'Largest gun ban in Canadian history': Bill amendment could criminalize millions of hunting rifles

2022-11-25 3:51:00 AM

'Largest gun ban in Canadian history': Bill amendment could criminalize millions of hunting rifles

'Largest gun ban in Canadian history': Bill amendment could criminalize millions of hunting rifles

Liberal MP Paul Chiang introduced an amendment to a gun control bill that would effectively criminalize many firearms used by hunters

Article contentby Tony Bernardo, executive director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association.“Because of their ubiquity, a ban on these semi-automatic duck guns would create a significant backlash, so it’s not surprising that the Liberals have steered carefully clear of banning them,” Canadian firearms expert Andrew Somerset said in an email to the National Post.

Article contentBut with many Canadian hunting rifles effectively being banished to gun safes by the amendment, the effect would be that Canadian hunters would mostly be limited to firearms using pumps, lever or bolts to manually load cartridges into the chamber before each pull of the trigger.

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All these gun bans and yet gun violence is getting worse. Hunting rifles aren’t a threat to no one. For all of those in support for banning semi-autos. Will you fork out the dough to buy back all the semi-auto guns legitimate owners have owned for decades? Because it seems to be no inconvenience for those who will be losing nothing. So how about we all lose?

Remember Canadians, if it's time to hide them it's time to use them. Just because you have lots of money does not mean the rest do. Hunting put food on the table! More evidence Alberta needs to push Ottawa back. We do not need them. Because Moe the duck hunter is the real problem here, right ?! Canadians are about to learn a valuable collective lesson.... the hard way.

'Altogether, the amendments constitute a blanket ban on almost all types of Canadian semi-automatic firearms; basically, any gun configured to load a new round after each pull of the trigger' Whats the issue? Do you need a semi-automatic to hunt? Better have a bigger revolt than the Convoy for this, many others and a court run by everyday Citizens for a trial of any member of Parliament that belong to the WEF.

I only listen to my Chief Firearms Officer... And guess what... He said we can keep all our guns... Didn't even bother with the last ban at all... All Smoke N Mirrors to appease the radical left... Who barely understand anything around em...

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I can hardly believe it but it's true. Anno 2022 the only real fascist in power is Trudeau. Trust me when I tell you, millions of Canadians legal gun owners will not be turning our firearms in. Come and get’em I told y'all in my online posts this move could happen 5+ years ago. The highestpower who may be CIA who would be God can remove every gun, gun part, shell & cartridge from the world and all hunters & target shooters could hand them over with a big smile on all of their faces.

Is there an election right away? Usually only starts this kind of crap when there's something on the line. This will not stop a single crime but create 100s of thousands of criminals overnight. Hmm..the legal owners..do no harm...it is a joke cuz the ones that cause harm run free..makes u wonder y r they punishing the innocent?..or is that another elephant in the room

I’m so sick of this Liberal government! Try and come take my hunting rifle! I Dare you! Don’t we all feel a lot safer? 🤢 Liberals are Nazis canadiangovernmentcompromised treason USMCA removeliberalparty

LILLEY: Trudeau targets hunters with gun bill changes that assault Canadian heritageIt won\u0027t stop crime but that\u0027s not the point, Trudeau\u0027s Liberals are targeting hunters and farmers, not criminals.

🥵 Tyranny full stop. Gotta take all the guns...except from the criminals of course Semi-automatic assault weapons are not hunting rifles. Hunting is supposed to be a sport. There is absolutely no sport in shooting harmless animals with semi-automatic weapons. These are misleading statements that have been made by an organization with an agenda!

They need to get the people to give up their firearms so they can usher in a dictatorship. DO NOT COMPLY!!! It WILL criminalize millions of law abiding Canadian citizens. If the government says you don't need a firearm, you definitely need a firearm. DO NOT COMPLY!!!! Gun owners in Canada outnumber the combined total of all police and army personnel.. Trudeau lives in fear that Canadians will rise up in resistance to his dictatorship. Thus gun control. Leading to more unregistered guns and ammunition.

Ask any Armenian, as soon as the Turks confiscated their firearm they were sent to their death. 1.5 million of them to be exact. Typical LIBERALS. Typical Trudeau. There is clearly ZERO evidence to support such a proposal. TrudeauForTreason

LILLEY: Trudeau targets hunters with gun bill changes that assault Canadian heritageIt won\u0027t stop crime but that\u0027s not the point, Trudeau\u0027s Liberals are targeting hunters and farmers, not criminals. brianlilley A typical Trudeau move. When he knows things ate going to get difficult politically, he says 'look squirrel'. And, poof, a diversion appears. brianlilley Homicides in Canada have more than doubled since Trudeau came to power. brianlilley Every month we have a new gun law targeting law abiding gun owners and zip being done to control violent gun crimes.

