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Scheer brings back Harper's child fitness and arts tax credits axed by Trudeau

Scheer vows to bring back Harper-era child fitness and arts tax credits #cdnpoli #elxn43

2019-09-16 7:30:00 PM

Scheer vows to bring back Harper-era child fitness and arts tax credits cdnpoli elxn43

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is resurrecting two more of Stephen Harper's boutique tax credits that were later axed by the Trudeau Liberals.

       Sign up for our Election Dispatch newsletter for a daily campaign updateThe two will allow Canadian families to claim credits for expenses related to their families' fitness- or sports-related activities and for arts and educational expenses.

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The measures are part of Scheer's ongoing policy theme of putting more money into the hands of hard-working, middle-class Canadian families, and blaming the policies of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau for making life harder for them.Trudeau phased out the two credits in his government's first budgets after defeating Harper in 2015, which ended nearly a decade of Conservative rule.

Scheer is attacking Trudeau's claim that the two tax breaks didn't really help Canadian families.Andrew Scheer in Kelowna pledges to bring back two Harper-era boutique tax credits.Children’s Fitness Tax Credit:- Allow parents to claim up to $1000 per child for expenses related to fitness

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Re will make a good prime minister. He has my vote Good 14DoubleD14 Anything for a vote ..,. AbundanceAdam This is good. I used it for my son when he was in sports. No thank you don't need an admitted bigot and Proud Boy Racist in charge who plans to ban abortion and homosexual marriage as well as cut Disability by 75% making it impossible to pay rent when we only get 1.1k a month and average rent is now 1.1k a month. Vote PC = Homeless inc

Framing it this way for a bias reason? Hooray. More of the government helping those who help themselves. Death to no-strings attached handouts by the Liberals!!! Ah, the pay-rolled makes an attempt to try and make this look like a bad thing. That’s beautiful the way you guys expose your nonpartisanship. So do you hand over press passes for liberal membership cards now?

I’m far from the rich class, the tax credit helps a lot! Meanwhile Trudeau announces same lame old Liberal promises that have never been kept after 25 years and never will be. Whoops media missed that one. Not falling for it. Move on please. Useless As a single parent during the time of this credit under Harper, it came to $100, not even a drop on the bucket to what I was paying out. As an administrator for an Arts program it also created a ton of extra work for us at tax time. A non starter in my books.

CTV bought & paid for ! Deflection once again, Harper’s left the bldg 4 years ago, Focus sheeple 🤨🖕🏼 we do not want scheerialaw nor harperera nonsense We need to support communities & provinces with services. They aren't free, they need tax dollars. It's how Canada works. Just vote NDP & stop screwing around

Good! Like it’s a bad thing CTV? You are FakeNews TrudeauMustGo cdnpoli althiaraj Poor people can't afford athletic fees .. this only benifits people with higher incomes . Same for his universal tax cut .. lower income people pay little or no taxes so these cuts help the rich the most Liberal plan much better!

Well, I voted for Stephen Harper, and I will vote for Andrew Scheer. University textbook credit too please! & bring back Harper's habit of Proroguing Government to avoid being held accountable for its criminal actions? That's all we need Really you ran out of creativity and the only think you come up with is Harper child fitness tax credit which was a jock . 200 max and after tax credit you get 30 dollars back .

Even the news brings up Harper? Pathetic example of fair honest journalism? CTV has failed to keep up a decent news. Tax credits are liking asking the Government to keep your money at ZERO interest. They should be outlawed. Anyone who supports this needs a finance 101 refresher. You seem to think that's a bad thing.

Good little CTV, repeating actual liberal campaign tag lines. Breaking News: The Liberals are tired and dull. No Liberal vote from me. 🇨🇦🧦 Excellent! Scheer4PM Sports credit was crap... Trudeau's ideas are better Big deal spend 500 bucks get 50 thanks Great! Let's get back to tax cuts and balanced budgets. TrudeauMustGo

What evil Cretans the Conservatives are - showing this level of concern for the health and welfare of Canadian children. What animals! By the way, just stating that Scheer supports something Harper once did doesn’t make him evil. In many cases it makes him wiser than Trudeau What the frak are you doing comparing it to Harper, oh right you get your direction from Katie and Butts,, liberal propaganda media

Which did nothing for the average family A tax credit isn’t enough to get the really needy kids involved in sports. Good! That was very helpful to a lot of families! When Trudeau got elected, we got everything taken away from our family including the child tax credit. TrudeauMustGo oh and CTV news, nice try on adding “Harper-era” like it’s a bad thing.

