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George Floyd, Racism

How has racism impacted your life? We want to hear from you

2020-06-02 6:04:00 PM

How has racism impacted your life? We want to hear from you

Published Tuesday, June 2, 2020 11:00AM EDTA protestor holds a 'Black Lives Matter' sign on top of a building on Sunday, May 31, on Main Avenue in Sioux Falls, S.D. (Erin Bormett/The Argus Leader via AP)SHARETORONTO -- The death of George Floyd in Minnesota has sparked anti-black racism protests around the world and reopened conversations about racism in Canada.

White woman charged after calling 911 on Black man in racist NYC confrontation This couple can't be together in Canada because of COVID-19, so they're moving to Serbia Man arrested near Rideau Hall had several weapons, threatened PM Trudeau: RCMP

We want to hear from you. If you’d like to share your experiences with anti-black racism, please email us atwith your name, location and contact information.Your comments may be used on CTV News Channel and online at Read more: CTV News »

Hey when are you gonna post information about this?!? Or are you just gonna continue sticking to the hero JustinTrudeau , the race war and Covid? Get a life CTV Race baiting ‘This discussing red journalism paid for by a black faced, ass grabbing, lying, demagogue who hides under his bed and can’t go to work but has time to anti social distance and protest’

Again...GREAT JOB CTV!! You people are professionals! Amazing work reporting and also antagonizing the public. Hands down the best news reporting agency! Do you even have anyone who reviews these before you post? .... This happened to me on May 1st, 2020 a racist unilaterally banned my possessions for no reason and without evidence solely for political points.

How’s South Africa doing since Mandela was president? It’s still a shithole and racism there is more rampant than in Canada. Didn't know I was racist until Trudeau said so. What a bummer. This happened to me in 2020 ⬇️ This happened to me: A native fellow shoved me from behind and started yelling 'Fck you I hate you because you're white' at the local hospital.

Is racism against white people valid? CTV Marxists are trying to inflame racial tensions in Canada. You disgust me. Moved into the city in gr6, the first day an Indian that bullied & hassled all others wanted to fight cause I was new. Taught him a lesson & it led to an endless new Indian or group of em calling me whitey etc. Had to fight them everyday until I moved out of the city after gr12

As a child in Phoenix, Arizona I hated my brown skin and my own history. Endured LOTS of derogatory and racial slurs as a child/teen. I felt if they hate my brown skin, I should hate it too. Tried bleach & comet on my skin in 2nd grade. Been a youth mentor for nearly 20 years now It hasn't. There is no such thing in Canada. Bad media, however, combined with corrupt governments, has almost completely screwed up my life. Let's talk about that for a minute, no?

I've experienced racism from left leaning/liberal people as a Native American for not following their narrative about being a minority and needing the leftist/liberals to protect me. I am a person of colour - my simple philosophy- Quit whining, STOP playing the victim card & instead WORK HARD. You cannot go wrong.. I am sick and tired of all the drama going around & the FakeNewsMediaClowns all over it!

If you're a white guy in Maplehurst, be prepared to fight a few black guys to use the phone or change the channels on the television... Aside from being told to go back to my country when I was 8, I haven’t faced much racism in this country. But again I live in a multicultural city other cities can’t say the same thing.

I'm a white guy in Toronto. I've been called a racist a hundred times. My P.M even calls me a racist. WtF You are the cause of racism with question like this. FakeNews So now CTV wants more race-baiting stories to push for clicks cause they ran out of ones they make up. FakeNewsMedia Stuff happens in life and sometimes bad ,car accidents, apples fall from trees , a balls go’s into a hoop ,the statistics on race based crime aren’t the same as the narrative pushed by most media outlets. Shame ! I’m listening to this smart rational man & co who is black ↙️.&↘️☠️

How about promoting the fact that we are all Canadian and it doesn't matter what colour our skin is ! Stop dividing Canadians . We are all people. We should be judged by our actions not our skin. And MSM and Liberals are trying to divide us We The People of Canada need to WakeUp At this very moment, MILLIONS of whites are the victims of racism ! The narrative in OppositeLand and FakeNews accusing us whites of racism, day-in-and-day-out, 365 days/ year, is REALLY agitating and upsetting. All your BS rhetoric is a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION cdnpoli

The Enoch kids were bussed in to St. Vincent Elementary. Groups of them would constantly throw rocks, wreck bikes & generally wreak havoc. We'd fight them regularly, on & off the sports fields and rinks. Was never a big deal. No adults involved. No serious injuries/death. It hasn't bit these bullshit stories sure have

As a Canadian taxpayer I am extorted in to financing the Indian Act. I am placed in an identity category of the government's design, and assigned a victimhood score. The Indian Act and affirmative action/positive deiscimination are the two forms of systemic racism in Canada. Been blamed by natives for the residential stuff....I had NOTHING to do with it. Lived in Surrey and had Asians there not come near me and DEFINITELY had racism by them. Vancouver Asians just hate WHITES and show it when you go shopping in their areas. RACISM is in all races.

Didn't Not working out the way you thought huh CTVnews National pastime. I'm married to an American. When I got engaged a friend said couldnt you find a Canadian? Colleagues said wow is he after our health system? He went on many interviews very well qualified to be told wow great experience and we'll be calling you. Nope. But its condoned in Canada

Growing up in the Canadian arctic in the 60's to mid/late 70's in some places the only white family with maybe a white nurse I was constantly defending myself from Indians. Didn't help dad was RCMP lol but only thing it did was make me tougher lol non The liberal government hates the fact that white people live in Canada!