LMAO Canadian's gave the government an inch, and they took a mile. Y'all voted for Admiral Blackface, you did this to yourselves. China seemingly wants to take over Canada and Mexico (via government infiltrates) to attack USA in a pincher movement. Time to take out China’s military while they’re still weak.

It's not a gun ban it's disarmament. In line with the UN/WEF Agenda 2030. Good. Yes we want gun ban. I have lived more than half of my life without guns. Why can't others. They are planning on doing terrible things There's only 1 reason a Government takes law abiding citizens guns away. TYRANNY Way to go Canada!! Will Canadians submit?

Resist DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR FIREARM!!! Dear Canadians, some of y’all best start giving a shit.

Feds file judicial review of $40B Indigenous child-welfare settlement - Terrace StandardTribunal’s finding threw the landmark settlement — the largest in Canadian history — into question

Criminals don’t kill people with registered guns. Guns don’t kill people neither! People kill people. Yes, hunters don’t need semi-automatic rifles! Yet the answer isn’t to penalize legal gun owners to keep illegal guns out of the criminals hands. This is a slippery slope. On what earth is any hunting rifle 2 rounds? This guy sounds like he truly is a Trudeau Castro enjoyer.

ABDanielleSmith - are watching this? Is Alberta going to ignore this? Underhanded and sneaky, slip it in after all debate is over.... Transparency of the liberals is amazing. And its not even the worst part. Hunters & Grandpa's are now criminals. And no compensation for personal possessions made illegal.

Banning firearms so you cant defend yourself against the government. Just wrong TrudeauMustGo Great , only organized crime , will have guns . Tyrants love a defenceless populace.

LILLEY: Trudeau targets hunters with gun bill changes that assault Canadian heritageIt won\u0027t stop crime but that\u0027s not the point, Trudeau\u0027s Liberals are targeting hunters and farmers, not criminals.

Do not comply Sound fine. Everything is fine. Nothing to worry about eh. Why would joy need to hunt, or to protect yourself eh. No you don’t. The government will protect you eh , they promise. Garbage...and have no real reason as to do so Land of the tyrants, home of the cowards. Time to keep your rights

Everyone thinks Castro’s dead, but in reality he’s living on through his son Castreau. Canada (their government, not people or land) is a joke now and it’s really sad to see We should ban liberals next. Trudeau doesn't have a clue. Get rid of all federal gun laws. There is no reason for someone in Toronto and someone in Alberta need to agree on gun laws

GUNTER: Liberal elite have more faith in piety than rule of lawThe attitude of Canada’s ruling Liberal elite, as demonstrated by testimony during the Rouleau inquiry, is: “The law is what we say it is.\u0022

Hey Ottawa residents! Guess who is coming back for a visit. THE PEOPLE! Get your tissues ready. Oh no. Canada is turning into the new Australia. You’re all doomed. He’s going to put anyone who stands against his policy in Fucking camps. Run Going to be a sizeable black market now. Great job Trudeau This is the gun lobby causing hysterics over the maximum 20mm shotgun bore, RCMP have already said they will not quibble(that’s a Kenney word) over subtle differences.

Eat Z bugs! Looks like I'd better hurry up and get a rifle. And this is going to stop criminals how? So the government is going to go door to door taking people's firearms ?, not happening 😁 Then what? Let the 'culling' begin?

Communist like this liberal government can't have anyone being self sufficient, small farmers are target's as well. They will take away everything to get your soul to give up and comply. So no more hunting. Sure bolt action single shot but thats no good against a charging bear. We will be taken over by geese, deer, moose, coyotes and many other animals that will destroy our crops and people.

Finally these gang members hunting in Toronto will give up their weapons. Thanks, Justin! (cough) Only a tyrant would seek to disarm law abiding citizens. Come and take them. Thank nobody but yourselves Conservatives. You allowed your party to get thrown into the extremist category. The Liberals get to design Canada into what they think it should be. If that route doesn't work, maybe you guys can undo his changes in the future. But for now, suck it up

Just like a Castro to go for the guns first. Make sure they have nothing to fight back with. Straight out of daddy's playbook Society of Victims will find other ways It's like Trudeau is purposely trying to infuriate people and divide Canadians. TrudeauNationalDisgrace CCFR_CCDAF It appears that its up to the 2.2 million licensed gun owners plus the millions of supporters to defend government overreaching, seizure of private property & ownership rights by discriminatory selective targeting of such a highly RCMP vetted & scrutinized Legal & Safe gun owners

Banning law abiding citizens won’t solve criminality and Liberals know it. They want just to disarm any possible opposition to gain control. They are applying communist tactics.

