Such a dolt oh Trudolt is. Notice how he doesn't feel threatened by the people who he works for Virtue Signalling Minster of Canada. If black lives matter why do young blacks keep shooting each other?. 'is this what a sensitive Prime Minister would do so that people would love him? Is kneeling, instead of announcing the opening of the House to debate police reforms the best move? Yes- because then the people will see I'm sensitive and love me'.... Justin's thought process...

Virtue signalling Thank you sir! :-) I know this is lost on CTV and the sheep, but if he. An be at a protest, why can’t he be at work again ? Suckers Like this is the first time he has been kneeling in front of a group of black men I heard that why Sofie left . ...I understand and respect your attempt at showing your solidarity but taking a knee!?! Didn't all of this start when someone took a knee to the neck. Not a good look JustinTrudeau - and the award goes to...

👍🏽🇨🇦❤️💪🏽 Mmmmmmmhmmmmmmm Hey CTV, remember Celinas and Jody and how badly he treated them.. Loser kneeling to Lucifer. You can see that this is part of a world wide agenda to fuel more divide. Everyone bowing from police, to military to politicians is not organic. Symbolism of what's to come when everyone will be expected to bow to the Anti-Christ.

How is this less dangerous than parliament? He's now in the perfect position to give them a bj... 🤮 Ugh, the posturing is tiresome. Get off your knee and do something substantive. cdnpoli Blackfacetrudeau TrudeauGate promotes racism! Black lives don’t matter - No😷mask⁉️ White life matters even less - Why😷 ⁉️ Impotent TrudeauBlackface is clearly TrudeauNotFitForOffice All lieberals and TrudeauMustGo

That’s my prime minister ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 Out pandering again I see 😂😂😂 Nice to see the PM partaking in his ritualistic social justice sacraments StruggleSession COWARD Looking pretty happy in these photos Perfect! Brilliant! Remember something two 😡😡😡😡wrongs don’t make a right You mean our Blackfaced PM?

People not seeing how self serving this gesture is? He's black like 5% the time so of course he takes BLM seriously. Brought to you by Prime Minister JustinTrudeau. He now supports the FULL opening of Canada's economy but how come he can stand elbow to elbow with protestors yet can't sit in a full Parliament to support ALL Canadians? Zero Oversight and Accountability BackToNormal Canada

So parliament is to “ dangerous “ to reconvene, however virtue signalling in crowd of protesters is “ safe “. Got it....... Be dam if you do and dam if you don’t 😊 I hope this was for the people in our nursing homes ! Bastard DemocratGrandma I think its too much to ask for to have PM Trudeau as our VP, but as long as we can have him as an ally once DotardDonnie is out of the White House, I’ll be okay

He's always on his knees for someone 🤷‍♂️😆 Good for him, it takes balls to go out there like that when things could have gone very wrong. Judge him all you want but id personally be shitting my pants lol. A leader with respect and dignity! I wish our leader had the respect to actually speak to the protestors instead of cowering behind walls and military police!! TrumpMeltdown TrumpDeathtoll110K Kayleighlies TrumpGate drainthecesspool MostUnmanlyDonald LiarInChief

Mr. Blackface is at it again. This is rediculous he’s protesting himself? Nah it’s time to DO something about this JustinTrudeau not front in a photo opp. Defund the police. Invest in social housing & mental health including trauma informed crisis intervention and harm redux & OPS services it’s not difficult

Take a knee PM Castro! ScottMorrisonMP GladysB DanielAndrewsMP We compare ourselves with Canada in terms of economy and culture, but why not in terms of human rights and civil democracy auspol blacklivesmatteraustralia blackLivesMatter NSWSupCt Your excuse is clumsy. healthgovau AlboMP And no gassing of or shooting rubber bullets at protesters to make way for him. WOW WHAT A CONCEPT!

theDALTONcastle No! Don't let him get good PR from this. It's not about him! All the bullshit happening in Canada and he's taking a knee? FAKE POSER! How about all the native women disappearing/murdered/raped? How about all the other cases of brutality? Screw him. Don't be fooled by this PR. theDALTONcastle Go Trudeau!!

Blackfacetrudeau POSER! U left out for a photo opp He's demonstrating the technique he's using on our kids necks. They will be paying for his mismanagement. NoKneeling This is the image bowing down in subservience, it costs respect and is of fleeting benefit. This is not two equals meeting with a handshake -- this is not equal. What'll he do next week when they're still just as unhappy?

The anti-racist Jihad continues. I see this as more of dig at Trump's 'NO KNEELING' tweet. Bots and rednecks love to call out Trudeau's hypocrisy. It's not that I'm a staunch Trudeau defender, but I do think people can learn from mistakes. Ignorance is not the same as raw hatred even though hatred is ignorance.

Meanwhile in the US, Trump is tweeting out his latest orders -- no kneeling -- and MAGA are applauding him. 🙄 DictatorTrump They didn't have a problem with it up until the riots started. They didn't deliver on clean water, they did a terrible job on the Missing girls report and delayed it. This is campaigning and nothing more.

cringe This just pisses everyone off except centrists. He's not respecting social distancing which will engage Conservatives and his presence took the focus away from the protest for over half an hour. The CTV cameras were all on him instead of on the Black people speaking. This is a leader. You will never see trump come off his thrown to join a movement. Haters going to hate. But the man has compassion.