I pray for the day I catch 1 of these motherfuckers walking the streets I was born and raised in Toronto and racism didn’t impact my life until our race baiting media and government started making it an issue. I spoke up against it at a place I worked at and was let go Supervisor who was a mysoginist, said very inappropriate things to all us women, & despite numerous complaints, he kept his job. I quit. He is indigenous. I have been called whitey, honky(in Quebec in 1967, I was 13), white trash and numerous other lovely names. MultiRaceFamily

You should be ashamed of yourselves for inciting racism. Canada is NOT a racist country. Play victim with the racism card. Or make something of your life. Engr Grad ‘78 & didn’t care what others thought. I’ve been called white bread, honkey, and racist. My prime Minister is a G. I just need him to be Real about that..

I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve experienced racism in Canada. Minor things like a passing comment or gesture. But the most racist thing I’ve seen in Canada is the PM wearing blackface, and then saying “we” need to do better. I have worked extensively in far north First Nations communities. I have been called many horrible things. I have had my life threatened. My sites, equipment, vehicles residences vandalized and very racist words/phrases spray painted. All based on colour of my skin.

I got called a 'honkey' by a couple first nations 'ladies' about a month ago. They called to complain about their food taking too long before the order was even finished, and paid entirely in dimes and nickels. Lol! Racism has effected me since the day I was born 50 years now. Being an aboriginal & an aboriginal woman at that,has been tough. The latest that has made me angry, was NO justiceforbrady Maurice Johnson admitted to hitting something & didn’t even get slap on wrist judicialracism

It hasn’t because in Canada there isn’t any except our prime minister and the old immigration minister Um, Im part of a mixed race family and get called a racist constantly by liberals. Affirmative action, that's how. New Canadians trying to drum up sympathy points from the country that helped escaped slaves from the US settle. Pound sand you bolshevik idiots.

Was jumped multiple times when I was in high school. I was a small white kid. They werent. How the ugly and evil medias encouraging the hate against white people by promoting the racist card. Shame on you , you divide the people, you are awful ! Canadians are not racist, but you are the promoters of racism !

I was harassed by a woman who told me to “go home white man” (among other things) meaning I should go back to Europe, I guess. I was born here. Leftists pretend I don’t get to have an opinion because of my race ALL FAKE My White ancestors got to spend some quality R&R in an internment camp run by the Canadian government.

My race is constantly thrown in my face whenever I have a different opinion from the people I grew up with. They know who I am and where I came from, but that doesn’t matter now because msm and leftist identity politicking is more important than the content of my character. This is how real racism impacts real white People.

I think racism in Canada is more subtle. People will make ignorant comments about your appearance, follow you in stores, and block your hiring or job advancement opportunities if you don’t pass the paper bag test. -got called a nigger throughout primary school - started to think it was my name -Got stopped & searched when I was 16 coming back home from school by cops -literally had skinheads chasing me & my friends -had a school principal telling us to go back to our countries

As an brown immigrant to Canada I hv faced more discrimination from brown, black and Filipinos. I have learned is that we have a strong human rights legislation and this racism is a diversion from Trudeau’s failures. CTV is now race baiting. Shame on you. Ah, yes, stir things up. Fire up the whackos. This is NOT journalism.

I live in a country that has the least racism of any country in the world- that country is Canada. I did not get a job I was the most qualified for because it was determined that they wanted a woman in the role to ensure balance on the team. That’s discrimination. Well, the Prime Minister said that I'm racist because I'm white, so there's that.

White, live in predominately black city. Treated as if a former slave owner. Nor me or ANY of my ancestors owned slaves. My mom and aunt had to work cotton and tobacco field since the age of five. Daughter harrassed a lot in school. Racism comes from every race. Both my husband &I faced subtle forms of prejudice in our workplaces. My daughter got made fun of in school, for her name My friends son wouldnt carry lunch to school, as his classmates would make comments about his food. All above in yyc. Could go on but will stop here. 😕

When the prime minister said he couldn't recall how many times he wore blackface, very shocking for a woke liberal. I had no Idea I was racist, until like 5-years ago when my PM started telling me that I was part of the problem. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do, but I will continue to listen to the only person I know who has ever worn blackface, the honorable Mr.Trudeau.

Is being called a racist based on the colour of my skin rather than by my actions, racist? Not at all. This whole narrative is another deverstion. I'm just tagging this so I can read about how racist Canada is, Also for that ratio Like this: Anti-black racism is the new covid-19 The latest bandwagon for the media to jump on & sensationalize.

Racism in Canada is imported. It didn't at all until the PM and MSM rammed it down our throats every 5 minutes and made it a problem. Racism impacted my life when the liberals took power and I became a 3rd class citizen in my own country. Its killed others on the streets I’m racist according to ctv CBC Trudeau because thy say I’m 🤬 f$king garbage

No! I was born in Iran. Never was treated differently here. Canada is my country. I love my country and stop your stupid race baiting. Yes my PM is a racist Canada TrudeauBlackface PMGump racist TrudeauMustGo RacistTrudeau It has been rammed down our necks from the government and it's propaganda wing for the past few days FFS piss off with this race baiting BS.

Let me ask my black boss or his black boss. Both of whom I have the greatest respect for. As professionals and as friends. They both earned every bit of what they did with their brains. Not their skin. Yes, against white straight man... I was passed over for government jobs because Of the color of my skin. They called it affirmative action but I didn’t find it very affirmative.

I was attacked by a group of asians at a pool hall, because they wanted the hall as their turf & tables as theirs. Not very inclusive. It's no longer OK to be white. Pretty much every white kid in the 1990's idolized a black entertainer or athlete. It hasn’t. As an Asian immigrant who grew up in Saskatchewan and Alberta, I can honestly say I have never experienced racism in my 35 years here. Canadians are the most accepting and kind people. I experienced racism when I lived in Asia though.