Yes if they are automatic weapons which are NOT necessary for hunting. Don't let them go. Fight for every inch, you've seen what happens when a nation's populace is disarmed Ontario Police FATE stats show that 85% of all handguns and 70% of all long gun crimes in that province are traced back to illegal firearms smuggled from Texas. You can buy a gun for $500 in Texas and sell it in Ont for $6-8000 according to police.

Trying to get people of his Chinese connections.coste honeste people to be criminals ass …….. liberal “We aren’t coming for your hunting rifles” - yet another lie by the Prime Liar, Justin Trudeau. É assim que começa. Uma lei para ajustar aqui e ali e depois, uma lei que retira todo o direito. This is just wrong.

Please don't give up your guns. This is communism and who wants to have trudump hail over us. Good. Good, they should be banned especially hunting rifles!! Hunting animals for sport is NOT a sport and should be banned. Civilians don't need guns or rifles!!! banguns BanAssaultWeapons banrifles

They want us like Australia where citizens can’t even think about standing up for themselves. I’ve had enough of JustinTrudeau . CPC_HQ PierrePoilievre NDP do something!!!! Apparently most Canadians don’t know current laws or anything about firearms and hunting. Good!! Disarming the people so any resistance to the WEF agenda will be futile.

I'm very much a strong left-leaning individual but goddamn do I hate the fucking Liberals' obsession with screwing over lawful gun owners. This isn't the States, you're not curbing gun violence doing this. If you need a semi automatic weapon to hunt you are not a hunter period. Also no one needs to own a weapon made to look like an assault weapon unless of course you have a very small penis 🤷‍♀️. Prove me wrong.

Thank Justin for this. Hey , it worked for Castro , Chavez and Hitler Criminal government wants to take your guns while they planned using tanks on people. Get fucked you tyrannical criminals!

Getting rid of guns doesn't solve murders. People are going to murder regardless of guns. Millions? Hardly. Just the ones that can be easily concealed or can be used tactically. ethicaljournalism facts And the people that own them. Canada is broken liberal_party step by overreaching step, takes away Canadians rights and freedoms. They prefer thugs have guns. It must be the company they keep. JustinTrudeau marcomendicino grossincompetents trudeaumustgo

Good. We Canadians don’t want any part of the gun insanity that is in the United States. This criminal government should be blocked from passing any new laws or amending old ones. Vote out these criminals! 🖕 So disarm the population just as you're going to impose all these psychotic new regulations with your globalist agenda. Anything to help Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and co achieve total tyranny.

Go ahead and try to take em good luck Canada Do not see how 'gun control' works on the criminal side of the isle though

Legal rifles aren’t being used by criminals. Obviously none of these liberals have in a rural area and had to deal with a pack of coyotes - a single shot rifle won’t work. Bill C21 affects ALL Canadians. Not wanting to own a gun is a VERY different thing from JustinTrudeau deciding that you cannot own one. If you do not appreciate this difference, you deserve the future he has in store for you.

Police state 99% of incidents with guns involve ILLEGAL UNREGISTERED Guns. 98% of deaths from Registered Guns are Suicides, leaving only 2% as cleaning accidents and lapses and judgement. So 0.0002% of crimes...sound familiar? Right. Who cares about the smuggling of illegal guns into Canada? Do you guys have any rights in Canada? Seems like your government just does what they want with you.. is there a Canadian constitution?

Look how the are trying to control people If you need a semiautomatic weapon to hunt, you probably shouldn't be hunting at all.

Communism is in Canada. Ya think? Nobody can take what you already have. Everyone who supports this I say just wait until they take away a right that affects you. It will look so good on you. Then you’ll realize who the real enemy is Canadians are total slaves if they allow their government to deny their God given right to protect themselves and to hunt and feed off the land. NWO wants all countries to be exactly like China. Remember, these are just men and women messing with you.

That’s OK. Time to give the wildlife the advantage. Citizen do not need handguns, AK-47s or any other weapon designed to end human life. A two-shot hunting rifle is the ONLY gun citizens should be allowed to have. When you're losing your narrative with the EA inquiry.... right wing rags go back to their old stand by

Canada. No freedoms. Just government. They're just welcoming control over their lives. This is a fake news story by NP fordnation It's time for you to publicly and forcefully stand up for the law abiding gun owners of Ontario.

They are trying to totally désarme us . Hell with that Ridiculous Maybe I'm missing something, but what is your point? “Could” … it “could” also lead to a lasting solution… it “would” work with more buy-in & it “should” be common sense that limiting access to guns is a good idea! If only “could” offer truthful reporting it “would” be an improvement; that “should” be their focus.

