Alberta reports lowest daily COVID-19 case count since October

2021-01-20 2:21:00 AM

Alberta reports lowest daily COVID-19 case count since October

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Alberta reports lowest daily COVID-19 case count since October

Alberta reported 456 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, the lowest it had since Oct. 28.

A day earlier, it had rung in at 5.4 per cent, significant lower than it had been weeks ago."Our positivity rate is declining, but it is still far above the one to three per cent that we saw for most of the summer and fall," commented Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw.

"The numbers fluctuate on a daily basis, but we continue to see an overall decline in our testing numbers from last month. We don't know all the reasons for this, but one factor could be fewer people getting sick," she explained, urging anyone showing symptoms to book a test.

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It doesn't count when you've also reduced testing at the same time... And also lowest testing so not hard to get numbers down Thank you to those helping us. To those bucking the system...buck you How come Lisa Laflamatory didn’t mention this tidbit on the news tonight? Didn't the 'experts' predict huge cases after Christmas?! 🤔😷🎄

TSNRyanRishaug So when will restaurants be allowed to open? Lot of us having a tough time. Hmmmmm funny that so has Ontario. Coincidence..... perhaps..... TSNRyanRishaug Keep the lockdown and restrictions. We’ve come too far to let it got to waste. TSNRyanRishaug I don’t believe one word of this garbage.

The normal January peak is happening and things will drop now thru spring. Like the past 100 years.

HernanDaMan Numbers trending in the right direction, still tho remains an eminent threat. Illustrates anti-maskers are not immune. ....could somebody at the press conference ask for a Cancer, Alzheimer, Dementia, Opioid and Suicide update! And how much testing was done?