I’ve learnt that because of my race I’m not allowed to have a voice or be proud of my colour. I see how it’s ok for other ethnic backgrounds can have proms , dances , history months , marches etc... but I get called racist and hurtful names for being proud Ever since we elected (I prefer unkowingly coerced) that racism creating phsyop liberal government in ‘15 my life has totally sucked ass.

I'm constantly being told I'm racist for being white and lied to that black people can't be racist. This is the world that Trudeau has created and endorsed. I'm not a color. I'm a human being. Maybe try and reporting real stories like these cause there are lots of them too instead of talking points and let we the people decide what we think. There is no doubt some people are racist but its usually the ones who yell the loudest &accuse you.

Justin Trudeau’s never ending comments about racism says to me that he doesn’t see people as people. He sees race first & the person second. He’s the racist. I used to get name called and beat up all the time as a kid. Then I got an education and a career and and life and I got over it. My brother (white) was walking home after a night out at a pub and was jumped my a car full of black males, he had a knife held to his throat. They asked him “what gang he was with”, he managed to get free but they chased him and stabbed him in the back. This was in Saskatoon

Another example of how real journalism is dead in 🇨🇦. It doesn’t report news or facts just pushes a political agenda your playing racial & identity politics. 🇨🇦 isn’t a racist country r there racist people living in 🇨🇦YES & they come in all colours. What about blackface trudeau itsokaytobewhite

Well...the fact that CTV promotes and embellishes incidents of racism daily...has a direct impact to my children/family. Pls stop. Well just when I thought 800 years of racism against the Irish was finally over... People started calling me a ginger?! When will this end?! TrudeauBlackFace made me lose what little bit of faith I may have had left in Canadian politics and media. Now I know it's all just BS.

As a white minority in the NWT as a child the eskimos would gang up and beat us on an almost daily occurrence. They would spit on me and if I ventured too near thier houses they would run out and jam a stick in my bike spokes. Once fallen they would throw rocks until I got away ALL LIVES MATTER! You can thank ALL of your left leaning media and 'public servants' in gov for the 'tel a vision' & 'programming/messaging' for the division in this country. This is what 'they' use to keep people divided, by race,gender,class,religion & politics for control....

My racist country re-elected a blackface Peime Minister even after finding out he did it on multiple occasions. The images are so disturbing, they haunt me. The worst part is not knowing where these racist voters are. It could be a neighbour, or even a family friend. Help!!!! The news of the BS messes with my shows. The Media keep preaching about what I feel or should believe. Stop.

Maybe the racism pushed by the News saying that myself, being a Caucasian, automatically labels me as a racist? Who cares about my Immigrant wife and mixed raced child. White = evil. FakeNews It hasn’t.Canada was always a diverse country.TORONTO was once great but no more thanks to the Liberals and their insane divide and conquer race wars agenda. IT’s INSULTING! You are race baiting just by asking this stupid question! STOP already! AllLivesMatters FakeNewsMedia

Stop this 💩 right now!! The only racists in Canada are the liberal party .... why don’t you ask women how rape has impacted them? Or how an adult survived child abuse What not important or Trudeau didn’t give you those to ask! Pos I tried to apply for a job CBCNews once but they said no whites allowed...

Hi CTV...I have this prime minister that wore blackface at least 3 times. Nightmares.... I walked by a group of black teens to go into a store in Calgary, one said “There’s way too many white people here. It’s sickening.” Imagine if a group of white teens said similar to a black woman. I wonder why there is no supportive houses in Forest Hill Toronto?

I played football growing up. When I signed up to play for my high school team A coach asked me what position I play I told him 'running back' He replied 'Ain't no white running backs' MY BEST GAME STATS; 120 YARDS, 3 TD'S 💪 Let's see how cherry-picks comments from this blatantly race-baiting post Zero. 47 years old never had a racist friend or experience.

When I go on vacation i'm asked by foreigners why we elected a racist as PM .... still trying to find an answer.... It didn’t until Blackface PM surfaced. Now I’m forever traumatised. What do you care. You will just make up some dumb crap as per usual. Well my govt in Canada and the media constantly race baits the public and tries to divide me from my neighbours. That’s pretty fkin annoying. Without the Democrat govt and msm the public would be at peace with each other.

Great question! I never thought racism was FakeNews - until now 😡 We actually DON'T have a racism problem... WE HAVE A FAKE NEWS PROBLEM! They've taught me to open my eyes. Racism almost destroyed me First racism went to the university of Calgary where it learned to not mean racism anymore. It became a communist word to cudgel white people with. Then it went inside the brains of most Canadians because news outlets like yours spread it far and wide

Grew up in Scarborough east. Gov started bringing in many immigrants from Jamaica. Crime started to rise and my parents very quickly said we are out of here and moved to Peterborough Oh wait I forgot about the time I was mugged by 5 black kids and the time my house was broken into by some black guys who took EVERYTHING. Then there was the time that I was nearly knifed by a black guy for my bag and then....

white lives matter! Oh I bet I am racist now! I am white. I have had Asian Indian and African people be racially insensitive to me! White lives matter! Open your eyes folks... they are trying to get protests going so they can slip in their terrorists to inflict destruction. Dont fall for it. They are trying to divide us by promoting racism.

