Trudeau cancels trip to Caribbean after facing criticism over Liberals response to pipeline protests

Trudeau cancels trip to Caribbean after facing criticism over Liberals response to pipeline protests


Trudeau cancels trip to Caribbean after facing criticism over Liberals response to pipeline protests

Scheer as well as various industry groups have called on the federal government to intervene and end the blockades, which they say are causing major damage to the economy

Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne will represent Canada in Trudeau’s place, clearing the way for the prime minister to handle the protests.. Trudeau has preached the importance of dialogue in reaching a peaceful conclusion to the standoff.

Trudeau used similar summits in Ethiopia and Germany last week to make his pitch for a seat on the Security Council to a large cross-section of leaders from across Africa and Europe.Exactly what the cancellation means for Trudeau’s Security Council aspirations will remain to be seen.

Yet with successive federal governments shifting foreign aid toward the lowest-income countries over the past decade, most of the aid Canada was delivering to the Caribbean has dried up. And while free-trade talks with Caricom were launched in 2007, they have largely gone nowhere.

Canada last sat on the Security Council in 2000, with Stephen Harper’s Conservative government having lost a bid for a seat in 2010.

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Nice of him to break up his world hero tour to visit the country that is falling apart and who blindly voted this tool in. His old man must be rolling over in his grave laughing at leadership failures Everyone should protest with hereditary chiefs, once bc gov can sell gas to china Vancouver/Victoria will be forced to use Hydro for heat at a cost 300% more than it cost today in order to pay for Site C boondoggle, protest now stop pipeline imo

Someone get him a razor already for that beard! Response? Was there a response? Must have missed it. I’m sure his next trip is already prebooked Only because Quebec gave the finger wag to fix problems here first. That trumps the need to travel to purchase a security seat with the UN. How dumb to you really think Canadians are,..... National Post?

Really that's why he cancelled his trip? Because of criticism? If that was the case, no person would become a politician. What stupid reporting once again by the failing You change a narcissists plan’s you’re looking for trouble He wouldn't have come back, if he wasn't criticized for not doing his job? Nice Prime Minister, really cares about the people who voted him in. They deserve him!!! While the rest of us suffer. 🤔

Trudeau skipping Caribbean trip amid rail blockades, protestsPrime Minister Justin Trudeau has cancelled a planned trip to Barbados as protests continue to choke rail travel across the country. not a fan, but this is not his issue. What a noble thing to do Awwww poor justin !

To bad could have got a nice tan When he left for his tropical vacation in Dec. he never came back. None response, after none response. Then, it seemed to turn into a question of weather he felt it was worth his response. Or, Just some stupid scheme someone put him up to. What response Too little too late.

And he's still flopping around like a fish out if water. Better late than never. Aw, poor baby cancels a personal benefit trip to the Caribbean. Life’s tough. Don’t worry, he’ll make up for it. More vacation time coming at our expense. BICOGMedia Live-Canadian Economy in the Brink Watch for the response! Bring on the storm troopers. The Liberals are just Conservatives in Sheep’s Clothing.

PM Selfie and his world view gets in the way of acting as a leader at home? Likely he and his cabinet will spend lots of thought on deciding on the type of polispeak to use during this blockade mess rather than actually solving the problem.

Trudeau wraps up foreign policy tour as pipeline protests rage on in CanadaPrime Minister Justin Trudeau has been on a week-long foreign policy campaign overseas as Coastal GasLink pipeline protests cause major disruptions in Canada... Trudeau not on foreign policy tour ! On A Trudeau see the world tour ! What foreign policy tour? He gave 377 million to countries that hate gays and shook the hand of the terrorist who killed 57 Canadians. Not foreign policy at all The 'Trudeau Aggrandizement Tour'

Canada doesn’t need at kid in the UN seat; can you imagine how embarrassing this would be for Canada with TrudeauWorstPM TrudeauCorruption in this role. He's super duper really mad now because his vacation was cut short. CN/ CP, Via rail etc have a legitimate case to sue the Provincial and Fed govt for the weak response to these illegal protests, these terrorists have been emboldened by years of weak leadership that is hellbend on slamming our economy into a brick wall

acoyne Another 30 billion added to the deficit, right up Trudeau’s alley. Budgets balance themselves, people kind will happily pay. acoyne Watch out ladies he is going to miss beach time and is going to be pissed. Time for a few tantrums I suspect. He loves to scream at the ladies.Ask Ms. Chavannes. JWR and Ms. Philpott. Rough days ahead, stay out of his way.