LuGu5000 And this will fix NOTHING. When will the uniformed wake up What fabulous news! No more guns every time they do this, it makes me think they are going to drastically 'reset' society; badly, drastically, severely - and the gun bans are simply done to reduce any resistance to this they might encounter. call me paranoid. but after the past few years of this...

rexglacer So when do we protest and cease productivity until our freedoms are saved? Egregious tyrannical government. They need us unarmed for the WEF takeover and the reset! The Trudeau liberals have lost thier collective minds.

This is getting out of hand! History repeated itself, Looking very much like what previous regimes have done around the world right before a totalitarian power grab. Wake up Canada! This is not about gun violence and safety! Gun control is control. When the government takes away citizens’ right to self defense, what should we conclude?

rexglacer Please report how many people were shot by licensed hunters/ gun owners during this years hunt?Serious question Disgusting. Once again, going after the wrong people. But then again, this government doesn't want an armed public. Only they want the guns. What can go wrong then right? What’s next a bolt action cause that’s what snipers use LiberalsMustGo

Yep, without Parliamentary Debate, Elected Vote or review by the Senate. This is NOT democracy. This is just a shame. Lawful owners are being rolled over. Jane80270650 The reason they want hunting rifles outlawed is because farmers will defend their properties if any act of aggression is imposed on them by unjust federal taxation or bank foreclosure meant to evict. These are homestead farms. Research Home Children

TrudeauDestroyingCanada Ridiculous.. none of it addresses criminal weapons. It's simply a power grab.

Government over reach like never before! How can Canadians not see we are ruled by a communist regime ! Fuck let’s do cars next as they cause 8x more deaths in Canada then guns The gun is a tool. It's the person who kills not the gun. You might as well ban all knives and other things that can kill people as well. Fucking liberals.

inky_mark Then shouldn’t the police give up their guns too? We are not permitting the seizure of our guns because we don't commit crimes. Government theft will not be tolerated. inky_mark “...and will have zero effect on crime.” RossMcleanSec Turdeau has a nasty habit of using US mass shotting events for his political agenda. Now we get this. TrudeauMustGo

So what's the plan folks? Can anyone direct me to a shooting club page? Protests being organized? All i see is bitching in the comments

This country was founded on hunting and farmers. This is wrong to take their lawful guns. They played by the rules. You Trudeau Government DO NOT! Crazy and illogical ! Will ban hunting rifles and make them illegal while there is a 92% increase in gang related hun violence. Another example of f…’d up Liberal priories!

Just like daddy 💩 I find it interesting that the wording of the law is that a semi auto designed to except detachable magazines and then later seeing the sks names specifically. It was never designed to have a detachable magazine, it was designed with a permanent mag fed via stepper clips. Revert to putting food on the table like drug dealers do!!!!

Punish people who hunt and have never or will never break the law sounds like something a dictator would do Look at all the good little Canadian slaves, where your mask an STHU. My father hunted deer for years -- quite successfully -- using bolt-action and lever-action rifles. Using a semiautomatic is not sport.

What a joke... Shandro the rage farmer. How's this years crop? Maybe he should go to Ottawa and yell in the PMs driveway. 🙄

This will zero affect on gun crime . Gangs etc dont care about current laws because they are not enforced. Guns will be smuggled into the country so nothing will change . The only folks affected law abiding gun owners .Has gun crime reduced since handgun ban no The majority of the guns banned are small caliber plinking rifles - ones that are specifically designated for use in sport shooting. These bans, coupled with the handgun freeze are going to completely kill the peaceful gun culture that's been part of Canadian heritage for years.

We need more guns Canadians are so screwed but we are only maybe a year or two behind them When any nation mistrusts its citizens with guns, it is sending a clear message. It no longer trusts its citizens because such a government has evil plans What they want with our guns? Don't let these tools take anything from you

The experts on GunControl They just threw millions of hunters and target shooters under the bus for political purposes by sneakily introducing a last minute amendment to a bill, without debate, to turn it into the most draconian firearms law in Canadian history. Dont give up your guns! Fight against the gov if they wanna take them!!

Yup, that will show those criminals! Show them how much easier it will be to commit more crimes as everyone is left defenceless. In India common people cannot buy guns and law is also weak that's why criminal are walking freely and crime increasing day by day. Criminals know that they will get bail easily even in murder or rape cases. But if common people allowed to have gun then crime rate will go down.

Alberta will not comply ABDanielleSmith will protect our rights Every Canadian should be very worried Who wants to update this to Trudeau‘s face? Their plan is to start doing things you will want to shoot them for, or you’ll have to shoot them to protect your society. That’s the plan. Always is. I’m glad i don’t live in Canada 🤷🏼‍♂️

Just turn in your guns, and the government will feed you. It’s just so strange that liberals want to take everybody’s guns cuz gun death but never address major cities that are riddled with gun violence. Why do they want to do it but only halfway 🤔🤔

Yada, yada, yada....We're all so complacent and we sit back and do nothing...Pass the Vaseline The only reason to tell a population they can't even have guns to hunt food with, and you're going to totally disarm them, is because you plan to do something really, really bad to them and you don't want them to fight back.