It has taken over Canada every day the Left in Government and the FakeNewsMedia keep dividing everyone up into neat little boxes according to race and all other sorts of subgroups. You are the Racists. I am systematically discriminated again at for being a white male in the name of “social justice”.. That is racism

The devils on the march SorosWarAgainstGod rbg7 fold ret 10 Heads up kiwis if you were at BLM protests YOU WERE AT WAR WITH GOD CrimesAgainstHumanity Bowing to satan RBG 7 fold ret 10 repent ask god forgiveness Do you honestly think CTV give a flying fuck, most do not fit their narrative on racism , you will be dismissed because of skin colour and or the fact you are racist because you are not of the selected skin colour / or political ciew .

My white child used to be teased and called Casper by the non-whites in middle school. Stop promoting racism as if it exists in Canada - is there any racists in Canada? Yes like every country has some racists but they are from all races and we are not inherently racist - enough of carrying water for the Liberal Party - just do the news unbiased if you can manage it

These people commenting like to think reverse racism is a thing. 😂😂 It’s not, look it up. Travelling abroad as a young woman, I was systemically targeted because I'm white. Many men groped and flashed me, assumed I welcomed their advances and liked that I was powerless, women shot me dirty looks because I was closer to their husbands' physical ideal than they were.

And then just one day the media stopped talking about the coronavirus Typical media....sowing division. Moved to Canada from Pakistan when I was 10, never experienced any form of racisim. Negatively. Thanks to the media because all of ... Working in Quebec had co-workers leaving the table every time I arrived for lunch In Alberta my director at AHS introduced me saying “I won’t even try to say her name” my manager tagged me because I have “a different English” HR completely aware did nothing to stop the behavior.

Trudeau. I was a young white kid from rural northern Alberta. First time I ever saw black kids was in Edmonton. They threatened to beat the shit out of me unless I gave them money. In Nov2018 at the Rememberance Day gala at Parliament Hill the speakers Said the people of Canada were Muslims and East Indians .. Left our every other cultures.. They are Racist against Canadians that don't meet their Preferences JustinTrudeau

I can't get jobs, especially in government because of the color of my skin, my gender and sexual orientation. I am not even allowed to apply in a lot of cases blatantly stated because of this Family had to leave homes due to our people being exterminated...we came to Canada...Thank you Canadians. 1/2 I grew up in YYC, I was made fun of because of my Italian last name through all of grade school My friend got jumped by 5 black guys outside a bar and was hospitalized for 2 weeks My other friend(white) owned a pub and was shot an killed by a mentally unstable white man

Hard to believe an amateur like myself can do a better job. CTV your a disgrace. Too many white politicians telling me I am racist. CTV is FAKE NEWS I learned in my young adult life that certain body parts were substantially bigger then many of my friends of different ethnic backgrounds. They would all tell me that you have the biggest thumb they’ve ever seen. Does that mean they are racist, should I have a thumbs up protest?

Justin Trudeau's sickening racism, and refusal to resign as prime minister, make me ashamed to be Canadian. Of course, CTV does, too. When I tried to enter shops groups of youths would block my path, surround me, and call me all kinds of names. I would avoid going to the store or go a farther distance to another store. 1 e.g.

I've witnessed very little of it in my 62 years. We go to a huge church with every skin color you can imagine among the congregation & the leadership. We treat each other as individuals not different races. Other than the constant attacks on me for being a white Christian it hasn't, because I'm not a racist.

It's been drilled into my head by fake news presstitutes and a fake pimp president. Other than that, nothing. I love multiculturalism. Why don't you? Stop trying to feed this demon. As a first generation Canadian, and a minority, I've seen more racism against whites just for being white, than any other culture or colour. Funny enough it's often encouraged by white liberals.

Every day I'm bombarded with messages saying how bad I am, due to my skin tone. How my skin tone is the reason for all negative things that have happened worldwide. And that if I don't repent of that, I'm evil. The CBC impacts my life everyday it “reports”. Not a news outlet, a paid talking head. DEFUND

It's made my life better. I sleep better at night after acknowledging that, for some reason, my whiteness is responsible for everything wrong in the world. I've also learned that rioting, arson and looting during a pandemic lock-down is acceptable if not noble. My wife ..well ex wife is a immigrant for 20 yrs. My daughter bi racial. ZERO racism experienced! What they are is angry at media and Trudeau for pushing racism and flaming hate in all races. This is a game ur playing to divide the people. And the people are falling for it

Racism is the tool they use to divide Americans. I believe racism would vanish in today’s age if it wasn’t constantly used by politicians I learned that the media and the political parties teaches us to divide against each other. It’s heartbreaking. WWG1WGA All my black friends call me whitey im thinking of looting and destroying stuff

I am a white person. I HAVE experienced hatred & discrimination against me b/c of the color of my skin, many times. It impacts me in negative ways. I wish those ppl understood that the colour my skin does not mean to offend them. IamHumanToo racismincanada FUK CTV I am white and have experienced racism. Does that count. In the 80's the government was hiring. The add said 'only minorities need apply. I also experienced it on a personal level.

Corrupt paid off ctvnews is race baiting on direct orders from Gerald Butts and co. Disgusting. I get bashed everyday by Liberals...because I am a mixed woman of color and refuse to do as they direct me to As a matter of fact... Zero! Beat it! I am going to get, keep and use guns in self defense, not against other races but my own government

Victim Embarrassed that our PM is a blackface enthusiast. Quebec’s secularism is an affront to freedom and liberty. Being called a racist by Trudeau - blackface hurts. All lives matter not just black!!!!! Its didnt really exist until the liberals came back into power then virtue signaled non stop to divide everyone again.