Why? It does nothing to help with taxes. It’s only $500.00 ! When parents pay $500-$3000+ for their kids to have a chance to play! Does this guy have an original idea The CPC answer to every economic situation, more tax cuts for the wealthy. Btw, aren’t Provincial Cons always wanting to cut out Arts in schools?

Harper Era!!!! CTV you prove daily your journalistic integrity is dead and youre bought puppets of Trudeau! NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF! ITS SHAMEFUL AT BEST! Smh in absolute disgust! Only benefits the wealthy! But he’s going to ditch the Child Tax Benefit which will throw millions of Canadian Families & children into poverty. Many lower income families use the Child Tax Benefit to help pay for activities for their kids that before they couldn’t afford.

Way to go !!! CTV : YOU FORGOT TO ADD “WHICH MOSTLY BENEFITS THE RICHEST PEOPLE”. AS SOON AS YOU FEATURED MEDIOCRE SCHEER ON THE 6 PM NEWS, I GLADLY, QUICKLY CHANGED THE CHANNEL 😉 He wants to attack every charity - especailly those that serve Children and the Disabled. Arts groups meanwhile look at his OWN spending for his own enjoyment. SCHEER is NOT a Reliable choice for PM To vote for SCHEER is SCHEER STUPIDITY.

Big deal. A lousy tiny tax credit for half the people. That's gonna solve all our problems. What would we have to give up to get this these tax credits. That is the question from Ontario. And slash everything else. good. while on the topic of scheer. care to answer this? Simplify the tax code. How about an adult fitness tax credit.

Ooh the evil Harper era and his fitness and arts tax credits how very sinister helping kids get active in the arts and sports Far left still attempting to demonize the Conservatives and the middle class. Prefer the current tax credits so can spend on other needed items. Not all kids like arts and sports.

At the expense of the UCB. Ctv will attack scheer for helping people unless trudeau does it AndrewScheer is liberal lite... MaximeBernier peoplespca for 2019 I no many families that enjoyed that credit along w/income splitting. I no families whose mothers had 2 go back 2 work bc Trudeau took that away & they cud no longer afford 2 hv the mother stay home & raise her kids. Why ppl want daycare centres 2 raise their kids is beyond me!

He has same politics as Harper & Ford More money for parents instead of the Trudeau elites....this is great news! trudeamustgo elxn43 It was replaced with something better that everyone with children benefitted from. You are just going to claw and cut back. ScheerNonsense ScheerDisaster ScheerLies ScheerStupidity

Well gall-darm Martha, aint that the bomb, next we gota get them kids off that interweb thingy it looks like a bad influence on lil Andrew, he's livin in some sorta bubble there in the corner.. geoff_buxcey Harper era! Oh no! They said harper! Good idea but Bernier will take a look at it.PeoplesParty

Just saw CTV discuss two Conservatives promises whereby they stated how much they would 'cost' the taxpayers. They then announced three Liberal programs: no costing given. Lmao, everyone is worried about the Harper-era TrudeauMustGo TrudeauMustGoToJail Oh goodie, niche credits or wealthy Canadians. Maybe he could take some time off and play Harper tapes.

that is a farce he will take from the poor and give it to his rich country club supporters Maybe Harper should just run again. I used them and was happy for the credit. But the kids who really really need it won’t be helped. Oooooo fitness and art- what about all the programs that fordnation has cut? Harper Harper Harper Harper. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

There is a huge portion of families who cannot afford to have their children involved in sports and not all children get involved, this is basically only for the majority of white people who have children in sports. How is he helping all Canadians? What about non parents. Or someone on disability? Any money for them?

That was awesome when my kids were young...helped us keep them in sports Wow, doesn't Sheer have any of his own ideas? ThomasHall17 How about a program that helps families who can't afford to put their kids in these activities, instead of a program that just hands free money to families that are already doing just fine? elxn43 cdnpoli ScheerDisaster

It’s good for those that put kids in sports keeps them off the street and fit. Many parents want kids in sport but Trudeau sees it differently than real parents and most kids in sport aren’t from rich families but from parents who give things up for their kids not for themselves So, you're saying Scheer gets it right. Good to know... TrudeauMustGo

Adult fitness credit would be nice. Excellent! Scheer4PM These are good and bad. They definitely help people out but only those who have the money to spend in the first place. Not really a fan of targeted boutique tax cuts but if we have to have one I prefer this one to the transit credit. This will help encourage many parents to sign their kids up for physical activity.

