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Conservatives proposing motion to declare Parliament an essential service, Scheer says

Conservatives proposing motion to declare Parliament an essential service, Scheer says @GlobePolitics

2020-05-22 7:19:00 PM

Conservatives proposing motion to declare Parliament an essential service, Scheer says GlobePolitics

The Opposition Leader says he wants Parliament declared an essential service so a reduced number of MPs can resume their House of Commons duties

BLAIR GABLE/ReutersOpposition Leader Andrew Scheer wants Parliament declared an essential service so a reduced number of MPs can resume their House of Commons duties amid the COVID-19 crisis.Scheer says his Conservatives are proposing a motion to do that because he says daily briefings by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from his home are not good enough to hold the government accountable.

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He says MPs need to be able to ask questions on behalf of their constituents across the country.Story continues below advertisementScheer says today that up to 50 MPs should be allowed in the House for “normal” sittings, starting Monday, and that 18 of them should be Conservatives, proportionate to his party’s standings in the full 338-member chamber.

Currently, the Commons has turned into a special COVID-19 committee, meeting three times a week, twice virtually and once in person.Trudeau says he wants to see a functioning Parliament, and is open to a “hybrid” model where some MPs could participate via videoconferencing.

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globepolitics Political showboating is not an essential service but the work of Government is. I can agree to this motion as long as MPs behave, are constructive and ….sorry, should stop dreaming now!! globepolitics Oh it’s just Scheer needing a break from his herd of children. Cut some slack guys 🙄

globepolitics Where does an MP's duty lie? His constituents, his party, the country? Do we have or can we develop the technology so virtual sittings of HoC, committees, etc be possible? If so, MP's could stay in their riding, do the work they are supposed to do. Work for their constituents globepolitics It is so embarrassing to watch the CPC_HQ flailing around with their ridiculous attacks. Not a policy in sight. This must be a low point for the Party.

globepolitics Wonder how essential it is when some of his party members literally chose to live in Oklahoma. I mean you'd think if it was so essential, they'd stay in the riding they represent, at very least no? CPC_HQ globepolitics AndrewScheer trying to be essential but he is not. globepolitics AndrewScheer is not essential

globepolitics CPC_HQ You lame duck needs a top up to his kids private school funding globepolitics The government and the company I work for decided my colleagues and I provide essential services and we've worked from home for over a decade. There's no reason WFH cannot be as effective, and at times even more so, than working in an office.

globepolitics Essential doesn’t necessarily mean that parliament can’t use alternative methods of communications. Look around, many essential works are doing their essential work remotely. Maybe AndrewScheer and CPC_HQ require a greater tv audience to prove their worth? globepolitics If there’s one thing we know about Andrew Scheer, it’s that he is the poster boy for non-essential service.

globepolitics Ridiculous beyond words. They prorogued parliament altogether a number of times. They are now pretending it cant be done virtually. We're not buying it. globepolitics If our 5 year olds can figure out Zoom, I truly hope one of them shows Mr Scheer how it works! globepolitics Parliament essential AndrewScheer irrelevant.

globepolitics Stay home Sheer. Goodbye globepolitics Has entered the realm of the annoyingly pitiful. globepolitics Then someone AndrewScheer better tell Rempel her booty call detail is over. She is Cdn.. she should have been back here weeks ago. globepolitics go back to US globepolitics Conservatives put forward a motion saying, guys, we’re really important and stuff, so everybody has to listen to us, okay? Okay? Hey, where’s everybody going? cdnpoli

globepolitics Why? yankeedoodleAndy hasn’t bothered to show up to many of the virtual sittings... how “essential” must parliament be in his mind? globepolitics Government is essential, democracy is essential reopenparliament TrudeauDictatorship globepolitics Hypocrite Party of Canada. (Borrowed from another Twitterer)

globepolitics ah but we have not forgotten all the prorogue moves by cons. what a duplicitous creep. globepolitics Trudeau should just prorogue Parliament. The Conservatives will be cool with that, right? globepolitics globepolitics The party that prorogued parliament under an authoritarian leader, and continues to pay trollbots to trend hashtags, is now saying parliament is essential? LMAO. The con never stops. Me thinks thou dost proveth thine hypocrisy, ad infinitum.