Who profits from racism? That will identify the racist. Stop the nonsense, you people are propagandist. It impacted my life really bad. It's the one thing that doesn't exist, yet is tearing apart societies. CTV is a racist organization. Racism has affected my life because its all me and my friends of all races constantly here from News media and Hollywood.. Yall are the problem!

Racism has impacted my life. People with my skin color are being told to suffer by the hands of, and submit on my knees to 'people of color' suicide! As a white male I have not many options now seeing Im an apparent racist bigot. That has worked extremely hard for my family. fuckcanada trudeaushithole

Racism against caucasians is turning me into a margianalized 2nd class citizen by an inept SJW government. They way forward isn't by turning the tables, but by tossing the tables out the window and joining hands to work together for the common good. Staged racism peddler. All it did is destroyed cities. You are complicit.

We are now reaping the rewards of Liberal multicultural dogma. Years of excessive and indiscriminate 3rd/developing world mass immigration have brought upon us erosion of values, conflict, chaos, crime, and parasitism. only one racist in Canada I went to a majority black public high school and some random black dude ran up behind me and punched me. And this one time waking behind the school through the baseball field saw 3 black girls jump some white girl. Or was that not what you're looking for?

I was turned down for a job at the local college that I trained hard and long for. Because I was a white male. The rich has used it to provide a cover for their crimes my entire life. It hasnt, I have friends and customers of all colors.. the black friends I have are among the smartest, awake , funniest people I know. It hasnt impacted my life because im not a dick and neither are any of my friends. Works well that way.

Every race on earth down to Neanderthals experienced race aggression! Hominids IE. Humans would not exist if they didn't think they were superior to Neanderthals which is why they are extinct. Justin Trudeau wearing blackface (multiple times) is the most racist thing I've seen in Canada. Liberal voters encouraged this by voting for him and his Liberal co-conspirators.

Ask Trudeaus buddies not us. For starters, I have been called a racist because I am white (beige, really). Apparently, if I colour my face with black shoe polish, stuff a banana down my pants and prance around like an ape, all I’ll have to do is apologize later, after which I will no longer be a racist.

I have several cousins adopted into our family from Sri Lanka. Asked them and they said that Canada is the most welcoming country they can imagine. No racism here according to them. Is that ok to say? I hope it doesn’t go against the narrative you are trying to create Been living in Canada for only 15 years, working as a bus driver I have only seen nasty things done/said to our Indigenous community. Mostly from our Government?

Got email from BellevueCollege insinuating I am racist because I am white and attempting to control my free speech - what to say and what not. Quite frankly, with all the looting done Majority by Blacks, I have not respect for them. My family emigrated from the 40s-70s to Canada from Italy and Poland for a better life. They were called dirty immigrants, displaced people, WOPs and poorly treated everywhere. Shop owners wouldn't serve them. Before Trudeau we were an extremely proud Canadian family. Not now.

Middle Aged white woman, only identifiable diversity hires for many jobs. I've been insulted, demeaned, and accused of everything under the sun--- because I'm white. I'm scared to go anywhere there are minorities because trudeau has taught them how bad I am. I was robbed at gunpoint by 4 black men, I've was hit over the head blindly with a brick by a black man. One of my favorite managers was black. I guess racism hasn't affected me b/c I don't judge people based on skin color, I judge people on how they act & treat others.

Not at all. Will you vet the stories or is it a free for all? My news feed gets filled with media promoting and baiting people into acts of racism After being medically released from the CAF for injuries in Afghanistan and training I tried hard to find a job but I did not meet enough diversity criteria to be considered a priority. Btw the public svc is 57 percent female but still engages in preferrencial hiring...

My grandfather was an immigrant to canada. When war with Germany broke out .. he and his brother were sent to a work camp several hours away and apart from their families. Firearms confiscated. Cant work on the family farm .. where is the waiting list for government apologies? Christmas of 1969. My aunt and uncle were going to take us to Watts to see a house built out of pop bottles, but decided last minute that it was too dangerous. We saw on the news that night that blacks in Watts were pulling white people out of their cars and beating them.

How true. One day soon the media is going to be held responsible for creating hatred. Canada isn't the US, screw off with trying create racial division here. as a green person BLACKFACEJustinTrudeau JustinTrudeau's RACEBaiting has made me feel like a minority in my own country Are you going to TakeObamaLive? I need a Roku stream for this. 5et today.

There was a guy who kept wearing blackface even after taking a university course on racism and when it was exposed he still got reelected Went to junior high at a rural school and was bullied daily by a group of racist natives bussed in from the local reserve. They were all about 2-3 years older because their poor grades held them back. Didn't impact my life but getting tired of the 'whites are racist' narrative.

I'm 55. Traveled I've never met a white supremacist, in fact I dont know any racists Like everyone I've been called names school, Bars. White Trash, Honkie, Dumb Half-Breed. Meh. Sticks and Stones Having to battle communist opportunists at every turn Many found this Maharaja impersonation racists. I saw it as racists myself, because most Indian are progressive fashionable people, plus Blackface is not Indian, so what was he saying BlackfaceTrudeau

When photos of our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface surfaced and he didnt resign . I lost all faith in the office of Prime Minister. By being used as a Trojan Horse to attack free markets, capitalism, the middle class of all creeds and races, empower statists, destroy families, foment rioting, and strip rights from the very minorities proponents 'say' they're protecting. Thanks for asking. rejectmarxism

I’ve had hard left ideologue garbage organizations like CTV insinuate anyone who looks like me is racist Well im as white as they come and a flaming homo so i dont know what you call that but blacks, latino's and people of color were absolutely horrible to me, far more than whites ever where. Im kind of enjoying this tbh.Karma

Well, the Canadian media calls me a racist every day while covering for PM Blackface so there’s that. FakeNewsMedia EndMediaBailouts Everytime I go for a haircut the dude tries to make me look like a leb without asking me. Nothing at all, went to high school with black kids and worked with many Blacks, Asians and East Indians. Everyone got along perfectly. Respectful at all times and treated each other as we would expect to be treated ourselves. Always bad actors in society but not in my circles.

