PM's ethical conduct in spotlight as Commons sits but Trudeau won't be there

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Justin Trudeau's ethical conduct will be put under an opposition microscope Wednesday during a rare summer sitting of the House of Commons -- but the prime minister won't be there.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears as a witness via videoconference during a House of Commons finance committee in the Wellington Building on Thursday, July 30, 2020. The committee is looking into Government Spending, WE Charity and the Canada Student Service Grant.

Trudeau's office points out that the prime minister has already testified at length about the controversy before the Commons finance committee, as have Morneau, other ministers and senior bureaucrats. Today's sitting is to last almost four hours, with most MPs participating virtually along with a handful physically present in the chamber. The session includes 95 minutes for opposition MPs to grill the government in a sort of extended question period, and more than two hours for a "take-note" debate on the government's response to the pandemic.

They may try to call the prime minister as a witness before the multiple committees now probing the controversy.The government operations committee is also to launch an inquiry into the affair once the finance committee wraps up its study. And the official languages committee is to meet today to consider a Conservative request that it too launch a study into why an anglophone charity was chosen to deliver the student grant program.

Trudeau and his ministers, backed up by bureaucrats, have insisted that it was public servants who recommended WE Charity as the only organization capable of managing the student grant program, which has since been abandoned due to the controversy. Trudeau has been a featured speaker at six WE Day events and his wife hosts a podcast for the group, for which they have not been paid. However, the charity has covered hundreds of thousands in expenses for Sophie Gregoire Trudeau as well as fees and expenses paid to Trudeau's mother and brother for speaking at numerous WE events over the years.


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He shouldn't be paid if he's walked off the job.

JustinTrudeau Enough already with your distractions from your 3rd ethics violation. Do the right and honourable thing and RESIGN immediately! You are not fit to govern, step back and let someone else more competent with fewer ethical blind spots take the helm! TrudeauMustGo

Why is this a surprise. He doesn't show up for anything. Covid pandemic for one.

Cause he is useless

Typical Trudeau coward.

More from corporate CTV.

Justin Trudeau

Where is the DIPSTICK,, .

Liberals.....where are you? You used to stand for Canadians but now you only stand for one person who is always absent physically and mentally!

Of course not. He a coward. The most embarrassing PM in history. Nice role model for Canada.

Blackface hiding from his own corrupt unethical behavior , what a shock! WEScandal TrudeauCorruption TrudeauResignNOW WheresTheMoneyCatherine SNCLavalinScandal


Trudeaus sense of entitlement is off track. Time for Freeland.

Where’s Waldo?

He’s vacationing with the Westons. How convenient after they recently received $12M from the Trudeau Liberals.

You mean 'unethical' conduct don't you...

Did he actually read the business code of conduct? does this clown even know what that is?

Trudeau and his GG have a lot in common starting with they both want the title and perks but not the responsibilities and work that go with the job! How did people vote this idiot in a second time?

The laughing stock of Canadian politics will be on another personal day. How many days has he even worked this year

PMJT is working hard for Canadians, I'm glad he is no longer making time for this witch hunt

Why do we have a powerless ethics commission ? And why we are on that subject why do we have a senate

TrudeauCrimeMinister LiberalCorruption LiberalHypocrisy WEscandal WEscam

Our PM has no ethics. No shame, no remorse. He is going to run our country into the ground or perhaps sell us to China. He so admires them.

Why isn’t he there! Why do we continue to pay this parasite if he isn’t even showing up!?! How many personal/private days in the last 90?

Because he’s a scared little boy, pretending to be a man and owning his actions. It’s called being accountable JustinTrudeau something you should probably have your wife teach your kids.

I think he forgets he works for the Canadian people this isnt a dictatorship, so I expect him to show up to work, if I took this many personal, private&trying to cover my butt days off I'd have been fired by now& his job is definitely more important than mine, wht a disgrace

Yes everyone is entitled to a vacation. Special commons meetings that are called or not. He’s testified for hours already

JustinTrudeau is the unethical PM in Cdn history. No question about it.

Fidel Castro’s little potato is chicken shit!


Worrisome lack of media analysis.

How can this man call himself a leader? His antics are too much. We need a motion of No Confidence and replace him. At least deputy PM Freeland has the common sense and hopefully the integrity to represent her party better than this spoiled brat.

So in other words, just a normal day for him.... The only way to right your ship is change the Captain, mutiny if you must. JustinTrudeau TrudeauMustGo LiberalCorruption liberal_party

Why would he even care He's made millions thru his foundation

He is just on vacation

How is he still a PM?🤯

That's what criminal cowards do... HIDE!


Boating weather's too nice in Barrel Point

Of course he won't be. He's on holidays with Galen (Loblaws)Weston without a care in the world

Trudeau is a disgrace to Canada and Canadians. He is Deep State, a lier, dishonest, and hangs with George Soros.

The accused a no show? Send the RCMP

Must be another personal day...

He’s probably with this underage girl somewhere ⬇️

Conservatism is merely interference

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