Distracted Driving, Victoria Provincial Court, Meghan Sarah Wesley Wylie. H.W. Gordon, Kash Heed, Distracted Driving Law Bc

Distracted Driving, Victoria Provincial Court

Charging your phone in your car is not the same as using it, B.C. judge rules

Woman accused of distracted driving for having phone in her lap while it charged acquitted


Woman accused of distracted driving for having phone in her lap while it charged acquitted

A judge has acquitted a Vancouver Island woman who had received a ticket for distracted driving , adding yet another layer of clarification to provincial law on the issue.

The officer who issued the ticket on Dec. 28, 2018, had argued that Wylie was using the phone in two ways: by having it plugged in to charge and by having it positioned on her lap.These two facts - that the screen was not illuminated and that she was not touching it with her hands - were key to the judge's interpretation of B.C.'s distracted driving law.

That said, Gordon notes that "the law on the meaning of use is still not settled."that a woman was guilty of distracted driving for holding a phone with her legs while driving, even though the phone's screen was not illuminated at the time.Not every distracted driving ticket has been upheld, however. In December,

After that ruling, former B.C. solicitor general Kash Heed, one of the architects of the province's distracted driving law, told CTV News Vancouver that the justice "got it right."

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This is what our tax dollars fund. Completely out of control cops. Yah! Don’t have it on your person whilst driving unless you intend on using it. Change the law simple. Good!!! Comensense. The cop that charged her should be made to pay the court costs!! But why have it in one's lap whilr charging? Only reason is to use it!

Police would be better used removing blockades rather than concerning themselves with petty things Lotta self-righteous folk huh.... There is little doubt she was using it. The judge was fed a line of baloney - and believed it. Riiiiight. When I charge my phone I always hold it in my lap.

When it comes to food, the more you have, the more you wasteWhen it comes to food, the more you have, the more you waste via nparts nparts That’s my experience in my house. :/ nparts The solution is multi-fold - the grocery stores need to offer smaller portions instead of incentives for buying extra, and coercing the consumer to buy double the product in order to qualify for the sale price. nparts Sad, but true.

Transport Canada to launch school bus seatbelt pilot programs in Sudbury, Ont., and B.C.Participating B.C. location will be announced at later date It’s bizarre they are not used. Vestiges of 1930s and 1940s vehicle safety standards.

What is a pap test? Here’s what doctors are looking forA pap test is used to prevent cervical cancer, and it's important that you keep up with your appointments and understand why you need them, say doctors. Good if you have a doc. My niece died of cervical cancer at 28. She had no access to PAP test cause she had no family doctor in NS. She made trips to the ER. ER's aren't designed for big picture diagnostics. By time it was diagnosed it was too late. There's no clinics either. Men can have a cervix too Or , apparently— identifies as having a cervix.

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaSo? As long as management respects employees time off, it could work. It hasn’t yet... If it's good for 'workers' health the economy will benefit!

Class-action suit filed against BCLC over 'deceptive, addictive and dangerous' video slotsAn unusual feature of the proposed class action lawsuit is an allegation that the use of video slots in B.C. is in violation of the Criminal Code.

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