Well, he is an actual racist. So he is that one that probably should do it. Complicity is a bitch, Trudeau and the Canadian Media Exposing the enemies of the people, priceless. Exposing those who support terrorist groups, priceless. Exposing those who collaborate with murders, priceless. Fighting Back, Is a Duty. realDonaldTrump WWG1WGA

Leaders don't hide. TrudeauBlackface SassyChick1979 this should make your day a bit better. That's ridiculous. Hypocrisy at its highest level He didn’t take a knee for the cause. He took it for the camera. this after Al sharpton ripped him a new one Hes fake Good old drama teacher and publicity stunts. Everyone is so quick to forget blackfacetrudeau the real Trudeau.

He has time for a solidarity photo up but cant give up the summer vacation, so that parliament can continue during the crisis... He has time for a solidarity photo up but cant give up the summer vacation, so that parliament can continue during the crisis... goof!!! TrudeauBlackface TrudeauBlackface TrudeauBlackface TrudeauBlackface

He’s a vote chaser Not a lot of leaders can do that, that’s my mf PM ✊🏾❤️🔥🔥🔥 Have not seen or heard much from AndrewScheer or the CPC Party leadership hopefuls as of late........ I refuse to take a knee ❤️🇨🇦 Trump would only do this if Putin were before him. what a complete and utter nutjob!! Poor Canada!!☠🇨🇦

Here come the salty Cons I have never been more ashamed of being Canadian than I am after watching our POS PM do this. I am at a loss for words. I don’t kneel for anyone or anything... we are all ONE RACE!!! Human race colour, religion, sex, language doesn’t matter... love is what matters Thanks JT from an Albertan who is ashamed of my provincial leader.

This group gathering is not helping the Pandemic. SugarmanSharna Justin Trudeau isn’t perfect, but his humanity and compassion are real. I’m proud of him. Of course beta pandering Trudeau took a knee. Sad and pathetic. Showing again what a weak leader he is. Stand-up and be the change instead of looking for photo-ops.

As a PM, he absolutely sucks. As for posturing, there's no one better. Apologizes for being white...dufus This boy’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. blacklivesmatter Hypocritical arse. I am so sick of this clown's theatrics... As usual his hypocrisy and lying comes through. It isn't safe to attend in person parliament until at least fall but it's okay to join a mob in protesting, what a complete fool and dink

What a hypocrite. Pure campaign photo-op. 🙄 I just love the fact that SocialDistancing is irrelevant in the name of PROTESTING I guess Protesting is the cure for COVID19 Who knew? This has gone beyond a protest into a StruggleSession Engaging in ritualistic practices Dogma An enforced morality This is a cult

I have never done a racist act with a mask in my life, so I don’t have to kneel. Love Trudeau! Oh for gods sake..but at least he didn’t wear the whole Blackface costume. Such a hero. He is on both knees on many occasions. Ask Butts. He’s always getting on his knees for someone. The only time AndrewScheer ever took a knee was to kiss stephenharper’s ass.

Made sure there was a good clear view too didn’t they Ppl talking smack about a blackface photo are grasping at straws, we were all young and made stupid decisions, he owned it and dealt with it. Canadians should be proud of the fact our leader stands with them in times as such instead of adding friction. Negative ppl not needed

JustinTrudeau you forgot to paint your face and kneel on a banana

Flying in solidarity: N.S. pilot draws fist in the sky to support anti-racism protestsA Dartmouth, N.S. pilot known for his elaborate flight path drawings took to the sky Thursday to draw a fist in a show of solidarity for the anti-racism movement. Isn't this excess flying contributing to climate change? Well that did it. We solved racism. Everyone go home.

21 residents armed with guns stand at sidelines of peaceful protestProtesters in a rural Indiana city who took to the streets to condemn racism and police killings of black people encountered bystanders who were holding rifles during the demonstration. There is a reason it was peaceful Ya. That's why it stayed peaceful. More MAGAt’s or white supremacists empowered by a mad man and chief racist, tRump! What have we become? Very sad.

Trudeau joins anti-racism march in OttawaThousands are marching through Ottawa on Friday afternoon in solidarity against police brutality following numerous instances of violence in the United States. Awesome! At least he didn’t pose with an upside down Bible. Wow. He finally left the cottage.

‘Your Pain Is My Pain’: Anti-racism protesters take to streets around the worldAs authorities in many parts warned of the risk of COVID-19 infections from large gatherings, many protesters wore anti-coronavirus masks, some in black or with a clenched fist image Sheep being told how to think and act . Sad generation coming gIad Iam not going to have to rely on them for my retirement . Country will be gone in less that a decade with this generations thinking ! The budget will balance itself. Can’t believe you feelforit Yeap you are my pain too... Is the lockdown over? I don't see much 'social distancing'

Ontario reports 344 new cases of COVID-19CP24 NOW - Live and interactive, watch Toronto's Breaking News for the GTA, with CP24 Breakfast, Sports, Video, Traffic Times and Weather and more. CP, Look, You have BLM and also can't breath new group yes? We at the other end of the crossroads soon will be voicing and making our own group called, ' make firearms legal in Canada ' Other groups seem to be selling their agenda's yes now the time have come to make our Anti-racism just means anti-white now. Some Canadians: We don't have racism here Also some other Canadians: racism is so low here The same Canadians above: fill the comment section of this tweet and others with racist statements.

Anti-racism protests are important but so is guarding against COVID-19, Chrystia Freeland saysFreeland’s spoke amid calls from opposition politicians and activists for the Liberal government to move from words to actions when addressing racism in Canada I was just at a march this evening in Kitchener. A few thousand people attended. It was peaceful. We tried our best to keep our distance, masks were mandatory, no exceptions! We were outdoors. The risk was minimal. so according to Freeland people cannot walk and chew gum at the same time Enough with the nanny state, let's get on with business already, both of these issues don't put food on the table and are unbelievably annoying