Trudeau releases statement supporting Morneau after reports PM was considering shuffle

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Trudeau releases statement supporting Morneau after reports PM was considering shuffle

Morneau revealed at that committee that his family had accepted $41,000 in free trips from the charity, expenses which he said were repaid on the day he went to testify.

The statement from Trudeau’s press secretary Alex Wellstead is unequivocal in its support for Morneau. “Of course the prime minister has full confidence in Minister Morneau and any statement to the contrary is false. The prime minister knows that Minister Morneau and the entire team of cabinet ministers will keep doing the work that Canadians rely on to get them through this pandemic.”

In addition to crediting Morneau with a central role in many of the economic achievements of the Liberals first term in power, the statement said he has been a point person in the pandemic response. “Minister Morneau played the lead role in the creation of the CERB, the wage subsidy, and many other measures to support Canadians and businesses during these difficult times, and he is continuing this important work.”


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The Hanky and Panky team in the pandemic WE scandal

brianlilley Do we believe anything that Justin says?

Both from same tribe. Both must go now.

brianlilley No way Skippy punts Porno without his say so. The 2 are attached at the hip. Both know too much about each other reagrding their joint sordid corruption schemes for either to turn on the other.

brianlilley Of course he supports him. They will crash and burn together. They are corrupt political elite twins TrudeauMustGo

brianlilley Because if he doesn’t, Morneau chucks the little potato under the bus. Like bullies running the schoolyard and keeping secrets to save their own asses...weaselly weaklings,

brianlilley Crook liar supporting a crook liar commonly known as liberals

brianlilley Who is in charge here?

Of course he did. All is done for election optics, now. Carney slithers in the basement window. Unelected.

It's his 'bagman' Of course they stick together.

LOL. Morneau must have something on Trudeau that would blow the both of them away. Spill the beans Morneau.

The two of them are as thick as thieves Bill_Morneau JustinTrudeau CanadianPM morneauresign morneaucorrupt WEscandal TrudeauCorruption TrudeauResignNOW

Both Trudeau and Morneau belong in prison. That they are not is testament to how severely Canada’s parliamentary system of government is broken. cdnpoli

lambert_pp Lotsa room at the trough for corrupt Liberals

He has to support him or he condemns himself, I will make a mistake on my taxes, apologize with no consequences that's the example being set

so freelands moved to finance morneau gone and other francophone guys into freelands job libs dump trudeau by resignation and bling we have a french pm male

So Morneau has been taking free holidays thru WE and Trudeau says ‘no problem .........Canadians don’t care if we abuse the system and Liberals can do anything they want!

A quick glance of the headline looked like “Trudeau releases Morneau considering shuffle.”

Old Bill, sleeping easy tonight.


brianrmitchell4 He floats everything and watches twitter to see the results. Quite amazing to see it happen.

What else is Skippy going to do? Corruption supports corruption. TrudeauCorruption TrudeauMustGo TrudeauworstPMever

Big mistake JustinTrudeau. FIRE Bill_Morneau !!!! .

JWR - hold my beer

So......they are both on the take?

You can't shuffle Liberal corruption

JLCWood2017 No surprise with this criminal, they want to keep the money within? If he made him resign he might speak

Oh yeah. His statements are written in ‘stone’.

That’s what the GM says right before he gasses a Coach

Of course. These guys stick together and continue to focus on lining the pockets of themselves, friends and family. Nothing’s changed. Terrible that Canadian taxpayers simply turn a blind eye to unethical and corrupt behaviour. Sad what’s happening to Canada.

Both in the weirdo club of Canada.

It’s you, Trudeau, who must be shuffled out first before Morneau and Payette!

The entire Government need to shuffle themselves out the door!

Of course he does

acoyne The arrogance of Trudeau is amazing. He simply CANNOT ADMIT there is a problem. His EGO = the delusion he is all things good and pure. LiberalHypocrisy

acoyne Every coach/general manager in sports gets a vote of confidence just before they are fired.


Well, that is a relief. For a minute there, I thought Trudeau might be trying to end corruption. But of course, he'd have to start with himself to do that.

Would JT ever lie to us?

You killed a charity, Morneau isn't going anywhere

2 crooks hugging Cmon Canada run these bastards out asap

JaneMoneypenny Next Liberal Cabinet shuffle...

He has to support him, since he has committed far worse ethics violations. To give Morneau the boot would mean Justin should get the boot too.

Seeing how they’re asking Carney for help I’d say poor ol’ Bill has been fired.

When they each have an over-flowing basket of the other person's sins in their hand, you better believe they support eachother. webothgodown

Partners in crime

He also said there was no truth to the G&M story about SNC either. nobodytrustsTrudeau

I bet it was Morneau that Sophie caught JT having gay sex with. cdnpoli

Dirt on dirt/ these two take Canadians for fools

So he supports corruption, got it. TrudeauCrimeMinister TrudeauLiberalsCorrupt TrudeauworstPMever TrudeauMustGo

acoyne Proof we need total new leadership. This is not the leadership FOR Canada... it's an Elite take down of Canada by a corrupt club of untouchables .... Not Canadas leaders...

I could just imagine the dirt these two have on each other...wowza..

If the shuffle doesn’t include both of them resigning and cafreeland then assuming the PMO, I’m not in any way interested. cdnpoli LPC

He can't fire his criminal counterpart. He knows where the money's hidden.

When a GM expresses support for a coach you can literally start counting the days until the coach is fired.

I course Trudeau supports Morneau, if he didn't he would paint self as also breaking conflict of interest rules.



They should fire each other and go into the sunset riding their unicorns

The clock is running on these two, may be hope for Canada yet.

🇨🇦 Banana Republic 🇨🇦 🔥🍌💰🪱🔥🍌💰🪱🔥🍌💰🪱🔥 Oh Boy! Corrupt 2 Has the Support of Corrupt 1 LOL WEscandal TrudeauCrimeMinister TeamTrainWreck 🔥 MorneauResign MagicKingdom PeterPanPM 🤡🧦🎈❄️👀🤪

TrudeauResignNOW MorneauResign

...shuffle your asses right out the front door!

This country does not belong to Trudeau and in some warped way, he thinks it does. It is about what the majority of Canadians want.

Good decision.(JustinTrudeau ) At least Mr. Bill_Morneau apologized and paid back...which is NOT the case with your family members who got paid big money by WE.


These corrupt politicians need to stick together since they both know where the skeletons are buried.

Was hoping the liberal_party was tapping Carney to replace Trudeau He wouldn’t put up with the crap that the Trudeau “Liberals” have subjected Canadians to.

Of course he has to support his buddy in crime. Bet Morneau has so much dirt on him he’s incriminated.

Good news, one criminal support the other criminal

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