globepolitics Scheer Why are you still here? No one cares what you say Go away globepolitics If it involves Lil Andy Scheer, one thing it's not is essential. ScheerNonsense SaturdayMorning globepolitics Will ScheerAmerican request that Oklahoma Rempel return to Parliament? cdnpoli globepolitics Given Scheer’s abhorrent attendance record perhaps the first thing he needs to do to go when the house is sitting.

globepolitics Who gets to decide what is essential to someones life, unless ur keeping everything open i dont wanna hear it globepolitics So he acknowledges that Trudeau is essential? Good to know. globepolitics when will this goofball scheer be gone yet? why are we still seeing and hearing him? im actually surprised he still shows his face and expects anyone to take him seriously.

globepolitics Why is he even speaking? .AndrewScheer please sit down and shut up. globepolitics No motions to help canadians or deal with any issues facing canada Just one for their own partisan purposes globepolitics Geez I didn’t know it was April Fools day again! Essential workers do their job....UCP waste time & money when they are “actually at their job” Another Bill10 move to investigate. They are adding up daily. Who should be more worried? The UCP or Alberta?

globepolitics If Parliament is an essential service, why was MichelleRempel directed by CPC_HQ CandaceBergenMP she wasn’t needed and would be fine to leave her job and squat in Oklahoma for the next few months because her new step daughter wanted to go to a party? globepolitics That's idiotic but entirely consistent with their usual messaging

globepolitics And remember to remove Trudeau’s dictatorship powers globepolitics He and Premier Vegetable Qc may well go kissing stupid.  globepolitics When he was speaker of the house he had no problem proroguing parliament for Steven Harper. Now it's an essential service? Wow, times have changed!

globepolitics globepolitics Nah, not essential. We can prorogue at any time for any length of time and no one even notices. globepolitics No shit globepolitics These bloody jackasses. globepolitics Jesus... there is NOTHING essential about AndrewScheer & PierrePoilievre They literally do nothing but grandstand.

globepolitics How about police fire and ambulance dispatchers TrueNorthRachel globepolitics Once approved, they’ll ask for covid danger pay. globepolitics Why won’t he go self isolate for 14.......years! globepolitics How is this even a question? They represent us, therefore we need them in these trying times. Given that the Liberals are a minority, they need to discuss with the opposition. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought they were doing sessions on Zoom anyways?

globepolitics Absolutely members should resume Parliament. It is essential! If they do not want to attend they should resign!AND The PM should lead & set an example. He needs to stop hiding in his hole in the ground & do his job or resign! Canada is a democracy not a dictatorship. globepolitics Fortunately, this Harperite Party clown won't be leader for much longer.

globepolitics If Parliament is an essential service that's great. It means Trudeau can still stay in the cottage. He isn't needed. globepolitics My mom got her heart surgery appointment via zoom yesterday. That’s an essential service. Parliament need to lead by example and keep virtual parliament. scheer disconnected to think otherwise.

globepolitics Andy needs to quarantine his opinions globepolitics Once again AndrewScheer and CPC_HQ are on the wrong side of an issue... 🙄 CDNPoli CPC CPCNonsense ScheerNonsense ScheerStupidity Covid19Canada CoronaVirusCanada globepolitics CPC_HQ AndrewScheer are trying to pull the wool over Cdns eyes. Between in person sittings (with smaller of MP's) and virtual sittings with all MP's, the Cdn government is operating. Only reason Scheer wants all to sit again is so he can get his pathetic sound bites.

globepolitics Is it though? globepolitics Maybe parliament is an essential service but Andy Scheer sure as hell ain't. globepolitics In the midst of a pandemic, Mr. Scheer becomes totally irrelevant. globepolitics Will Trudope see his Shadow and hide again. ? You have a opposition to face not a audience

globepolitics An essential service that recesses in winter and summer. Mr Scheer is trying desperately to be relevant. globepolitics As an 'essential' worker myself, I am not allowed to strike, pay my own insurance, no pension support from my employer and the list goes on. Wonder if AndrewSheer would change his mind if he knew exaclty what real essential workers deal with in life. What a twatwaffle

globepolitics Well duh! globepolitics TrudeauMustGo globepolitics Absolutely dysfunctional this is democracy not an essential service like public washroom!! globepolitics Essentially Scheer is showcasing one of the personality traits of a typical conservative: selfishness. He is putting his self interest ahead of everyone's well being. If cons think they are essential, they should share a work shift with a true essential worker on the front lines.