It’s about time he stayed in Canada and dealt with issues that are important to Canadian citizens, taxpayers and the world trade, transportation across our country. Trudeau needs a good shake and grow up and deal with issues instead of turning his back on taxpayers on us! acoyne This is nothing compared to what’s going to happen if they cancel the Teck Frontier mine. Wait for it, Alberta is about to explode. Nothing in nothing out nothing going through Canada.A few aboriginals and white women have shown us that, and I mean a few. Trudeau hiding out😂.

He should've been back to office long before the protests started. He can run but cannot hide. “Ask not what your country can do for you… ask what you can do for your country.” - Not PMJT Rightly deserved criticism. He has shown zero leadership on this.

Western Canada: What kind of budget will the BC NDP deliver?Plus: Trudeau is defending his government’s handling of the anti-pipeline protests that have shut down rail lines and disrupted commercial use and passenger travel across the country The opposition Liberals, ineffective toadies as it should be. They proved to be incompetent when they were in office.

One of the hallmarks of this government is the extraordinary lack of decisive leadership. It seems to take them forever to acknowledged the existence of situations needing attention and even longer to respond. Like a spoiled teenager, he’ll just sit at home, sulk and and refuse to clean his room. He is a joke. We need a leader instead of a scared self serving little boy

🇨🇦,bend over! PM Douche Rocket is about to bribe,pay off,waste and BOW DOWN to the Professional Protestors,Foreign Funded Agitators and Indigenous malcontent Criminals.He will do anything to avoid upholding Rule of Law & enforc’g court injunctions.He will waste your $$$ to do it! “And we go live to Justin Trudeau for a reaction”

I feel bad having ruined JustinTrudeau’s 4th vacation of 2020. Sorry Justin...😔 he has the travel bug.. enjoys the hotter climates right now.. any excuse to fuel up his 2 large jets. stay home.. do your canadian job. Now act and get things done! Isn’t he and his team smarter than this? Apparently not

Letters to the editor: Feb. 15: ‘I believe this would replicate the original colonial error of domination through force and indifference.’ Readers debate pipeline protests and the rule of law, plus other letters to the editorFeb. 15: ‘I believe this would replicate the original colonial error of domination through force and indifference.’ Readers debate pipeline protests and the rule of law, plus other letters to the editor GlobeDebate GlobeDebate It’s getting to be time to Cowboy up. GlobeDebate Endless words. It’s the economy, jobs the revenue. At times it is necessary for a government to get tough. The Trudeau liberal gang just don’t have the will.

That ladies and gentlemen is called leadership. The personal sacrifice he makes is amazing. I heard he even worked a couple of hours over the weekend.

Little too late now, it’s already hit the fan while he’s been running about trying to get a seat on the flailing un council that odds are will be gone in 20 years anyway. Weak leadership it’s time to call an election. action_citizen NoUNSecuritySeatForCanada Wow! What a sacrifice acoyne The poor thing. Forced to Govern instead. How very tragic it must be for him.

acoyne He's doing the right thing! Its about time you come home and deal with this JustinTrudeau Response? Have they responded? He can’t stand up to a bunch social justice twits from Oregon who are shutting down our country. Unbelievable!

Trudeau criticized over meeting with Iran's foreign ministerCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing criticism over his meeting in Munich, Germany with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. The backlash comes ... I know that face

acoyne It’s not a response, it’s a lack of response. Who is this Trudeau guy? Captain Frequent Flyer has been told to stay home and be equally as useless. This is simply a public relations move to stop further reputation damage. Nothing of consequence will be done. Just be prepared for a bunch of word salads.

It’s about time he gets back to work...now the question is, is he working for ALL Canadians or only for those who will vote for him again. Have very very low expectations and I'm sure those will be met. Trudeau went skiing in Qc today (true). tonedeaf incompetent outoftouch motionofnoconfidence TrudeauMustResign

Get to work now sock boy ‘Bout time the asshole returned home to deal with real issues and not the useless BS security counsel seat.. The Trudeau has been on holiday since the October election.

