Trudeau in talks with cabinet ministers as nation-wide pipeline protests continue


Trudeau in talks with cabinet ministers as nation-wide pipeline protests continue



Trudeau in talks with cabinet ministers as nation-wide pipeline protests continue

Indigenous Services minister Marc Miller said the economy is suffering due to the blockades, but the government’s response is a test of Canada’s ability to find peaceful resolutions to …

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in talks over the weekend with federal cabinet ministers as protesters opposed to a pipeline project in British Columbia continued to halt train service across parts of the country. Trudeau’s spokeswoman Chantal Gagnon said Sunday the prime minister had already spoken to Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, Transport Minister Marc Garneau, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and Carolyn Bennett, the minister for Crown-Indigenous Relations. Gagnon said Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller also briefed Trudeau about his hours-long meeting Saturday with representatives of the Mohawk First Nation near Belleville, Ont., where a rail blockade has shut down train service across much of Eastern Canada. Gagnon did not reveal what Miller told the prime minister, and said the government would provide updates as they become available. Miller said during an appearance on CTV’s “Question Period” political show on Sunday that he believes a peaceful resolution could be reached as he pointed to the Oka and Ipperwash crises as reasons why dialogue is preferable over police intervention. “Thirty years ago, police moved in in Kahnesatake and someone died,” he said. “And did we learn from that? Did we learn from Ipperwash?” A police officer died during a police raid in 1990 when Mohawks at the Kahnawake reserve south of Montreal blocked the Mercier Bridge, which became the Oka crisis. Five years later at Ipperwash, Ont., one man was killed during a standoff over a land claim by Chippewa protesters outside a provincial park. Miller said the economy is suffering as a result of the blockades, but the government’s response is a test of Canada’s ability to find peaceful resolutions to such disputes. “Do we believe in peace and dialogue with people that we don’t necessarily agree with?” he asked. “And the challenge I ask myself at the end of the day is do we use all means to ensure that there’s a peaceful resolution to this or do we just dig in like we’ve done for years and decades and come to the same conclusion? We keep repeating the same errors. So my advice to my colleagues is: Let’s ensure that we get to a peaceful solution. That involves dialogue.” The Trudeau government has been criticized for not doing more to end the blockades, which have been erected to protest the Coastal GasLink project in northern B.C., which is part of a $40-billion LNG Canada export project in Kitimat. Tyendinaga Chief Donald Maracle said he was not involved in Saturday’s talks and declined comment. Members of the First Nation at the blockade declined comment. A spokesman for Miller said he was not available for an interview on Sunday. After meeting with members of the Tyendinaga Mohawk First Nation on Saturday, Miller said “modest progress” was made, but he wouldn’t elaborate. “We talked openly, frankly, painfully at times, and sometimes with humour. There’s a lot more work to be done,” he said. Miller said the focus of the discussions was on the natural gas pipeline that crosses Wet’suwet’en territory in British Columbia and is opposed by their hereditary chiefs. But he said other issues arose as well, without going into detail on what else was raised. “The underlying issues did not arrive yesterday, they’ve been present in this community for hundreds of years.” Members of the Gitxsan First Nation temporarily took down a rail blockade near Hazelton, B.C., Thursday pending a proposed meeting with the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs, provincial and federal governments. On Sunday, the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett would be available as soon as arrangements for the meeting are made. B.C. Indigenous Relations Minister Scott Fraser has said he will represent the provincial government. But while the talks have been represented as a joint meeting with the Gitxsan and Wet’suwet’en chiefs to engage in dialogue on how the impasse over the pipeline development arose, a Wet’suwet’en hereditary clan chief says leaders of his First Nation will only participate as witnesses. Na’moks, who also goes by John Ridsdale, said the meeting was proposed by the neighbouring Gitxsan and the Wet’suwet’en chiefs planned to honour the invitation. “We have a willingness to move forward positively, we still have that in our hearts,” he said Sunday, while adding the Wet’suwet’en chiefs won’t budge on the pipeline. “Our answer isn’t going to change. The pipeline won’t happen on our territory.” Fraser said a meeting is scheduled for Monday in Victoria. Senior ministry staff said Monday’s meeting would only be between Bennett and Fraser, and they are drafting a letter to the hereditary chiefs reiterating their desire to meet. Meanwhile, the PMO announced that Trudeau would convene the Incident Response Group on Monday. The group was described upon its inception in 2018 as a “dedicated, emergency committee that will convene in the event of a national crisis or during incidents elsewhere that have major implications for Canada.” Blockades in support of the Wet’suwet’en across the country have cut both passenger and freight rail services, including GO Transit services between Toronto and Barrie that were affected on Saturday. CN obtained a court injunction to end the demonstration near Belleville on Feb. 7, but the Ontario Provincial Police have not enforced it. In Tyendinaga on Sunday, Karen Brant, who is non-Indigenous but lives on the reserve, said while the community is generally against the pipeline project, they’re split on whether the blockade is the right way to protest. “People believe in what they’re fighting for, they’re just wondering about the impact it’s making on the economy,” said Brant. “I think people are divided, but they believe in the cause and they want to fight for their cause.” However, she said the issue has brought people together, and throughout the weekend Indigenous and non-Indigenous people showed up at the blockade to bring blankets, toiletries and warm food. “It does pull the community together. It does show that kind of support that you might not have known you had before,” said Brant. “It’s just unfortunate that it had to go this way to make a point.” CN obtained fresh injunctions to stop three new blockades established on its rail network on Saturday — two in Vaughan, Ont., and one in Vancouver. An injunction in B.C. was enforced earlier this month by the RCMP to give Coastal GasLink access to a work site for the pipeline. More than two dozen protesters were arrested for refusing to obey it. Coastal GasLink has signed agreements with all 20 elected band councils along the pipeline route. However, Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs assert title to a vast 22,000-square-kilometre area and say band councils only have authority over reserve lands. Read more: National Post