globepolitics Why this even has to be declared an essential service is so bizarre, Canadian politics has turned into a total shit show globepolitics He needs the sitting fees to complement his income during this pandemic! 😃 globepolitics The govt HAS been working and Parliament IS in session. This is just a CPC stunt.

globepolitics Yes. Yes. Yes. If JustinTrudeau is willing to have nurses and PSWs show up to work, at considerable risk to themselves, our national politicians should be expected to show up to work too. globepolitics Excellent move. Vote for it they get back to Parliament full time, with no breaks and If they vote it down the govt should be shut down and permanently closed. WIN-WIN

globepolitics Awesome👍👍👍👍👍👍 globepolitics AndrewScheer what are crying about again ... OMG u are such a child globepolitics Haha how was it not already? Ohhh because they uselesssssssss globepolitics DU N’IMPORTE QUOI 🙄 globepolitics Good grief, they're thick. Parliamentary proceedings are essential. The building? Not so much. Neither is a service.

globepolitics Interesting. AndrewScheer is not in Ottawa at the moment and did not attend this week. He has a MP living and working illegally in the USA. I am not sure what his point is? globepolitics Parliament is one of democracies essential services. The fact that it is not already declared as such is embarrassing. Trudeau is going to be cranky about having to work. So busy with his own agenda and Canadians are just bothering him. TrudeauGate

globepolitics It is pretty hard to deem Parliament an essential service when the inept liberal_party is being overshadowed by the Provincial governments. globepolitics Don’t need it to essential if all AndrewScheer does is blow crap out of his mouth and nags all day long. He has not had an original thought in 20 years

globepolitics Such a meaningful gesture. Such galvanizing leadership. Breathtaking!! globepolitics Dear lord, does he have an off-switch globepolitics Mr. Scherr stand tall, mean what you say and say what you mean , you could have been our Trump globepolitics Can Michelle get across the border? globepolitics You’re only essential to yourselves, you have very little interest in what’s in our, the average Canadians interest. PeterMacKay PierrePoilievre JustinTrudeau BillBlair BillMorneau2 TravelGoC politicalbs partisancrap

globepolitics You think it would he obvious, but JustinTrudeau globepolitics I’m all for Parliament getting back to live sessions in Ottawa but guys like Scheer and Poilievre are adamant only because they think their antics, which might result in a beating in many other legislative bodies, are less impactful when not face to face. cdnpoli

globepolitics There will be no Parliament until after the election Justin is going to call. Campaign with tax dollars by sending everyone money & avoid all questions until he has his majority back. globepolitics I'm with the Conservatives. I want a functioning parliament. Get back to work. globepolitics Where's Michelle Rempel?

globepolitics Right on. globepolitics AndrewScheer can't even be bothered to attend the virtual sessions of parliament! What a joke. canpoli globepolitics He means...” in person so I can get more photo ops!” Has he not been attending the video parliamentary sessions like the rest of our reps? He has a hard time grandstanding on video feed! Scheer stfu.

globepolitics It's not one 🙄🙄 globepolitics If it’s that essential why is the guy saying that still not filing his back US taxes? globepolitics Agreed. If it's not essential let's get rid of it. Get those 5 hereditary chiefs to run the country or something. globepolitics they truly dont understand our system

globepolitics Fuck it's about time globepolitics in the Westminster system, parliament can sit without a government & we can have government without parliament. Muddying the waters to make Canadians think it's not working. It's also the 21st c...virtual is the future. TheMoreYouKnow cdnpoli globepolitics Tories never release a climate change plan. Tories have no cvd19 policy. Scheer never renounced his US citizenship. There’s a pattern of unfinished and poorly understood work from this Tory leader!

globepolitics Lol I'd love to hear the flawed logic behind THIS. globepolitics I am at work paying taxes on every hour i work. I think government should be at work globepolitics Seriously? An inability to read social cues, failure to learn from situation to situation, and refusal to shift focus and prioritize usually results in some diagnosis. What the hell is wrong with this guy?!!!!