There is only one reason that this would be done. I suggest all freedom loving Canadians start stocking up. Hard times are coming. Castreu is coming for you. What are they planning doing to you guys? Brought to you by PM Stupid Trudope. So stupid. This makes absolutely zero sense. People are so scared of guns…..you need to be scared of people. Licensed firearms owners ARE not out killing people. Tighten up at the borders and put an end to gang violence and gun slinging. Stopping people from hunting is stupid

This needs to stop. Canadians NEED to have new laws to incorporate legal gun ownership as a right. I am not a gun owner and think this bill is idiotic

Come take them. Hope they want it more than I value my rights though. Good! More animals will live. What BS reporting! not happening Totalitarianism incoming. Tristin Hopper is a pathetic propagandistic hack. This shit is so dump, any criminal who wants to get a rifle can easily pick one up from the US, all gun legislation is completely useless and pointless, when a 15min drive across the border can skirt these rules, and people should be allowed to hunt

BIGGEST GUN PROBLEM IN CANADA ARE THESE GUNS💪 Is this the hill to die on? Yep! Alberta will not enforce this. I took my pal course 3-4 years ago. I remember what the instructor-said, their was one lady he had no idea why she was taking the course. He asked questions & found out it was Michelle remple. She said if I’m voting on laws I want to know the training is required to own a gun

I get the sense that Trudeau isn’t going to run again and he is trying to pack in everything he wants to be seen as his legacy in before he steps down. COLD, DEAD, HANDS…. Do not comply. This is a direct attack on rural Canadians and our culture. Meanwhile, criminals keep shooting up the cities. Yeah the criminal gun smuggling gangs are gunna hate this one.

The guns that are used for violent crimes are illegal What a joke. Can't wait for PierrePoilievre to be PM Criminalizing legally obtained property, purchased by vetted citizens w/ govt issued licenses, using said licenses, from govt licensed vendors. While simultaneously pushing C-5, to be more “fair and equitable” to people actually breaking the law w/ illegal firearms. Interesting.

No kidding hunting rifles eh. Well bill c21 sure escalated quickly and quietly....Hope when the conservatives re-take power common sense gun laws will be restored Im sure trudeau’s security detail will be armed to the teeth tho.

Only firearm you need to hunt is a bolt action long gun. Oh Canada... we stand on guard for... nevermind we should change this to planting flowers. Even hunting rifles WTH 🤦‍♂️ what is wrong with this government? First you limit free speech then you disarm the citizenry then like all tyrannical governments you can totally control the people.., Canada has become a country where people believe what our leaders tell us and disbelieve what what we can plainly see… or are afraid to disagree

Hands off. Our guns. First they tell you what to think say and believe in, now they’re telling you what you aren’t allowed to own. They work for us, let’s keep reminding ourselves of that. CoryBMorgan TrudeauDictatorship is trying to disarm Canadians. Can't people see the Control he is after? If you think he's an Authoritative Tyrant now you haven't seen nothing yet People need to stop with the 'that doesn't effect me' ignorance One by one he's coming after everyone's lives

I've read about this in history class. Should end well. What a fuck!ng joke liberals are. This does zero to improve public safety. Get over your irrational fear of guns lefties. I hate this country more every day.

While most Canadian homicides are not committed with a gun, shootings represent 74 per cent of gang homicides Get a life face_victory We need to call an Election NOW! A non confidence vote by Canadians! This is why alberta needs the sovernty Act Immediately Canada is on its way to becoming the largest state run communist ‘democracy’ in the world. People not even worried about what’s going on or what?

Canadians need to stand up to this government not just hunters and sport shooters. cdnpoli When pretending to be a man is more important than actually being one. If'n the law is saying that specifically identified firearms are to be banned, be the 'law-abiding citizen' you like to think you are instead of the poser you actually are.

davebro__ This has nothing to do with good policy or even liberals traditional policy making This is about following the globalists plan to disarm and enslave us Time to WTFU and stand together against this Criminals don't even register this shit

ztisdale good. The Liberals are masters of creating wedge issues to bait Conservatives into criticizing them so, for example in this case, they can say 'Aha! The Conservatives are gun loving rednecks!' It's genius really. They know their mindless supporters will fall for it every time. The Anti-Gun crowd have to be the most emotionally unintelligent group of people in the country. Let's think about this objectively for one second - imagine being afraid of an inanimate object in my grandfather's basement.