He has to go. Enough of this media, hero worship of Justin Trudeau. These protests are verging in acts of terrorism... just ask those facing propane shortages. Journalists... don’t you think it’s time to get real Eco ethonomics Guessing the meeting willstart off with finger painting then a snack and everyone lay down on the floor for a nap 😴

Junior wants a negotiated settlement with the protesters, even after the courts have told them to get off the tracks and highways. The RCMP won't act because they are scared our wishy-washy weak government won't back them up if things get really heated. Anarchy is not far away. It's so easy to be a disruptive Trudeau Triggered neanderthal, as so any are in these comments. Modern complex problems are tough. Let the adults deal with it and STFU.

How dare Canadians interrupt this man's nineth vacation of the year! Ungrateful slobs, we are not worthy. Who? Lololololol I love this government... what a joke 😂😂😂 He created this by pandering to both sides. Now he's just pissed everyone off.

Trudeau wraps up foreign policy tour as pipeline protests rage on in CanadaPrime Minister Justin Trudeau has been on a week-long foreign policy campaign overseas as Coastal GasLink pipeline protests cause major disruptions in Canada... Trudeau not on foreign policy tour ! On A Trudeau see the world tour ! What foreign policy tour? He gave 377 million to countries that hate gays and shook the hand of the terrorist who killed 57 Canadians. Not foreign policy at all The 'Trudeau Aggrandizement Tour'

Wonder what they said in the meeting? Some of the ministers don’t even know what their job is. Just wait until the West starts to fight; it will be an all out war 😂😂🤣🤣 if it wasn’t so frigging pathetic it would be funny. Completely incredible and incompetent. Stop wasting your time talking with cabinet ministers. Just call 911 and tell them there are groups of people breaking the law, and that they should go deal with it. Problem solved.

I'm not sure if I should feel relieved or more concerned he's coming back! How nice - everyone is to appear for show & tell - class begin and Canadians eat it up like candy. /s Your headline should say “Trudeau can talk, who knew” Tensions were high at one point in the talks as Blair suggested Trudeau wear the red socks with the white dots. Morneau and Freeland, the more senior Ministers, had been pushing for the use of red socks with black stripes.