globepolitics How is it not already!? globepolitics Absolutely. globepolitics Great. Let's tell Michelle Rempel to come back to Ottawa, she can self isolate for 14 days, work Monday-Friday, stand up and take her turn grandstanding in the House, then go back to the US. Makes perfect sense. Or we can have a virtual parliament, let all 338 members participate

globepolitics Will that increase his pay since he'd be an 'essential service'? globepolitics Quotes from a conservative medium. Politicians are essential if they do what the majority of Canadians want. When has that happened? Never Maybe they can become essential by proving it. bantaxhavens universalhealthcare

globepolitics People need to put their political beliefs aside; Liberal vs. Conservative, here and think about what’s best for Canadians. Holding any minority gov accountable as they campaign with our tax dollars and piss away our future is absolutely essential. globepolitics If you open the parliament you must open also the tribunals. Its natural pattern. AndrewScheer cdnpoli canpoli

globepolitics STFD!!!! globepolitics Sadly it’s a become a normal liberal ideology...they’re essential nothing else matters. Belgium1649 globepolitics This should have been done LONG ago. globepolitics How can it not be so in a democracy? MariekeWalsh globepolitics Love it. globepolitics as essential as renouncing U.S. citizenship.

globepolitics Is Parliament essential enough it shouldn't be prorogued? globepolitics Andrew Scheer has proven that he absolutely is not essential. globepolitics Holy grandstanding batman globepolitics Sad when we have had to come to this. globepolitics Damn right it’s an essential service globepolitics Imagine those dastardly CPC_HQ wanting Democracy. How 17th century. 😏 cdnmedia cdnpoli

globepolitics political party democracy needs to be abolished! globepolitics Love it. Shouldn’t have to come to this, but... globepolitics What is wrong with this guy? Is this the only way he thinks he can be relevant? Wasn’t he leaving? globepolitics Good idea.. if Parliament is not an essential service, then slash their wages. They are making too much.

globepolitics What a Bunch of Radicals PeterPanPM 🤡🤪🥔🧦🤡🤪🥔🧦 MagicKIngdom globepolitics Andrew don’t care about people sunny_days62 globepolitics This is plain dumb. Parliament is not 'essential service' in fact I would argue we don't need them at all. I see nothing wrong with conducting Parliament via Net Meeting or similar. You embarrass conservatives with stupid stuff like this.

globepolitics Totally morally bankrupt. Terrible. globepolitics AndrewScheer just won't let up. He is a bully who keeps pushing until he forces his agenda on everyone. Go work for Trump Andrew. cdnpoli sunny_days62 globepolitics Great work AndrewScheer ! We need you guys back to work Trudeau is getting off with murder!

Newfoun02362209 globepolitics globepolitics The undeniable trend with the Trudeau regime is that they must face public pressure and shame before they'll do the right thing. MariekeWalsh globepolitics Smart of AndrewScheer to go this route. Let's see who votes down Parliament as an essential service & how they explain it

globepolitics Good. globepolitics This guy needs to shut his pie hole. 🙄🙄🙄 globepolitics Funny Tories didn't seem to think Parliament was essential when they prorogued it in 2008. globepolitics Regardless of your opinion of sheer personally he's dead right. Without parliament we are no longer a democracy. I for one do not want to see lock downs and any other mandatory stripping of our freedoms whenever Trudeau decides hes keeping us safe.

globepolitics globepolitics Parliament is essential and it IS working. Sheer is not essential and should move to the USA where he belongs! globepolitics Why instead of wasting time in this stupidity, why doesn't make an effort to pay back what he stole and finish the paperwork he left unfinished? globepolitics The cons sure didn't consider Parliament essential when they porogued Parliament multiple times under Harper...

globepolitics Cue the know-nothings. globepolitics My hunch here is that the opposition is mostly concerned about its visibility as a party. However, this could be fixed by being a better opposition party. Challenge the govt on real problems, with valid and reliable evidence. globepolitics Cue the sanctimonious liberal whining.

globepolitics Oh my god, a good suggestion globepolitics Scheer...always on the wrong side of the issue. globepolitics Question Period does not equal Parliament. This is all Scheer cares about - he needs to be able to update his sound bite soundboard. globepolitics Prorogue party member globepolitics Justin's admiration of basic dictatorships like in China means he does not consider parliament or democracy an essential service.

globepolitics How dare they practice democracy! globepolitics If there was ever anything that’s not essential it’s elected officials! SMDH! globepolitics is it Sheer the American ,or Sheer the fake canadian ,milking taxpayers ,then return to the USA globepolitics If parliament is not essential then they can all take pay cuts or be furloughed.

globepolitics Of course parliament an essential service. What is happening to Canada? The very fact that now it is necessary to “propose a motion” to declare this is frightening. globepolitics I am very disappointed in the leadership of the PC party during this pandemic. I do not support the return of parliament at this particular time. It is too early to consider this move.