It's time to ban corrupt as shit liberal_party govt's. Disarming civilians is a totalitarian tactic. Gee I wonder why they are taking our guns🤔oh that’s right Totalitarianism and communism is easier to enforce with no fear of push back if the citizens are unarmed. Sounds good to me ! Deranged

inky_mark Wouldn’t taking the criminals & gangs guns make more sense ?! I mean start with the illegal guns (that’s a full time job) …..just leave the legal Blinded by party Liberals need to giver their head a shake. Funny how we get called conspiracy theory believers but the conspiracy theories keep coming true. Hmmmmm

Millions? Really? Good luck trying to take away shotguns and rifles from rightful owners JustinTrudeau What BS - start focusing efforts on illegal guns / criminals!! This is hyperbole at its worst. The traditional, basic hunting rifle is NOT the bill’s target. This fabrication is harmful to every Canadian.

They're coming for your guns I’m guessing big non compliance from the people Sifting through the responses most are based in the whole “but what if the government turns on us” trope. Semiautomatic weapons aren’t going to help you. Recognize that a small but deluded percentage of the population is already convinced “the guberment” has turned on them.

CoryBMorgan Absolutely shameful. This gov't has to go, now. Could. And good. It's a step. Good. There is no need for them at all. Unles you are police or military. This makes absolutely no sense. There are no statistics that support this legislation. We need this as a first step to avoid becoming the USA. Switzerland also has a great system or Japan.

Hitler wanted to disarm its citizens how did that work out? cdnpoli Trudeau can't even pretend to be representing Canadians and Canada's best interests at this point. Why has he not been arrested and deposed yet by the rest of our government? ztisdale They only EVER go after the guns just before a socialist/dictatorship regime takes over. Fact!

When regular Canadians hear about this watch the Liberals backtrack Think twice before you hand your gun! What's coming next must be worse. And just like that, Trudope makes millions of Canadians criminals because they’re not like him and his Laurentian cronies. What a vile person. (Notice I didn’t say man)

Trudeau and Liberals are wrong on this. The problem is illegal hand guns. Ask the police in Toronto. Get rid of this Liberal govt and remember Jag and the NDP allowed them to do this. Decimate both the Liberals and NDP next election. This will surely solve the problem of illegal gun violence in big cities! 😑

MAiD has killed more 🇨🇦s in the last year than legally purchased guns Communist governments disarm the citizens. TrudeauMustGo Ask yourselves why are they doing this? Hunting rifles account for almost 0 murders.... They want to disarm us for the the next stage of them taking away our freedoms. It's all part of the WEF plan.

This government has gone too far . We should have a right to own whatever we are able to afford . What do you mean could ?

So criminals are trying to criminal normal people. Normal people won’t except it. Trudeau has to go! Good bye Good It's absolute nonsense from the Liberals. Attacking law abiding citizens while becoming softer on crime That is a lie. research 'what happens when governments disarm their citizens'. Long dark history.

***LEGAL hunting rifles - while achieving zero credible work on crime involving illegal guns : there is a difference. It will actually criminalize 2.3 million upstanding, law-abiding, innocent Canadian legal gun owners. Nothing could be more normal, in Canada, in 2022. Go woke go broke

I hope Canadians wake up. Good. I’d like to see the stats on how many hunting licences and tags are sold every year before I’ll buy the millions of outraged Canadians line. And will not do anything to stop the next shooting. UweTeufel It’s time for this ridiculously inept and corrupt govt to go away. NonConfidenceForTrudeau

Semi automatic weapons are not hunting rifles. Yes more gun bans just ask yourself why ban the legal guns from their educated owner now... they need us naked for what is to follow If bullets & gun were eggnog & rums we’d all have a Merry Christmas! The Chinese Communist party is getting good value from their MPs. Should we take our guns to an RCMP station or just straight to a Chinese police station. cdnpoli

Highest crime rate comes from gangs with illegal guns. Yet the lighter sentencing are going to help? How? Even more restrictions on legal gun owners is going to lower this? How?

When’s the last time there was a drive by with a hunting rifle or a shotgun? Most of the guns criminals use when committing crimes, are illegally acquired handguns from the US. This ban is doing nothing stop gang violence. LiberalLogic 🤡 country LiberalInsanity It will make law abiding citizens criminals. This is horrible Liberal politics

Don't comply. Hide your guns. Looks like we are going to need them Remove Justinflation now When you realize what the ultimate goal of these 21st century Fascists is... you'd understand why they want the citizenry defenseless. It’s time to put Conservative Party back in this stupid woke country I hate Trudeau more and more everyday. The man is literally ruining this country.

