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Trudeau says he is concerned by China’s Hong Kong security law

Trudeau says he is concerned by China’s Hong Kong security law @GlobePolitics

2020-05-22 7:27:00 PM

Trudeau says he is concerned by China’s Hong Kong security law GlobePolitics

New national-security bill comes after year of protests that rocked former colony

This translation has been automatically generated and has not been verified for accuracy.Full DisclaimerPrime Minister Justin Trudeau says he is alarmed by China’s move to impose a new national-security law on Hong Kong that could curb pro-democracy protests and dramatically reduce the territory’s autonomy from Beijing.

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“We are concerned about the situation in Hong Kong. We have 300,000 Canadians who live in Hong Kong,” Mr. Trudeau told his daily news conference Friday. “That is one of the reasons why we want to ensure that one-country, two-systems approach continues for Hong Kong.”

Mr. Trudeau reiterated Canada’s call for Beijing to de-escalate tensions and “open genuine dialogue between Hong Kong citizens and Beijing.”Story continues below advertisementMr. Trudeau said Canada was monitoring the situation, a sentiment also expressed by Britain.

“We expect China to respect Hong Kong’s rights and freedoms and high degree of autonomy,” Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office said in a statement.U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed his concerns on Twitter.“The United States condemns the PRC proposal to impose national security legislation on Hong Kong and strongly urges Beijing to reconsider,” he posted on Twitter. “We stand with the people of Hong Kong."

Hong Kong, a former British colony, was handed to China in 1997 and has been governed by a system that guaranteed freedoms, such as freedom of speech and free elections, that are not allowed on mainland China.But China’s National People’s Congress, meeting in annual session to rubber stamp major policy passed by the ruling Communist Party, announced on Thursday it planned to adopt a law to “safeguard national security” by “establishing and improving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms” for Hong Kong.

The proposed legislation would permit Beijing to sidestep Hong Kong’s own legislative body to limit protests or other activities that Beijing’s authoritarian rulers consider subversive.Story continues below advertisementPro-democracy activists have called for mass protests against the new national-security law. Critics say Beijing is using the COVID-19 pandemic to push through the law and put an end to mass protests against China’s attempt to impose its rule on Hong Kong.

Mass protests on the island last year were sparked by a bill that would have allowed extraditions to mainland China.Meanwhile, Mr. Trudeau declined to mention China when asked what Ottawa was doing to protect intellectual property related to COVID-19 research from theft by hostile foreign states.

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The Globe and Mail reported Friday that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and U.S. law enforcement authorities are warning academics and corporations in both countries that they are at increased risk of having their data and technology stolen, especially research on vaccines and other treatments for the coronavirus. Canada has announced $1.2-billion for COVID-19 research.

CSIS and the Federal Bureau of Investigations both released bulletins on May 13 about the growing threat, but – unlike CSIS – the FBI named China as behind the efforts to steal intellectual property and other COVID-19 data.Mr. Trudeau was asked if he had any information on what breaches may have already taken place and whether was he willing to seek to build an international coalition to confront China over its espionage activities.

Story continues below advertisementThe Prime Minister would only say that Ottawa has “long been concerned about intellectual property protection” and funding has been increased for the Communications Security Establishment, the key agency responsible for combating cyber attacks from foreign intelligence agencies.

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Trudeau says Canada concerned about China’s proposed new law for Hong Kong Trudeau said Canada has long called for deescalation of tensions between Beijing and the semi-autonomous territory. Sharia law is here in Ontario... We are now controlled by muslims in Ontario. Hide your wives and children with hold your tax dollars... Now we are? Can I ask why we weren’t back when they were rioting and the Chinese was rolling militarized police into the country? Alot of Canadians are concerned for Canada. Step down traitor.

Hong Kong activists call for protest march as China pushes new security lawsLegislation could be historical turning point for Hong Kong , heighten tensions between Beijing and Washington China People are hurting,Can they have choices for Once,Xi,Putin, Erdogan and Trump Along with Republicans are thinking about Self,China has over a Billion People, They can make a stand,Same as America,It's more of us than Trump,Get out and Vote him out of Office

Hong Kong opposition slams China national security law move Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers sharply criticized China's move to take over long-stalled efforts to enact national security legislation in the semi-autonomous territory, saying it goes against the 'one country, two systems' framework in which Beijing promised the city freedoms not found on the mainland. Remember Tiananmen Square

COMMENTARY: China shows off military strength as Beijing eyes new rules for Hong KongChina's National People’s Congress will soon rubber stamp Draconian new security legislation designed to strip Hong Kong of its last democratic vestiges, Matthew Fisher says. viriyabot An invasion is imminent. God Bless America

China vows to remove Hong Kong’s ‘cancer’ of pro-independence thought with new security legislationBeijing’s assertion of its law on Hong Kong is almost certain to change the complexion of the Asian financial centre, The Globe’s Nathan VanderKlippe writes China is the new Nazi Germany, that's why the Liberals love them. Surprise!! Here it comes people, China drawing the line in the sand. To think people in HK were worried about extradition......

China to propose national security laws for Hong Kong in response to last year’s protests, sources sayThe legislation, which could be introduced as a motion to China’s parliament, could be a turning point for its freest and most international city, potentially triggering a revision of its special status in Washington and likely to spark more unrest china using Covid_19 as an excuse to suppress dissent to their criminal rule China_is_terrorist ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied ChinaMustPay HK is no longer free from China's interference.