MariekeWalsh globepolitics If you have to declare yourself 'an essential service' than you aren't. globepolitics Little Potato wants an audience, not accountability. globepolitics The fact that it isn't already is a problem. globepolitics Mr Irrelevant is at it again! globepolitics i wonder if liberals aks NDP and Bloc will consider themselves as non essential

MariekeWalsh globepolitics Scheer should be attacking the other parties who enable the Liberals to do this. globepolitics globepolitics AndrewScheer is pouting & whining like a poor little American baby who hasn't been nursed by his mommy! Nobody cares what this liar, racist and CanRevAgency Fraudster thinks or does!

globepolitics The fact it’s not should be a problem already globepolitics Delete your account. globepolitics Many Canadians agree Having an effective sitting parliament where all opposition parties can hold the sitting government to account is a fundamental portion of our system of government. globepolitics Any politician who votes against this should immediately resign, and surrender their pension, as clearly they don't understand the democracy they claim to represent Any citizen opposed to this is a partisan sycophant who should renounce their citizenship and move to China

globepolitics Country is a shit show now and they are shut down globepolitics Scheer is talking again. globepolitics As it should be. globepolitics THIS IS SICKNING... The Union says “their is no requirement for Teachers to work online with students. Ford should fire them. Stupidity and greed. If the union is promoting ' do nothing' then they should 'receive nothing.' TAXPAYERS REVOLT NOW..

globepolitics Yawn......does anyone else think this when Scheer says anything? Like who actually cares what he thinks? cdnpoli globepolitics

Court gives Conservative leadership candidate crack at entering raceAn Ontario court says Jim Karahalios could once again be a candidate in the Conservative leadership race if he can meet certain criteria laid out by the party earlier this year. Yeah, because it just wasn't enough of a mess.

Ontario cancels plan to build new courthouse in Halton RegionThe Progressive Conservative government had planned to build one central courthouse for both Milton and Burlington, Ont., but now says it will upgrade the existing facilities globetoronto Dang, that is one tired courthouse! globetoronto Wonder if they will make any changes to the new University Ave 'super court' in Toronto? Or, will they upgrade & keep the youth & family law court at 311 Jarvis now to keep them safer? Combining adult / youth / family courts into one was never a good idea. onpoli onlaw

Twenty-eight soldiers test positive for COVID-19 after working in care homesThe Armed Forces now says it will publish a daily update, suggesting it expects more cases as service members continue to work in long-term care homes How many tested before is the real question? Or did they even bother More like more seniors have covid after solders went in for no real reason. Hey lets get more volunteers to go in to places they never go, were ppl are vulnerable to outside anything. Oh to late..... At this point its clear they are trying to kill elderly ppl. Pretending to help It shows how widespread the virus is, that all these homes developed cases all over Canada. Your life expectancy is only 30 months in a care home, you're there because we are too squeamish to let people choose medical aid in dying and go with dignity.

Twenty-eight Canadian soldiers test positive for COVID-19 after helping in seniors homesThe Armed Forces now says it will publish a daily update, suggesting it expects more cases as service members continue to work in long-term care homes You know what would be GREAT?! If they would freakin test us for ANTIBODIES!!!! You can get an antibody test in the US for an extra $10 with you pay $100 for a COVID test. Why is wrong with us over here Canada ? 27 didn't even know it. Get masks and everyone get back to work. Without full protection, please don’t send soldiers.

Trudeau says Canada concerned about China’s proposed new law for Hong KongTrudeau said Canada has long called for deescalation of tensions between Beijing and the semi-autonomous territory. Sharia law is here in Ontario... We are now controlled by muslims in Ontario. Hide your wives and children with hold your tax dollars... Now we are? Can I ask why we weren’t back when they were rioting and the Chinese was rolling militarized police into the country? Alot of Canadians are concerned for Canada. Step down traitor.

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