Awesome. Should never have been repealed. Scheer vows to bring back Harper. There. I fixed it for you. the future is about the kids.... It's the ghost of Harpur! Looks just as dorky. john_jakester Good for Mr Scheer The media and the liberals keep saying “Harper” “Harper” I guess if we’re going to live in the past! The media should be talking about this! TrudeauMustGo

My wife & I both used transit for work. Trudeau took that away & we lost a $1900 deduction. Dam right. Kids need all the fitness they can get before their thumbs fall off. Regurgitating Harper's failed policies !!! Scheer should get a mind of his own !!! It’s was a shame then, is a shame now . Scheers not very bright to bring in the same 💩 Harper did. Not smart

Awesome. My kids are in fitness and music. Yes folks, fitness reduces future medical costs.....go all atound Lucas_Ranch These are great for wealthy people. Ohhh the misery not those...... Yet again, a mediocre Harper era program. Non-refundable tax credits do not help lower to middle class families. ScheerFailure NoScheerThisYear TeamTrudeau ChooseForward

Poor folks can’t afford to put kids in sports and wait for a tax break a year later.. it was stupid then and even mor3 stupid now. Boooooo on that idea. Yea on helping with day care costs! Will he adjust child tax credit like Harper too? His changes only benefited higher income brackets and 2 parent families AndrewScheer are you going to do the same?

I’m voting PC but those tax credits are dump Nice. A kick back to people who already have the money for those activities for their kids. Jackass. Excellent. I love how Harper lives rent-free in your head. Thank you Mr. Scheer My family didn’t benefit from those so called tax credits... we didn’t meet the threshold unless he plans to ensure every Canadian no matter the income level I’m not interested

Orkidnut boy that 600 mil payout from Trudeau is coming out we see , nice try Trudeau is not as advertised it’s Trudeau 👍TrudeauMustGo Give cash to schools to bring back school team sports,uniforms supplied, P.E. for all kids more than an hour a week. Art classes where supplies are paid for as it was before Harper. Music for all kids from jk up to 12gr as before Harper. Teachers who know more than 1 subject.

Good!!! This is NOT a good move by AndrewScheer because millions will pay for it while only a few thousand will benefit. CBC obviously using Liberals Harper dérangement syndrome to push their Liberal propaganda! DefundCBC Btw, can he come up with an original idea ? Tax credits are useless!!! Lower everyone's taxes and let us decide what to spend it on!!

CTVNationalNews Fewer parents can't afford SPORTS, Activitires thanks to Conservative CUTS! wages, daycare funding, etc NO TO HARPER YEARS, If it costs money and good for the average Canadian NO WAY a CONservative would do it. After watching what the PC's have done in Ontario, No way in hell they're getting my vote Federally, neither will the Liberals. I'm thinking Green Party. Not voting for the guy who's name sounds like a car rally!

Wtf does the media keep saying “Harper-era” like it’s a bad thing? Most families with kids want the sports credit back. The framing of this is just so obviously biased! CTVNationalNews These were axed at the provincial level in Ontario by your colleague PC Premier Doug Ford so if you plan on operating in the same fashion Canadians have a lot to lose, pretty much every service has had significant budget cuts or eliminated all together including wages! 😡

Add music and all children’s / teen activities. Creative children become innovative and creative adults. CTVNationalNews He will bring back the Prorogation too? Good. These tax credits certainly helped my family. This is good. It was a nice little tax credit. Scheer vows tax cuts but promises to balance the budget.... 🤔🤔🤔 what’s getting cut CPP or EI?

This is great news!! i just want to get taxed more, and then give that money to people that dont work. win win for all Easy to pay for votes, such a simpleton culture. Thank you... both credits are sorely missed under Trudeau’s tax and spend policies Nothing whatsoever is wrong with helping Canadian youth get out and involved in fitness, sports or the arts & away from their couches on video games & watching TV 👏👏

Would that be like Trudeau is bringing back Lenin era freedom of speech. cdnpoli Canada Great announcement more money in the family’s bank accounts to pay for their children’s activities the better . CPC 🇨🇦 y’all got my vote 🗳 on October 21/19 Canadians AGREE in one voice 🇨🇦👇🇨🇦 🤔 My 70 yr old mom just wrote off on her taxes her $4000.00/year cost of personal trainer at GoodLife Fitness in SK CTV maybe check his promises to compare what we ALREADY have 🤨 ThanksTrudeau ChooseForward cdnpoli

