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Cdnpoli, Elxn 43

Scheer would restore Harper's child fitness and arts tax credits Liberals axed

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer wants to revive two more of Stephen Harper's boutique tax credits axed by the Trudeau Liberals.


Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says his government would introduce tax credits to help parents pay for their children who play sports or enroll in dance, drawing and other learning programs. Read more here: cdnpoli elxn43

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer wants to revive two more of Stephen Harper's boutique tax credits axed by the Trudeau Liberals.

"These were incredibly popular tax credits," Scheer said. "Hundreds of thousands of Canadian families appreciated the extra help with paying for kids activities. That is why they were so disappointed when Justin Trudeau cancelled them."

Scheer has not yet said how he will pay for the tax cuts and still meet his commitment to balance the budget by 2025. He said he intends to release a fully costed platform, and that education and health care funding will rise by at least three per cent a year.

At a campaign stop Sunday in Comox, B.C., a supporter at a roundtable asked Scheer if he was planning to bring back the fitness credits as well as income splitting for families, because her daughter had relied on them.

"I can assure you that throughout the rest of this campaign we will be proposing new ideas to leave more money in the pockets of Canadians," he said.

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Credits? No help for working poor Dude, this is not a new or forward thinking incentive. Think better for the people not just to grab power. Looks like Harper era is coming back if you're winning election. The ones the Liberals killed. Why don’t let Harper to lead your party again rather than placing you to run ? This is not creative at all. Canadian left with no real option to choose in this election .

B.S they cut those programs. Brought me back making it look like a new program and cut them in half. Cons are fakes and will increase Homelessness but 40% or more. Of course he will. It’s one of the first steps in undermining Public Education which needs to be protected and improved - not degraded. Don’t fall for this trick.

That will Improve the quality of life for Canadians, that is what government is for, for the people, not for protecting corrupt SNC Lavallin, raising taxes, and ignoring veterans, Low income and First Nations.TrudeauMustGo Most people got less money under that plan then the current one in place. Try following the Canadian Constitution && U will not need to give back stolen moneys, then put Sun-set clauses on ALL taxes ‼️🖖‼️🇨🇦

Ass Boutique tax crap cluttering up the tax system. Benefits to the rich.

Scheer brings back Harper's child fitness and arts tax credits axed by TrudeauConservative Leader Andrew Scheer is resurrecting two more of Stephen Harper's boutique tax credits that were later axed by the Trudeau Liberals. Good. They shouldn't have been taken away in the first place! I know many people who used these in the past A vote for AndrewScheer is a vote for stephenharper past! Dose ANDY have an original idea?

Done that.. Liberals changed to a tax benefit that would everyone ..if food is more important than now has more access to food. Sports are great but elitist. Be reasonable..if you don’t have a car or work 2 jobs... Why they did do it, in the 10 previous years of Conservative Government, for the contrary, Balanced the Budget and Cuts the service that Citizens and Family was needing, for it Trudeau defeat Mr.Harper in 2015.

Will you continue this? Useless Tax Credits for Wealthy that hire a nanny or other expenses that poor people cant ever use. Supposed to help the middle class but only helps the Rich stay rich. Vote for me no more taxes I'll pay for your kids to play sports hell I will give everyone a million dollars. Vote for me

Oh good, buying votes... He’s scheerly not ready 🤦‍♂️ We have this already thanks Libs Fantastic! Right JustinTrudeau ‘s wrongs. Keep our money here. elxn2019 CdnPoli Cut out the taxes. Improve our economy. We won't need tax breaks for small sections of people. Polls are leading you astray Scheer.

Scheer says apologies are enough for a candidate's controversial remarksScheer says that candidates' past remarks are not an issue, so long as they've apologized. A Conservative candidate, you mean! We know you'd prefer blood. Ppl are allowed to grow and it should be encouraged. Fake headline alert 🚨 Meanwhile, Liberal antisemeric candidates don’t even have to apologize!