Trudeau skipping Caribbean trip amid rail blockades, protestsPrime Minister Justin Trudeau has cancelled a planned trip to Barbados as protests continue to choke rail travel across the country. not a fan, but this is not his issue. What a noble thing to do Awwww poor justin !

On a conference call with Corporate Canada plutocrats. Incompetent meets with Incompetence... He SHOULD be talking to the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs. Anybody anybody Bueller? No actually there counting votes that will determine their answer votes from Quebec vs Indigenous. Thats a no brainer nothing will come out of it

Oh, you’re finally doing your job? You finally realized you also have to take responsibility for Canada over your mythic quest for that UN seat that’s been your focus for the last 4 years transaction costs are high and beyond the threshold. beyond coase but not beyond lubrication. i mean, it's not even the owner of the property rights who has an issue, it's non-stakeholders who are pushing the transaction costs so that the problem cannot be solved.

Cause he has no clue what's going on or what to do I'm sure his beard will come up with something.

Western Canada: What kind of budget will the BC NDP deliver?Plus: Trudeau is defending his government’s handling of the anti-pipeline protests that have shut down rail lines and disrupted commercial use and passenger travel across the country The opposition Liberals, ineffective toadies as it should be. They proved to be incompetent when they were in office.

He totally initiated it to stop the pipeline projects. This is so comforting to know...this talented and experienced lot will save the day...🧐 I invite all Canadians and the media even JustinTrudeau to do the same as I did today Go see the situation first hand for yourself. My conclusion, Canada rail is not moving but it is business as usual on First Nation land. The only people being inconvenienced are Canadians

Total failure He cancelled a Caribbean vacation, he must be freakin serious... How this Liberal Govt let this happen in the first place is beyond logic? Thugs in Ottawa and on the Tracks and Canadian tax payers stick paying for both sets of moronic imbeciles. I’m pretty interested to see what he and his band of merry liberals will do here. I’m almost always disappointed in him but I’m hoping this time, he will do something positive and useful. If there is just a bunch of money given, or virtue signalling made, it’s all over for him.

Talks cheap .. he's a narcissistic man that lacks empathy and is incapable of leading this country. trickytrudeau mustgo

Indigenous Services Minister expects ‘frank discussions’ with pipeline protesters as rail blockade continuesMinister Marc Miller meets with Mohawk community near Belleville, Ont., as protest enters its 10th day Talk is cheap Time to move people who have openly admitted their intent is to block commerce off highways and railway tracks or charge them with economic terrorism Plenty of room to protest elsewhere Supposing I was to protest the “egregious acts of the CRA” instead of paying taxes, would someone from the federal government have a frank discussion with me? The first she should do is remove all the non-native, then remove non-wetsuweten, then those that do not live on the band property.

Minister reports ‘modest progress’ after blockade talks with First NationMarc Miller declined to tell reporters what that progress was, saying he would deliver that message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau directly The only people who should have any say on this issue are the majority of Hereditary Chiefs and First Nations on the pipeline route itself and who voted overwhelmingly in its favour Not the few Hereditary Chiefs who voted against it or the self serving activists exploiting them This means 0 progress was made. When did we allow the police to decide not to enforce the law or court injunctions? I thought they were legally obligated to do so. It also appears Trudeau simply no longer wants the job. I wish we would have made progress in the last election.

Who are the protesters? ‘There’s a lot of people that aren’t from these communities, that aren’t Aboriginal’Who are the protesters? 'There's a lot of people that aren't from these communities, that aren't Aboriginal' Airheads Paid by the Liberals, 'extras' ? 🤔 Wet’suwet’en, or not, is irrelevant, as long as they have the facts. Sounds like Wet’suwet’en leaders need to get their own house in order. The hered. chiefs have said it’s not valid b/c they didn’t approve. Whether they refused meetings seems he said, she said. Super complicated

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