Seizing bank accounts, sewing strife, engaging in psyops on its own citizens and disarming the public. This is what a good government does, right? They don’t allow citizens to have guns in communist countries They're just asking for a violent revolt. Not millions… bazillions of moose mangling machine guns 🙄

Now is the time to fear Justin Trudeau Liberals in their own twisted logic seem to think that criminals will be the first people in line to surrender their smuggled handguns. TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauMustGo TrudeauworstPMever Yes, watch out for the Red ryder gang... Once again this government going after law abiding Canadians, because it's easier to go after them, than actual criminals.

Absolutely ludicrous. Gangs are shooting up our streets with smuggled handguns and Trudeau's solution is to go after people who aren't the problem. 'Having a firearm is an 'important facet of Canadian identity,' Liberal leadership hopeful says' Hunter Convoy here we come!

Come and get them... Why ? Let's see, York police just reported 100% of recent crime guns from US, average of 800 firearms CAUGHT each year at the border (how many times that got in), funding to fight gangs less than promised, revolving door jail terms govt attacks law abiding.. Not could but will!! ..and that's not the end yet, they want ALL guns!!

That handgun ban is working really well! Darn those legal gun tooting gang members. You lost me at 'the Government of Alberta has accused the Federal Government of..' Thankfully Alberta has the Sovereignty Act because ABDanielleSmith could read the tea leaves and saw what was coming. 95% of gun violence are committed by criminals with illegal guns!

Trudeau you are not getting my gun I don't even know what to say anymore.

Proof the Liberals aren’t out to make street safe. They keep reducing sentences for criminals while targeting legal gun owners. Not they are after hunters. Liberals are just being petty. Who wants/ voted for this? These Liberals need to go. Sounds good to me. 'COULD' Because hunting rifles are the guns gangs use in gun violence right?

Good. The fewer guns in the community the better. Here is a version of the popular SKS rifle. It accepts large magazines and is able to fire with each pull of the trigger. It is a mass shooting weapon. Takes away legal Canadian guns then hires thugs to point guns at Canadians... why are the fake 'Liberals' still in office?

As a non firearm owning Canadian I support my lawful licensed neighbors & co-workers as I trust them far more than I trust our current government & i fully support thier right to own semiautomatic firearms & handguns. History shows what governments do to disarmed populations..🇨🇦 All Canadians who aren't criminals and who make up the majority of Canadians after reading this title:

I guess this means they are planning some real heinous shit that would have had people up in arms. This is so messed up. All the people that don’t see what is actually happening are in for a rude awakening. What a joke .. Just like our divisive Prime Minister Justin Trudeau . Who doesn’t know this will not stop gang violence . So stupid .

Won’t be getting mine. More disgusting Liberal bullsh!t TristinHopper There is a significant error in your article. You have mixed up 'prohibited' with 'restricted' firearms in your description of the effects of this on existing firearms. Prohibited firearms cannot be legally used, sold, imported, transferred or transported.

Lol nobody is giving their guns away. Ban them all you want, but nobody is complying with that tyrannical shit. We know what comes next if Canadians give away their guns. The Liberals are purposely disarming Canadians, stand up before it’s too late!

Civil disobedience is our future here in Canada, we can thank JustinTrudeau and the rest the liberal_party clowns for that. cdnpoli Lol. Good luck. This is how Canada addresses gun violence. Get rid of the guns. KISS. Anti-rural. Liberals only want repeat dangerous criminals to be armed Gun control laws are an example of using emotion to craft policy and not science. Legal gun owners are not killing people downtown Vancouver and Toronto. They'd probably protect them.

Semi-automatic rifles and shotguns are extremely common as Canadian hunting arms, which is why firearms advocates say the ban would likely apply to millions of guns currently in active use with Canadian hunters and sport shooters.Innovator of the Year: How Ann Fandozzi is dragging Ritchie Bros.Back to video That theory became reality, and fact, on Tuesday when the Liberals unveiled a number of amendments to their gun control legislation known as Bill C-21.Back to video That theory became reality, and fact, on Tuesday when the Liberals unveiled a number of amendments to their gun control legislation known as Bill C-21.

Advertisement 4 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Article content “The majority of Canada’s 2. At RSA, he wasn’t just head of the Canadian division; he also sat on the company’s global executive committee.2 million licensed firearms owners will now be criminalized, should these amendments to Bill C-21 become law,” read a Tuesday statement by Tony Bernardo, executive director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. Sign Up By clicking on the sign up button you consent to receive the above newsletter from Postmedia Network Inc. Tracey Wilson with the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights called it the “largest gun ban in Canadian history. Indeed, when he asked his dad, Brian—who spent 38 years as an insurance broker—whether he should take the Economical job, Brian told his son it was the job he’d spent the past 30 years preparing for.” One of the only semi-automatic firearms spared by the ban is shotguns that employ “tube” magazines, a firearm most commonly used for duck hunting. You may unsubscribe any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails.