They did this before... It didn't help anything NotMyPrimeMinister VoteTrudeau Speak to the Pillsbury dough boy who runs Ontario. He just cut STEM classes in many Ontario high schools. I don't believe you as you are of the same cloth. And yes, Conservatives only promise to balance budgets in election years.

Ugh Though this would certainly benefit me, I want a leader who supports pro choice and gay marriage. Period. End of story. Parents get enough free money. Thanks. How about us without kids? I thought we had that! Oh yeah someone cancelled it because it wasn’ their idea. Right/Left, it’s a good thing. CPC GOT MY VOTE 🗳 On October 21/19 . (Period)

BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! THIS GUYS AS FULL OF SHIT AS FORD IS... A SNAKE! 🐍 Once again it’s a program that doesn’t help the people who can’t afford sports for their kids. Tax credits only help those who can pay in the first place. A parent who struggles putting a roof over their heads don’t put kids in programs. What about them?

Scheer says he will stand by candidates who have made mistakes if they apologizeScheer has fired one candidate for expressing racist viewpoints via secret social media accounts, and has stood behind four others who have faced scrutiny. cdnpoli elxn43 There's one candidate who obstructed the RCMP. GlobalNational In politics if you pissed on the floor when in grade school it will show up

This is NOT a good move by AndrewScheer because millions will pay for it while only a few thousand will benefit. Hey Andrew AndrewScheer is needs to better than Harpers. The amount difference on taxes was like $50 tax credit. This needs to be dollar for dollar off the highest income. If you spent $4000 which is easy to do then $4000 of your total income. The $50 crap you can keep

Literally recycled Harper policies from 2011. This is something he'll get flack for. Won't show any return in the four year political cycle. But it will show gains over the longer term. Politicians rarely contemplate longer term outcomes. Doesn't get them votes. Someone else will likely take the credit.

One of those soccer players should bounce a ball off his head, knock some sense into him !!! Tax credits favour higher incomes. Investing in facilities favours everyone. Why not just help the schools instead Helping parents afford those programs to begin with would be a better idea. A tax credit doesn't help with up front costs for people who can't afford hockey, dance, and piano to begin with.

Doug Ford is his worst enemy. We already had this and a Conservative took it away Another Harper era policy! Guy have any ideas of his own?

Conservatives’ Andrew Scheer promises tax cut for lowest income bracketConservatives’ Andrew Scheer promised a tax cut for the lowest income bracket that would slice the rate from 15 per cent to 13.75 per cent. cdnpoli elxn43 That is no help to the middle class. What is he going slash to make up for the lost revenue?

Reduce taxes, do not create credits. Canadians need the money now not later. Housing is getting out of control, you are taxed to the hill and with Trump the Tariff king everything is starting to cost significantly more. Maybe how about not charging HST on those fees! Yup cut funding for engineering pre-requisites and get people to just focus on dancing and art? That will be sure to help the economy !

Tax credits DO NOT help people who are struggling month-to-month. Andy can’t be trusted. More sham boutique credits that are lousy when you read the fine print. Anyone who's watched the first few days of his campaign has to have serious doubts about this man as PM. He can't go 5 feet without stepping on a rake.

Yes he will give back what Trudeau took back. We had a child’s sports tax credit under Harper. ScheerNonsense

Scheer says candidates' past remarks not an issue, so long as they've apologizedConservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he will stand with Conservative candidates who have made controversial comments in the past, so long as they have apologized and taken responsibility for their comments. Quite more accurately reported than the CBC garbage AndrewScheer that's not the real world works. You would NEVER accept this defence from the Liberals. ScheerNonsense ScheerDisaster ScheerLies ScheerStupidity

Scheer accuses Trudeau of negotiating weak NAFTA replacement after pressureMr. Scheer said a Conservative government would work to get a better deal on some aspects of the new USMCA. globepolitics Yeah, Rona already through him under the (free) bus on this one. Too late. cdnpoli globepolitics AndrewScheer is a full-time political prostitute. He will say/do anything to get a John to pay him off! globepolitics Trudeau is a failure.

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