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Elxn 43, Itsourvote

Scheer wins own seat, Conservatives fall short of majority

Scheer wins own seat, Conservatives fall short of majority #elxn43 #ItsOurVote #cdnpoli


Scheer wins own seat, Conservatives fall short of majority elxn43 ItsOurVote cdnpoli

Despite their pledge to put more money in the pockets of Canadians and their repeated attempts to cast doubt on the character of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau , the Conservatives fell short of their goal to unseat their incumbent rivals on Monday night.

While the Tory leader held onto his own seat in the Saskatchewan riding of Regina—Qu'Appelle, his party didn’t make the breakthroughs they had hoped for in other parts of the country.

However, the Conservatives’ four seats weren’t exactly what they were hoping for and several star candidates, particularly in Nova Scotia, didn’t live up to expectations.

The Bloc Quebecois was largely to blame for the Tories’ poor showing after they enjoyed an unexpected surge during the campaign, biting into both the Conservatives and Liberals’ support.

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There are no selfies in sheers books ,,what a great man. 🙏🙏🙏 Thank god he didn’t win election ! not too shabby for a secret american Would really like to know of the conservatives hired firms to destroy other party’s campaigns...should be investigated But wins the popular vote. The most popular leader in Canada!

What kind of ass-backwards headline is this? Amen CTV news, the fox of Canada. I thought Mr.Trudeau and the Liberals fell just short of a majority. I think the wannabe insurance salesman just made it into opposition to continue his free housing. Who wrote the headline..Mr.Fife? Scheer is a Nice dude, but not a LEADER. He ought to Step aside now if the PC is to have a shot next time. Anyone in Scheer's position would have added seats by pure Default. Trudeau is Horrible and Shceer could not beat him. Scheer, Nice guy, not a Leader

Way short! For all the dirty manipulative tricks played by the PC party and specific far right elitist groups also the billions of dollars spent Scheer could thankfully not succeed

Scheer heads to historic Liberal riding to urge Canadians to vote out governmentMonday morning, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer headed into the riding belonging to Liberal cabinet minister Ralph Goodale, who has been in politics for nearly 45 years, the majority of them at the federal level. They look like a couple of guys stealing Amazon boxes. Brave man Keep at’er Andrew.

Ctv your bias is showing AGAIN, conservatives lost the election! He stopped the power justin had. Well done! I hope my 'I told you so' doesn't blare out if this idiot is a Fan of Ford?!!! They actually fell short of a minority. Oh come on this head line is bullshit. He didn’t come close in the minority or majority. fixit FactsMatter

Time for a new conservative leader. Scheer couldn’t get it done. They also fell short of falling short. CTVAtlantic Ah yes...... liberal voters. It's like the woman that catches her husband in the act of cheating, only for him to look her in the eye and say he wasn't cheating, and her saying 'ok, I believe you weren't cheating even though I saw you banging that woman.' Pathetic!

Tradition says leader convention on loss for conservatives. 😢

As campaign ends, Scheer says he's proud of party's 'positive' work Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he is proud of the campaign his team has run, which he is styling as one of hope. Another lie! The lying never ends !!! If your voting liberal, you definitely know about lying

Why is that Trudeau hater evansolomon on this election news cast. He’s on far right radio during the day. Why doesn’t he just run for the People’s Party instead of pretending to be an unbiased journalist. Because they lost stop fucking spinning it. WEXIT He has to resign as he had told Trudeau. Yup that’s how it happens that we Canadians are stuck with a complete efn idiot for another while. I just wonder when this is all going to collapse and we will be paying for this pinhead. He is good.....he has his trust fund, albeit illegal. Thanks to old ef brain dad Pierre.

WTF? What you meant to say is that they fall short of a minority. Or to be clearer- They lost! They just fell. Whew trudeau wins seat Loses majority. where is that post. so biased. and trudeau bought votes, mostly from those who don't actually contribute. how about an analysis of votes by who actually pays into the system

His negative attitude did not help trying to be like Ford

Trudeau, Scheer and Singh take aim at Bloc Québécois ahead of Monday’s electionAll major federal leaders expressed concern about the sovereigntist party led by Yves-François Blanchet that has gained momentum in the polls globepolitics Let’s remember the real Trudeau globepolitics globepolitics I'm sure that will work well. Not.

How cute. A Trump thumbs up. 😎😝😎 Fall short of a victory as well. Fear loses here Andrew can’t be trusted And canada gets their first black prime minister Your broadcast seems to discuss Quebec and Ontario i think there are other provinces in this federation your broadcast is aweful no wonder western Canada is so disgruntled

I’m scared for 🇨🇦😔. What does it say about us that we want a Prime Minister who lies, is corrupt to benefit big corporations, wants pot legalized, penalizes us for heating our homes in cold temps& for putting gas in our vehicles,pays terrorists, lets ISIS fighters return,etc? Here’s to hoping conservatives reflect on this and finally change their negative tone.

You can do way better than that . What a terribly misleading headline What hell is this panel omg it sucks

Scheer says he’s proud of Conservative Party’s work as campaign winds down'We have had a very open and transparent campaign,' Scheer said, while promising to continue that openness and transparency if his party forms government. elxn43 cdnpoli What?.?.. PM Andrew Scheer I can not believe what I'm hearing

Justin is a joke ... wins 32 percent of the vote 66 percent of Canadian population vote against him ... minority of population is controlling the country ... CTVAtlantic Uhhh, they fell short of a minority too actually. Conservatives didn’t even come close to a majority government, what the hell kind of misleading headline is that!

FriendsOScience AndrewScheer You’ve got to be the biggest moron in the world to lose to Justin Trudeau. Resign Canada spoke! But Canada has a stupid voting system the seats! that is control by the east every election. It’s already won before it starts counting at Manitoba boarder. Thank goodness we don’t have to put up with the lying American.

Toronto rules the country This is a sad day for Canada. People have been duped into supporting identity politics, corruption and obstruction, reckless spending under the guise of building the economy, and lies. Are you serious....they didn’t even come close to a minority.... Its time to raise the conservatives up

Trudeau, Scheer slam Blanchet’s Quebec sovereignty comment on last day of campaignThe Bloc has surged during the six-week official campaign, partly thanks to Blanchet's convincing performance in the debates, where he promised to stick up for Quebec. 'all the attributes of sovereignty' Separate please! Translation - They want to go back to using blackmail/extortion tactics on the rest of the country to get favorable treatment. Which, when you think about it, would really only apply if the Libs lose, since Justin already does give them this.

No shit Einstein! Interesting way to say “conservatives will not win this election.” Conservatives won the popular vote. Didn't win a minority govt neither Scheer snatched defeat from the jaws of victory..need a new leader Good but I sure wish conservatives had a majority, why on earth would people want truedumb back... The West has been all blue and my riding Bob Zimmer beating lib way over the top, woot!

Congrats PM Justin Trudeau. Funny how the news headline makes it seem like Conservatives lost by a hair. 🙄 GOOD! Maybe he should have campaigned with two planes? CTVAtlantic

Election 2019: As campaign ends, Scheer says he’s proud of party’s ’positive’ workScheer will be in and around the Vancouver area on the final day of the campaign. and we all know how honest he has been .... Hmm CertainVendors might disagree.... Positively awful pile of Bullshit. Your sheep's clothing is threadbare. We all know you will turn hard right like the little Trump that you are. Knowing that there isn't another party that would align with you. If we had proportional representation you would far behind.

WTF is wrong with you? You mean, the American guy who will never be PM of Canada ? Conservatives fall short of majority? Wow that’s news. They also fell short of a minority

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