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I fled to Italy to find myself, but had trouble fitting in

I fled to Italy to find myself, but had trouble fitting in


I fled to Italy to find myself, but had trouble fitting in

Jennifer McGuire fled to Italy to find herself, but she’s having a little bit of trouble adjusting

in Italy is cliché, but fun. Also, I see a bag of chips I don’t recognize – paprika flavour – and I wonder who decided paprika chips should be a flavour when they are obviously just watered-down barbecue. Imagine munching on chips, pausing and waiting for a burst of something that never comes – and now you know what paprika chips taste like. They are a whisper of a chip.

Here in Italy, breakfast looks like this: shooters of espresso and a cornetto. Just like a coffee and a fancy doughnut, basically. That’s it, no variety. Also, I’m telling you this as a public service - if someone in Italy tries to sell you a chocolate croissant, they only mean Nutella, which is not chocolate. I will be fooled by this one too many times.

Eventually, I will find a grocery store that sells six-packs of eggs in the back like a speakeasy and these will be the most delicious eggs I’ve ever eaten, but they will never boil right for me. Either the yolks are too hard or the whites are too runny. Pancakes are going to have to wait, as will my sons who I left at home to go about being grown-ups without me for four months. Fruit, I will find in the supermarket, tiny boxes of blueberries that cost me €4 (nearly $6) for one portion and I will pop them like pills.

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