It only impacts me by the constant dog whistling about it. If it were not for this division being constantly amplified by politicians and media it would be about as important as hair colour, handedness, or eye color. It is a destructive idea. Stop fueling the fire. I hide behind my white boyfriend in a way. It reassures white folks that I'm one of them and I get better service. shamebuttrue

AllLivesMatter I married a First Nations man. I have worked with, and for, many racial minorities. My life has been more about addressing socio-economic factors that prevent inequality. Why can't we all focus there instead of stoking division, fear and worse? Trudeau is using what’s going on in the US as a deflection to change the narrative of his shit show in Canada and the MSM fell for it. TrudeauMustGo

Racism has affected me because I am white and being blamed for all the world's problems and racist acts against people of colour. I am also being targeted by MSM like CTV who harass me on a daily basis. I am getting depressed because of the abuse Unfathomably cruel of “blackface” Justin Trudeau and the MSM not to warn us that choosing the wrong skin color would mean we’d be born racist and responsible for every injustice committed by similarly-shaded people through all of history. Shut this race-baiting trash down.

I was the victim of reverse racism when a student at university. It has caused me deep shame at the thought/sight of BlackfaceTrudeau!! Racism --- Not one iota. Discrimination ---- definitely. Start with Trudeau,Freeland, Singh,and cabinet who love soros and nazi ways. I don't think this is going how ctvnews expected it to. We have a guy who wore blackface too many times to remember as the PM. Elected twice. It's ok to be racist if you belong to the right group. cdnmedia

Accused of being a racist by MSM and progressive politicians because of the color of my skin ! Try a different approach. How about “ALL LIVES MATTER”. Wouldn’t that make more sense? If the BLM movement is truly about affecting change regarding how people are treated and there is significant number of ‘other’ people who have been treated poorly then ALM is a better way.

Review history. Biggest racists were Canadian gov't, including RCMP. Look at Justin's dad dressed in Nazi uniform. I dated a FN (off the reservation) and attended a FN awards ceremony - I, maybe a cpl others, only white folks in a room of 300 - talk about racism - WOW they didn't hold anything back and how they continue to plan to fuck over the white man

It hasn't, so quit trying to.make it out to be more than it is In 1970 I lost my college work study job because of my race, I was told it had to go to a minority and unfortunately I was white. Only from the Prime Minister of Canada. Other than that, take your racism promoting survey and stick it. The blatant liberal leftist racism against anyone or anything that goes against their criminal supporting views is systematic domestic terrorism

We are lead by a boy child who wore TrudeauBlackface and was protected by the cdnmedia Tells me our press is ok with racism depending on the person and politics. That has impacted my life. Presstitutes It’s really sad when you air talk shows that support the looting , violence , police hate , and rioting that is happening. thesocialCTV is openly supporting the violence and hate towards police . cancelthesocial

I grew up as white girl in a town of 80% First Nations. I learned that running fast was my best option. Could not get the military job I want cause white male. Our government passes the institutionalized racism buck to white folk all the time. White men are the leftist scapegoat. As a healthcare worker my area I worked in for 20 years I worked with indigenous peoples. I was treated with respect by the women and treated all with respect. But the men was often different, yelled at told to get that white woman out of here. Grabbed inappropriately by 1 man!

Different rules for different people - that's how racism has impacted my life. If you're not white you get special privileges and special laws/favours that only apply to you because of your skin tone. We have racist policies designed to steal from one race to give to another. Being ignored by all you assholes is fun.

I’m total sickened by the PM who wore BLACKFACE x4 As a brown Canadian I want him to STFU about racism. He has NO moral authority to lecture me or anyone imo abt anti-black/any racism in 🇨🇦 Read a book on History of Blackface ffs-see how disgraceful he is and his voters are Moved to Alberta from India in the 90's and never really had an issue with racism as a whole tbh. Our current divisive PM however is starting to change this environment by constantly grouping us and pitting us against each other.

We are the only black family on a short street in brampton Ontario, the other kids refused to play with my 4 and 6 years old kids because they are black and they told my kids black ate poisonous. I was denied a job at Safeway way back in my teenage years because I wasn’t diverse. The amount of pure hatred and racism from our current leadership and its MSM propaganda arm is the most negative affect of so called racism in my life. You are sick and I hate every taxpayer penny I am forced to fork over to you horrible people.

I've been called honky, cracker, white boy, whitey, been jumped for being white. I went to an inner city high school where whites were a minority (30%) and had to literally hang out in groups at lunch to avoid being dragged to the parking lot and stomped by groups of Native guys Watching Canada white wash Trudeau's disgusting blackface habit, watching our Fed Gov. justify and deflect from the obviously anti-minority Quebec hate laws.- Then seeing these same people who embrace racism, publicly beat the racism drum for political gain.- Stomach turning

There's CTV running up with another can of gasoline for the fire. Here's some interesting facts about interracial violent crimes in America. Don't shoot the messenger. In my teens, was swarmed by a group of black youth, they threatened me,followed me for blocks while screaming insults. I was pushed from behind & fell. Called the police when I got home, three identified. I don't hold this against the black community, I think the parents failed

CTV hasn’t yet run a story about primarily black protesters breaking all distancing rules and not wearing masks during a pandemic. These are the same people who CTV featured before the riots complaining about infection rates in the black communities. A bit of a contradiction? I’ve been refused service at a food truck in Louisiana, a pizza place in Richmond VA, and had a middle eastern man stop me from entering an elevator before him in an Ottawa Loblaws, telling me I go after him. Race related? Maybe.

