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More plane troubles for the PM, replacement sent to fly NATO delegation home

More plane troubles for PM Trudeau, replacement sent to fly NATO delegation home from U.K. #cdnpoli


More plane troubles for PM Trudeau, replacement sent to fly NATO delegation home from U.K. cdnpoli

The plane that flew Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to NATO — a replacement to begin with — has engine troubles and another aircraft has been sent to London to bring the delegation back.

Trudeau and the group that travelled with him to the summit on Monday made the trek there on another replacement plane because the prime minister’s main plane had been grounded until August 2020, after a collision at CFB Trenton left it with a crushed nose and engine damage in October.

“In the meantime, the RCAF has other aircraft that can be used for transport and are confident it can meet the needs of the government while the aircraft is being repaired,” reads the statement from the PMO.

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Should have tried to catch a sweet wave home on his little surfboard in his speedo. Who are they waiving to Are these guys stoned or what’s going on,, Save the planet, walk! It’s embarrassing... We need to lease planes until we get our act together. This is dangerous and embarrassing. Our PM no matter what political party is in power needs safe transportation.

✈️✈️🍷🍷🤡 get a ride home with TRUMP Should have flown back with Air Canada 🇨🇦 I am sure they could have accommodated him. Could have flown coach. Every hear of a sail boat? 😂 KARMA They probably didn’t pay the bill.

Video: Trump says Canada ‘slightly delinquent’ on NATO contributionsPresident Donald Trump criticized Canada’s financial contributions to NATO, saying they are “slightly delinquent.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded by saying Canada has historically contributed to NATO by also providing military support. really? it's almost hard to believe anyone can be this stupid ...thus slights an obese, corrupt man to our “fresh water” sisters & brothers of America... Ah, our Trump exhaustion is ongoing! Trump is just a delinquent. He has no moral ground to stand on.

great keep the idiot at home Why can’t Canada’s PMs have decent aircraft to fly in and a decent home to live in? Take Greta’s boat back 🚣‍♀️ Can’t get a lift with Trump? Just leave him there who would care Well many it will reduce Skippings carbon footprint! Call SunWing... Who is he waving to. I saw a shot of him walking to the plane. There is no one within a mile.

Perfect opportunity to save some of our taxes, and pay of his deficit, just leave him there. And, yet, he brags about the military superiority of Canada. I in no way insult the men and women who served and who have served, my father among them, but he can't even get a plan to fly him there and back. What is the condition of all other equipment?

Trudeau to hold first post-election meeting with Trump on NATO sidelinesWhen asked by U.S. President Trump about how much Canada spends on defence, Prime Minister Trudeau didn’t have a specific dollar amount: 'The number we talk about is 70 per cent increase.' Read more here: Trudeau: 'I'll take I have no clue for $500 Alex' Trudeau held accountable.

Only plane trouble ? I think there is a message in the recurring plane groundings. Not my PM. Wow ! That’s gonna cost him a lot of carbon credits! He can take a slow leaky boat, two faces. Q: How many planes does it take to fly a PM home? A: Depends where home is. ctvqp Since he’s so keen on getting off FF This would be the perfect time to flap his arms and fly home🤷‍♀️ cdnpoli canada

Can we instead get a replacement PM? A jet can get new parts replaced and be as good as new, this PM has too many parts needed, more than we can afford to give him! TwoFacedTrudeau BlackFaceTrudeau ThanksForYourDonation Still waving to no one....... 45 put sugar in the fuel tank

Trump calls Macron’s ‘brain death’ NATO comment ‘very nasty’The French leader previously lamented the 'brain death'' of the organization was due in large part to a lack of U.S. leadership. President Trump is not a puppet like most politicians. No!! American dollars , that is Macron's issue. The irony here is so strong that it just smacks you in the face so hard it breaks your nose.

Catch a ride with realDonaldTrump Where are his 2 election jets? He definitely needs new planes.....because global warming. MORE BS! JustinTrudeau is ALREADY using JET 2 cause JET 1 is down for repairs! Guess maybe JustinTrudeau should not have worn out “OUR” two jets flying him and his family around the world as well as doing FLYING PHOTO OPS! If he says OTHER, then he is TWO-FACES!

Travel safely, Mr. Prime Minister. 🥰 oh canada this is just embarrassing Leave him there!!!! trudeauout2021 Just leave him there! Thank God for FOX. news and Donald Trump ( no liberal WELFARE cheques ctv ) And you people said he didn't need 2 planes.

NATO chief urges ‘unity’ as alliance leaders trade insultsTrump says he has become a ‘bigger fan’ of NATO, then attacks French President Macron as ‘nasty’ NATO needs to be dissolved. Nazis don't need a clubhouse, and that's what NATO is, a clubhouse full of Nazi-aligned Cold War Hangover-having ghouls.

Hopefully the next one he gets on has troubles in the air crashes and explodes on impact!!! If not for the military members on board, I'd say I hope it crashes. He usually has two planes when he travels, just use the spare. 'This backup to the backup was in Italy with Gov. Gen. Julie Payette ... and it has been diverted to transport the prime minister.' Why wasn't this plan all along? Why send multiple planes? So much talk about emissions, but not leading by example.

They should send a Globemaster this time, enough space to fit his ego. All in all another Trudeau cluster f&k. He could ask president Trump for a ride home🤣🤣 It’s probably worn out. Everything about Junior is a joke .. world's laughing stock. And you expect us to spend 2% GDP on defences realDonaldTrump . Can't even afford a new fucking plane.

Macron rebukes Trump to his face on live television at NATO summitThe conversation became pointed after Trump invited Macron to take back Islamic State captives held by U.S.-allied forces in Syria Boxing match In related news, the pentagon draws up plans to fake an attack on France to distract Trump. Other way around actually....

This is embarrassing for a G7 country. We should have state of the art aircraft for our government and a suitable residence for our PM. For the whiners, these will be used by future PMs and governments, even cons maybe. Maybe he can hitch a ride with someone? Oh, right....burned those bridges again already!

Doesn't Greta have a solar powered boat she could lend him? Just leave him there ... he's not worth the air fare to get back . He probably thinks he needs a couple of escort jets too Plane this really NEWS? Maybe the universe is trying to tell him something. Hahahahaha What a joke 👎👎 Just more time for the PM to tend the hotel's mini bar.

Get what you pay for. The military has been underfunded for decades and now the political class is seeing the consequences.

NATO chief says Canadian missions in Latvia, Iraq helping strengthen allianceNATO's secretary-general has come out swinging in defence of the military alliance, and says Canada is playing a key role in the helping strengthen the 70-year-old organization thanks in part to its contributions to different missions.

This is a Canadian joke and a joke for Prime Minister TrumpCurse Get home safe, Mr. Prime Minister!

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