Cons buying votes again...just like they accuse the Libs of doing.. Harper killed Canada and so will Andrew Scheer! ctvnews CPC_HQ liberal_party NDP Now that the elections are on.. I have a Qstn for them: what do they think of reducing the working week from 40h to 35h It is been proven that people r more productive when well rested. In EU there r already svrl countrs that have this law

The media like Trudeau only hear Harper. But bringing back those tax credits Canadians actually used and benefited from are bad right? Can the tax credits be retroactive back 30 years. These were used disproportionately by higher income individuals because they were a rebate and families with lower incomes didn’t have the additional funds.

althiaraj Andrew, for the record, let’s just bring back Harper, and you can go back to doing whatever you did before, what was that? Trudeau putting taxes up When will they just re-evaluate taxes in general. Why is it always a credit... just don't take it in the first fuckin place. There should be 0 income taxes for anyone making $100,000 year thats how your middle classes rise up. Let me tell you 100,000 != being rich anymore.

State rewards “ approved behaviour “! Tiresome! No different than liberals! Vote MaximeBernier and enjoy real freedom! althiaraj Andrew Just send me a cheque directly. Canadian are easy to buy off. Never heard any family object to those tax credits. Great idea to bring them back. But as far as ** HARPER- DAY'S Forget that ** CRAP**, Definitely Canadian,s Definitely don't want any ** Part of That**, ** Thank- You- But ** No Thanks **

althiaraj Oh for fuck sakes they were the most useless pocket-change of a tax credit that even CRA loathed to administer. althiaraj Why ever would be bring back tax credits that help the wealthy more than the poor? Anyone who thinks this is a good idea doesn't understand how the system works at all.

Maybe Scheer should take** CHILD FITNESS ** Lots of original thinking here Canada ... Why does it matter what 'era' it came from? It is a good idea, no? Only to benefit rich people... middle class still cannot afford fitness and arts activities for their kids... AndrewScheer CBCNews theJagmeetSingh Election2019 CanadaVotes

Great to hear!! Shame on JustinTrudeau for canceling it in the 1st place. A real benefit for families with kids. rachaiello 🤦 A vote for AndrewScheer is a vote for stephenharper past! Dose ANDY have an original idea? I know many people who used these in the past Good. They shouldn't have been taken away in the first place!

Scheer accuses Trudeau of negotiating weak NAFTA replacement after pressureMr. Scheer said a Conservative government would work to get a better deal on some aspects of the new USMCA. globepolitics Yeah, Rona already through him under the (free) bus on this one. Too late. cdnpoli globepolitics AndrewScheer is a full-time political prostitute. He will say/do anything to get a John to pay him off! globepolitics Trudeau is a failure.

Scheer says he will ratify CUSMA despite saying Trudeau gave everything to TrumpConservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he will still ratify the new North American free trade deal if he becomes prime minister, even though he thinks Canada got railroaded by U.S. President Donald Trump. tell us your solution OUR NEXT PRIME MINISTER, ANDREW SCHEER. charlesadler

Scheer forced to back foot again as Liberals raise questions about candidateConservative Leader Andrew Scheer is on the defensive again about one of his would-be MPs. Nothing wrong with saying Trudeau is preoccupied with Quebec - he is. Is there one journalist left in Canada? Even one?

Liberals trying to distract by tweeting 2013 video of candidate with Faith Goldy: Scheer“I have obviously made it clear that I won’t have anything to do with that individual,' said Scheer referring to far-right political commentator Faith Goldy. cdnpoli elxn43 Isn't she Trudeau's friend? GlobalNational He needs to condemn her, not just refuse to be interviewed by her When was the last time AndrewScheer appeared with or spoke to FaithGoldy ?

Andrew Scheer on defensive as Liberals raise questions about Justina McCaffreyConservative Leader Andrew Scheer is on the defensive again about one of his would-be MPs. Rose Knight ya so one of his brown shirts got caught...he'll goose step his way out of this if he can Your bias for Turdeau is showing again. You tweeted the same thing about an hour ago. Any chance Canada can have an unbiased national news source ? Maybe the CRTC could help.

Andrew Scheer forced to back foot again as Liberals raise questions about candidateIn a video, Faith Goldy says she and Justina McCaffrey are good friends and McCaffrey describes Goldy as “wonderful.” Andrew Scheer does videos with Goldy, too. Note Liberals knew Hassan Guillet had made anti-semitic comments and held on to him for 3 months before firing him. During 3 months they were putting together a PR plan for him. G&M you are so annoying when it comes to the conservatives. Election after election and year after year you continuously frame your headlines negatively towards the conservatives. This it seems even more pathetic considering your extra funding from the liberal government.