Trudeau cancels Barbados trip as Ottawa seeks resolution to end rail blockadesIndigenous Services Minister Marc Miller is calling for more dialogue in dispute over Coastal GasLink pipeline, pointing to failed police interventions in Oka and Ipperwash in 1990s About freaking time I feel so sorry for him. They must have finally figured out how to spin it in their favour.

They must not have phone reception in the Caribbean. All is a joke Good!!! Get that scumbag Trudeau back home where everyday Canadians can blockade him in his residence allowing him to watch first hand the RCMP standing around and doing nothing. cdnpoli Can we not act like it isn’t 2020? You can work remotely now conservatives.

acoyne Bull shit... he'll sneak out the back door.. and call from the beach... this kid is way over his head... all he can say is 'where is Butts and Freeland?' If he really cares He needs help... ! For a problem he created... but truly he doesn't care... How about this for a headline: Trudeau Visits Canada

Too bad he cancelled his trip. We should have let him leave and then changed the locks. It’s not like he’s doing anything here anyway. TrudeauMustGo Gosh golly no Pirates of the Caribbean trip... well... a bit of piss-off when pipelines, protests, and the people get in the way of ass kissing and payoffs to get a seat in the corrupt UN.

Do you think Easterners will ever catch a clue about how destructive Trudeau and the Liberals have been for this country? Do they care? How much more will it take?

Trudeau have to much of soft spot for Indigenous. Like JRB he let it escalated to much . . Same things for the block-aid .But catch-22 there for people criticize the minsters for not doing there jobs. The should be more independent. But when Trudeau away . Cry he should be there Oh that’s why he’s coming back , because of criticism makes sense now

bcbluecon 10 days! Will this protest be solved by a large monetary payment to the chiefs and their followers? bcbluecon Who are we kidding? He heard a pride parade was happening. It’s about time he woke up! So the PM decided to let his vanity to second plan to finally work for Canada and Canadians! TrudeauMustResign

Wow! While the train becomes obsolete in Canada JustinTrudeau takes a break from traveling the World to Try and get our Indigenouspeople to stand down, So fellow Canadians can get back to WORK and their Lives ExcuseThem acoyne Canada’s MSM/chattering class hero hereditary leader deigns to revisit Canada.

acoyne He is pure hero, ugh.

When Legault hollers, Skippy comes running. Did he cancel? ... or just delay his trip? Come on Canada ... do you really think JT will pass up on another all-inclusive vacation, he’ll make up for it! I’m thinking he may as well go he will obviously do nothing but continue to watch Canada’s economy go to hell. People being laid off, ships waiting in port, no Heating for houses, no parts for industry, trains with grain cars sitting. We are screwed!

He has been feeding the ‘enviro nutbar activist BEAST’ for 4 years ... now he must try to placate this BEAST to get the country moving again ... so as not to look like a complete asshat 😁 TrudeauMustResign Canadians should cancel Trudeau at the earliest opportunity. When's the next election? Maybe it’s Canada’s advantage if Skippy goes away and leaves important stuff to the adults.

The fix is in, Trudeau comes back, leftist funding will stop, the protests will dry up and the CBC will glorify Trudeau as a god king Il se prend pour le Sauveur, le Christ! He has cancelled his magical mystery tour, because these rail shutdowns are starting to impact life in Quebec (fuel, shipment of Chlorine & products). Skippy knows that all it would take is the Bloc turning against him & suddenly he is back looking for a Drama teaching gig.

He’s needed tomake a doughnut 🍩 run.

Always reacts never initiates. This happens to every PM. It’s old. So it is the criticism that has him cancelling his trip Not the fact that Canada has been railroaded by domestic terrorists How narcissistic of him Great, we get to see Trudeau domestically instead of internationally, act wishy-washy and pander to illegal foreign paid protesters.

Soon spin spin.... where has Canadian journalism gone? the country is laughing at you Blackface The laziest PM JustinTrudeau in Canadian history,refuses 2protect Canada's Economy. We r embarrassed this perpetually stoned woke fool is our PM. A few foreign funded radicals have brought Canada to a standstill cdnpoli cdnmedia ukpolitics USPolitics uspoli vanpoli BCLeg

Waste of skin Because the bad weather?😂😂😂🦄🦄🦄

Well it’s only been 10 days...what’s your hurry 🤦‍♂️ Crappy for him. To bad the opposition parties are just crying baby’s these days. Nothing constructive just criticism Trudeau = total failure

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