Monarch butterfly population moves closer to extinction

Monarch butterfly population moves closer to extinction

Monarch Butterflies, Monarch Butterflies Closer To Extinction

2021-01-20 2:15:00 AM

Monarch butterfly population moves closer to extinction

The number of western monarch butterflies wintering along the California coast has plummeted precipitously to a record low, putting the orange-and-black insects closer to extinction, researchers announced Tuesday.

Western monarch butterflies head south from the Pacific Northwest to California each winter, returning to the same places and even the same trees, where they cluster to keep warm. The monarchs generally arrive in California at the beginning of November and spread across the country once warmer weather arrives in March.

Sign up here to receive The Climate Barometer, delivering climate and environmental news to your inbox every weekOn the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, another monarch population travels from southern Canada and the northeastern United States across thousands of miles to spend the winter in central Mexico. Scientists estimate the monarch population in the eastern U.S. has fallen about 80% since the mid-1990s, but the drop-off in the western U.S. has been even steeper.

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If people would stop using insecticides in a broad strokes fashion, we'd see way less decline. Instead, people like to believe they're gardeners and horticultural specialists doing no harm for a homegrown cucumber or rosebush. Sad I have seen more of them in the last couple years than I’ve ever seen,first week of September fishing you can see them go by all day long it’s a great sight

Has PM Gump blamed Harper yet? Humans are killing this planet at an alarming rate. I’m really worried what it will be like in 50 years, if we make it to then💔💔💔😢😢😢 Somewhat like Canadians. I witnessed many in the Butterfly Garden at CHEO in Ottawa last summer. Ontario small business moves closer to extinction. Fixed it for you!

I saw that many in my yard last summer? Every year they give away seeds to attract butterflies. Please look, search even ask for them once you got the seeds plant them they are wild and come back every years. So we will be able to keep our butterflies with us. We need them. Heartbreaking. Only saw two in my garden this year.

Covid19. They were gathering and going out after 8 PM. Not to mention I think I saw a couple of monarch butterflies trying to go to the movies and dine out at a restaurant. Rumour has it some of them were also trying to buy shoes or underwear at The Bay. Sad That is sad. :/