Looking back on 2 years of COVID-19 in B.C.

2022-01-29 2:00:00 AM

B.C. health officials look back on the two years since the province's first COVID case.

B.C. health officials look back on the two years since the province's first COVID case.

B.C. health officials look back on the two years since the province's first COVID case.

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Omicron COVID-19 cases appear to have peaked — but ‘prudence’ still vital: Tam | Globalnews.caCanada's top doctor says she's waiting the Omicron wave to end for more data about levels of immunity and the impact on hospitalizations. Why the black out of the truckers rally? I suppose your pharmaceutical overlords would not approve See needs to be stripped of her job and left out in the cold. But there’s a new Convoy variant that your daddy Trudeau was exposed to, and needs to self isolate even after 3 shots? When will he get his 4th does to protect the people around him?

Trudeau says he's isolating after exposure to COVID-19 | CBC NewsPrime Minister Justin Trudeau says he's isolating for five days after he was exposed to COVID-19. How convenient A fool for the whole world to see Lmao of course knowing the huge amount of people coming down the highway&despite their traumatic yr some first nations r joining this freedom convoy,so unifying run& hide Trudeau but u need to resign

Boston man denied heart transplant because he’s not vaccinated against COVID-19 - National | Globalnews.caD.J. Ferguson has been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation — an irregular and often rapid heart rhythm — and has concerns about the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine. And this happens with people who smoke for cancer treatments, and joint replacement, people who drink for transplants, and people who are obese for all surgery. get used to it. I have atrial fibrillation, three covid shots, and no side effects. Don't make problems where none exist.

Moderna begins testing Omicron-specific COVID-19 booster shot - National | Globalnews.caModerna said it had dosed the first participant in a study testing its Omicron-specific booster vaccine. How fast will this shot kill people? We're still in the clinical trials for another year. Have they found the lethal dose yet?

'I feel forgotten': Patients in Ontario wait for surgeries postponed due to COVID-19 | CBC NewsThe backlog of health-care services has grown 'quite substantially' during the pandemic, but backlogs and wait-lists have been an issue for decades, says one Toronto doctor. I think it’s time to rethink/redesign our health care model. We need to include more privatization. Obviously the universal system isn’t cutting it. We can do better and we need to do better. Not against universal health care but our current model is not working Decades of defunding at both federal and provincial levels left healthcare poor even before the pandemic. Tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires that is so cool 😒 It’s so easy to claim that the woes felt across the country are not due to insane bureaucratic meddling and ineptitude but are actually because of the pandemic. There are many examples of third world countries with a better Covid response than Canada.

Canadian university races former Chinese partner to make a COVID-19 booster | CBC NewsA vaccine collaboration between McMaster University in Hamilton and a former Chinese partner stalled years ago and they are now independently racing to develop similar COVID-19 boosters, The Fifth Estate has found.

CTV News | News Video - Top National News Headlines - News Videos CTV News Video Network CTV News | News Video - Top National News Headlines - News Videos Clip link: .COVID-19 has peaked in Canada, health officials said Friday, but Canada’s top doctor isn’t ready to say whether the worst is behind us.Social Sharing PM says he was exposed Wednesday night CBC News · Posted: Jan 27, 2022 9:40 AM ET | Last Updated: 1 hour ago Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not be in the House of Commons on Monday after he was exposed to a case of COVID-19.Copy article link Copy link A Boston hospital is defending itself after a man’s family claimed he was denied a new heart for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19 , saying most transplant programs around the country set similar requirements to improve patients’ chances of survival.