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Elizabeth May, Jagmeet Singh

Matt Gurney: The first question that needs an answer — what happens to Andrew Scheer?

Matt Gurney: The first question that needs an answer — what happens now to Andrew Scheer?


Matt Gurney: The first question that needs an answer — what happens now to Andrew Scheer ?

Scheer will point to the various things that look good for the party, and say he’s earned the right to stay on. Some pessimists may ask if a different leader would have done better

But it’s harder to answer that question about the Conservatives. I suppose it comes down to whether you’re a glass-half-full or half-empty sort of person.

The problem is, the glass-half-empty types have a hell of a case to make, too.

There’s little doubt that Scheer will count himself among the optimists in the days to come. He will point to the various things that look good for the party, and say he’s earned the right to stay on. Some of the pessimists may begin to ask aloud, however, if a different leader would have done better.

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How that shakes out in the coming weeks will be worth watching. The next election may well hinge on what happens here. And if history is any guide, it’s probably not that far off.

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He should go. Face reality. He was a dud from the outset. No dtule. Poor speaker. Not deep on policy or ideas. Oddly secretive about his life. No urban credibility. Conservatives should dump him quickly. If he can’t win with the ammunition he had he never can. Get rid. Right wing shout radio? Cushy berth at the Fraser Instipoop? Lobbyist for asbestos and herbicides.

Needs to go! If he couldn’t win this one, he’ll never win! He tried to sell himself as different than Turdeau, caught in three separate lies/no comment situations! He’s damaged goods now. Peter McKay needs to come off the bench. He’s got charisma, experience and from the east! 👍 Can he just... go away and stop doing politics? I’m sure he would be good at something else.

Canada needs a strong leader. Unfortunately JustinTrudeau, AndrewScheer, and theJagmeetSingh are not those leaders. He won’t win next time either, put someone new in.

Scheer heads to historic Liberal riding to urge Canadians to vote out governmentMonday morning, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer headed into the riding belonging to Liberal cabinet minister Ralph Goodale, who has been in politics for nearly 45 years, the majority of them at the federal level. They look like a couple of guys stealing Amazon boxes. Brave man Keep at’er Andrew.

Scheer wins own seat, Conservatives fall short of majorityDespite their pledge to put more money in the pockets of Canadians and their repeated attempts to cast doubt on the character of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau , the Conservatives fell short of their goal to unseat their incumbent rivals on Monday night. They also fell short of a minority Conservatives fall short of majority? Wow that’s news. You mean, the American guy who will never be PM of Canada ?

Scheer vows that Conservatives have put Trudeau on noticeIn his concession speech early Tuesday morning Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer highlights his party won the popular vote, a sign that they are the party in waiting to next take control of Parliament. globepolitics The guys speech was a disgrace this clown was acting like the campaign was still on. Gloating about vindictively ending goodales time in Ottawa.....disgusting leader. globepolitics Scheer notice. globepolitics

Scheer says Conservatives have put Trudeau on noticeConservative leader Andrew Scheer says conservatives have put PM Trudeau on notice and will continue to fight based on conservative values. Watch the full speech from election night. globepolitics globepolitics Also makes untimely small penis joke globepolitics

Scheer says he won't step down as leader after Conservative loss Andrew Scheer says he will remain as the leader of the Conservative Party, calling last night's election result the 'first step' in a process to replace Prime Minister Justin Trudeau . More here: cdnpoli elxn43 Please stop talking. Lol!!! He should take those three other real estate courses he missed out on just in case...😉

Photos from election day in Trudeau, Scheer, May and Singh's ridings - Macleans.caLeaders cast their votes with spouses, families (and dogs) in tow while supporters display their party colours. Here are memorable shots from Election 2019.

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