Personally I have a racist prime minister and all his mps and the media give him a pass because he apologized after he got caught. Then he couldn't even get the number of times right. And the media/mps think this is no big deal. Racism is being swept under the rug by msm/mps. :( An Asian once pointed a loaded gun at me-I am smart enough to know he was the problem, not his race.

Well, media posting highly divisive article/s headlines like yours, is atrocious. We see you as pushing racism. The liberal gun laws, excluding the Indigenous, is blatant racism, by our Gov. And our world-famous PM BlackfaceTrudeau pictures, leftists are the WORST hypocrites. Ask the PM? Let's start there.

I'm told that I am responsible for all the racism in my country simply because I was born with white skin. The only racism in Canada comes from Trudeau. I grew up in Jane and Finch until I was 11. I was robbed of my lunch money, my bike & the Christmas wreath I made at school for my grandpa's grave each time involving black youth. When 3 homes on our street were B&E d & vandalized by a black gang we had to move. I am white.

STFU ctv/cbc msm in general. You are stoking fear ! Canadians are the most accepting and tolerant people in the world. People are literally lined up by the billions to come here for our way of life. No one is perfect but please, can you 'report' on the good stuff, not bad. It hasn’t How about asking McKenna about the $50 Billion in untracked and unaccounted infrastructure funds? Monetary mismanagement affects all races across the board in Canada.

by the age of 16 my life was threatened by an Israeli arab who did not like the fact I became friends with an Israeli IDF communications officer of in Tiberias. - Age 17 I was a volunteer at the Amnesty International Toronto office and helped a Palestinian man I meet a Tutsi who said he hated all Hutus and wanted to k*ll them all. Is he a racist ?

A First Nations woman and her friends pulled a knife on me while riding public transit because I was a 'white girl' Canada is one of the least racist countries on Earth. I’m married to a Chinese woman. Each time I go back to China I get dagger looks from Chinese men. First time it happened I asked my wife why they do that. She said they hate me for stealing one of their. What’s the name for that ?

I've experienced being exposed to a man wearing blackface. When I saw Trudeau wear blackface at least 3 times, I couldn't believe the Prime Minister of my beloved country would do something so appalling. I wept and was shaken to my core. Yrs ago my wife and I had old friends over. 1 had an Aboriginal girlfriend, whom we'd never met. She hated us from the start because of our skin colour (white). Insulted our home, lifestyle, beliefs and said WE were racist. We stayed polite. Regret it. Should have tossed her out.

Quebec is racist. If you visit, they refuse to speak English to you, in a bilingual country. I moved to Quebec from Windsor when I was 11 years old. I was beat up because I was “English“. I was mugged and beaten by a black teen specifically because of my race in the 90s; no repercussions for my abuser. Since then, the media has blamed every wrong ever committed on planet earth, on my race. My kid is being taught by society that she is evil because she is white.

Finding that organizations like CTV fan the flames of racism. I get called Ginger all the time. Sometimes people on TV make a stereotypical comment about red heads, then everyone laughs and moves on to another topic, which is usually condoning stereotypes or discrimination of any kind. It has not! There are a few bad cops, there always will be! Sick to death of the race card being played, never had it until Trudeau came in, NOW WE HAVE A PROBLEM!

The only bias impacting my life is from the government. Trudeau calls me racist for simple being white and alive. Growing up, we were always getting jumped by first Nations. Always getting called a honky or white trash. They always came in packs it was never one on one. Dumb question Travelling through Quebec...wouldn’t speak English to my family in a restaurant.

I have a number of white friends who adopted black children. The children and families are loved and adored by all and are a vital part of our church. Nobody sees the colour of their skin. Not the sort of racism in your comments you were trying to push in order to cement Trudeau’s remarks, eh CBC? Racism impacted me when our prime minister wore blackface, then told me 'we need to do better'.

Being a White male I am systematically discriminated against in favour of every other group regardless of competency. I guess Canada 🇨🇦 does have a systematic racism problem. I waved at guy in a car a month ago because he went through a stop sign. The sign was on a slight angle and I could understand why he missed it. He pulled his car up to mine rolled his window down and scream at me 'F*ck you N!gga' He was Black and I am White. Honest story.

I am a Scot when I come over there to my summer home an I go into a store I feel people staring at me or it could be jist my accent is that Lungistic Discrimination 😅😅😅 Sorry to say this (not really) maybe if the media STOPPED with the racism propaganda the new generation would not become like the little shits running around this generation! Sorry but if I EVER acted that way my mom would beat my ass and send me flying into my own shit!

I'm an Asian-Canadian. I NEVER experienced someone being racist towards me. I NEVER was being racist to anyone either. I may NOT agree on some views of this govt, I do recognized that racism and discrimination do exist here in Canada, same as all over the world. Year 2020, I am constantly apologizing for being white. This has impacted me greatly. I have to try to explain to my young ones now that they will have to carry this burden. I am white.

Racist country? Tell that to homeless white Cdns. More Muslims and Sikhs in cabinet then white anglo males. Racism? Keep guilting Canadians into submission I read hateful, libellous stuff about my ancestors & my culture ALL THE TIME; it’s in my face and in ALL media. I’m systematically dehumanized, called a ‘devil’, selectively denied opportunities & treated like an obsolete machine. I am to be ‘cancelled’. Guess who/what I am?