Since the tube isn’t a “detachable” magazine, it dodges the ban. As a kid in Durban, on the east coast of South Africa, you’d often find young Rowan sitting behind his dad’s desk at property and auto insurer Sedgewick Group, and he spent summers as a teenager working there, too. | 365 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3L4 | 416-383-2300 Thanks for signing up! A welcome email is on its way. “Because of their ubiquity, a ban on these semi-automatic duck guns would create a significant backlash, so it’s not surprising that the Liberals have steered carefully clear of banning them,” Canadian firearms expert Andrew Somerset said in an email to the National Post. Advertisement 5 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. After graduating from York University with a degree in arts and history, Saunders planned to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a broker. Article content Nevertheless, the effect is that Canadian duck hunters would still be able to fire off three rounds without manually reloading between shots, but most caribou and deer hunters could not. We encountered an issue signing you up. Several tube-fed semi-automatic shotguns were also included in the 478 pages of additional banned firearms tacked onto the legislation. Saunders landed at RSA Canada and moved up the chain, as well as across the country, before becoming CEO at age 39. We encountered an issue signing you up.

Somerset also noted an easy loophole to the ban, since it only covers firearms with “detachable” magazines. “What happens when some enterprising soul manufactures and markets a larger magazine?” he said. “But it made me dive into the deep end and figure things out quick. “You don’t need an AR-15 to take down a deer,” Trudeau famously said. But with many Canadian hunting rifles effectively being banished to gun safes by the amendment, the effect would be that Canadian hunters would mostly be limited to firearms using pumps, lever or bolts to manually load cartridges into the chamber before each pull of the trigger. Advertisement 6 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. The company began insuring farmers’ barns in 1871 in Berlin, Ont. Article content “Banning and buying back rifles that are used for hunting and sport shooting will only affect law-abiding, RCMP-vetted Canadians who rely on wild game to feed their families or enjoy a day at the shooting range,” Jesse Zeman, executive director of the B. One of the Liberal amendments to their own bill, only moved for vote after all witnesses have been heard from and testimony concluded, will ban hundreds more models of rifles and shotguns. That rifle and those like it will now be banned.

C. Over the next century and a half, it expanded to include several brands, among them Family Insurance, Missisquoi and Petline. Wildlife Federation, said Thursday. Right now, most semi-automatic rifles and shotguns are classified as “non-restricted” firearms; meaning that licensed owners can carry them inside a vehicle or in the bush provided they follow certain precautions. Saunders had a plan: Improve profitability, enter new lines of business and start investing millions in new technology to bring the company into the 21st century. Article content We apologize, but this video has failed to load. The proposed amendments would turn semi-automatic guns into “prohibited” firearms; meaning that they would need to be kept locked up at all times at a home address registered with the RCMP. The firearms could only be fired at licensed gun ranges, and any transportation of the gun would require the owner to first seek an “authorization to transport” with the Mounties. “And the board was incredibly progressive and super willing to do that. Try refreshing your browser, or tap here to see other videos from our team .

Advertisement 7 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. “The Liberal government with this amendment is moving to ban almost all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns,” Conservative MP Raquel Dancho said at the committee where the motion was moved. Article content Failure to do any of this could result in the owner being stripped of their licence and any firearms in their possession – including those not covered by the ban. “This first phase was a really important piece of the strategy and probably one of the more difficult to go through,” says Saunders. Conservative public safety critic Raquel Dancho has emerged as the most vocal opponent of the proposed amendments. “This is the largest assault on hunters in the history of Canada that I’m aware of,” she told reporters on Wednesday .” He hired McKinsey & Co. His claim was rebuffed by Conservative MP Glen Motz who spent 35 years as a police officer. “They’re going after Grandpa Joe’s hunting rifle instead of gangsters in Toronto. His claim was rebuffed by Conservative MP Glen Motz who spent 35 years as a police officer.

” The provincial governments of both Alberta and Saskatchewan also explicitly came out in opposition to the amendments this week, even vowing legal action. Their findings supported Saunders’s feeling that the company was overweight in personal auto policies, which accounted for more than 50% of its book. “These amendments do nothing to target illegal firearms use and further show the disconnect between the federal Liberal government and legal firearms owners in Saskatchewan and across Canada,” by Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe. Advertisement 4 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Alberta’s Minister of Justice Tyler Shandro evidence that “the federal government is clearly seeking to ban legal firearm ownership altogether. Lastly, the company was heavily concentrated in Ontario.” Share this article in your social network Share this Story: .