The Crime Minister wearing Blackface shook me beyond! We've no further to search when looking for examples of systemic racism, it's on display for all to see! I'm not a racist, nor are my family & friends. Only issue I have are the political hypocrites trying to tell me I am! It never impacted me. I'm not a Canadian born, my accent gives me away the min I open my mouth (even after 27 yrs). My 1st language is Arabic. I have never felt any discrimination towards me. Simply because I embraced Canada and the true Canadian values (Not Trudeau's values)

racism is everywhere and it's not only white against the black it is also black against the whites too but you don't write stories like that now do ya? It’s ruined all the MSM in Canada After an accident in Hamilton downtown, I dropped wearing Hijab ( during Ramadan) in public! It is now 22 year! THE NEWS CAUSES RACISM! I am so sick that these so called reporters and our EVIL government would actually try to brainwash all people. Our poor children are being frightened every day by your lies and deceit. JUST STOP! 😡😡😡

I was screened out of a govt job as a plumber because I’m not French speaking. I told them I speak pipe and English ENOUGH OF YOUR RACE BAITING! YOUR NOTHING MORE THAN A PROPAGANDA AGENCY CREATING DIVIDE! WE ARE AWAKE, AND YOU ARE FAKENEWS WWG1WGA Q The country I live in elected a habitual racist as pm.

Better question is why does the liberal_party insult Canadians with racist comnents🤷‍♀️ WE are NOT the problem. TrudeauNotFitForOffice Here start with these racist hiding behind the media. Myy children cannot get a job with the city of Toronto because they explicitly prioritize non-Whites affirmative action discrimination has prevented application to some beneficial academic programs for me and my children

Constantly being told I’m racist by media whores is definitely convincing me that the media is past the point of no return, and they’ll lose this war in the end. Even a group of white kids in the school bus yelled at me “ come to my house and cleaned the house”. I would never forget that scene. The racism is deep and hidden and passing through generations.

Never experienced it until the liberals took office, and yes, it sucks, get rid of the liberals and solve the issue! Im thinking of buying a gun to protect myself from the peaceful protesters! Intergenerational Trauma!! You don’t want to know how hard it’s to be an immigrant Well I used to listen to Canadain media but they kept identifying poeple by the color of there skins, or there race. The very definition of racism! I tried to be tolerant hoping they would stop being racist. But they just kept doing it. I was so traumatized I stop watching them!

Being white somehow means I'm racist. As a white Protestant minority in my 'diverse' city, I realise that my offspring and I will be listening to the non-white majority play victim -- even when thorough debunked by facts -- for generations to come. Hey 'tweets' n' tit heads , '...NO ONE MATTERS...' , not yours to the one percent who own all your traSH talking ass's , just deliberate apostasy , formed in gestures of revocations as regards any capacity for any form of 'salvation' , yet 'father' haSatan has arms all over you?

It has made me feel ashamed to have this as our Prime Minister. RacistInChief blackfaceTrudeau TrudeauBlackFace TrudeauDictatorship George Floyd and the Cop knew each other. Worked together for 17 years. Drank together. Confirmed all over the net. The narrative was a setup to spark riots. NOT Racism. Do you people research anything? Garbage Channel

I now realize everyone & their brother is a racist. I am an Asian in Vancouver. I feel being treated fairly and sense no race discrimination. RacismIsAGlobalPandemic We are the solution We are the cure The meaning of life is love Take a knee CTV. Race baiting bullshit. Canadians are least racist in world. Humans are all racist in nature, and we have been educated for 50 years on how to suppress this. Enough.

Were do I start. I and my son have been called nigger on the TTC. I have been assaulted in the grocery store more than once. My son was profiled at shoppers on Danforth. The local mp for Danforth never returns or answers questions on or about racism. Been refused to as you ppl by Well it took away the 24/7 virus coverage odd that there is not much social distancing in the peaceful protest and the riots and I haven’t seen much hand washing either

Suicide attempts. How's that for starters! The lesson learned is that government sanctioned race baiting suits their leftist agenda and pits Canadians against each other. I have also learned that as water carriers for the left, the MSM finds meaning in promoting division. Impact your life? Soon to impact all our wallets.

Why not ask your boss? As a white man im afraid to go outside-especially with my new sneakers or my flat screen tv It hasn’t at all I responded.. Dear Sir/Madame, Racism has affected me a lot. I started to suffer from panic attacks after our own PM was found to have dressed like a black man on at least 3 occasions. I was deeply offended and could not believe that he was not held accountable for his actions.

The silence from his party and his supporters was a strong validation that are large part of the population is blatantly racist. To top it off, he still won a minority government. I fear that he may do it again. Seriously scared, Maurice Being called racist by the JustinTrudeau government every day makes me impatient for civil war.

Trudeau should be charged with slander for calling us racist ! SNC Lavalin Aga Khan Public transit credit ISIS returnees Open borders Transparency/never answers in parliament Omar Khadar $10.5M Electoral reform M103 UN Compact Migration Alberta Pipelines Veterans shouldn’t have to fight in court Budgets balance themselves 4 Ethics breach !

Where the LAW is in the hands of CROOKS, the only thing matters is MONEY. NATURAL RIGHTS The Prime Minister is very racist and then he projects that back on to the Canadian people, by telling us that we are racists. What kind of a Prime Minister would do a thing like that to the Canadian people, especially when he is looking out for us every day?

It hasn't impacted me at all! I respect you, you respect me, we'll get along! Well, I'm sure it was almost behind us, but then Obama came along in 2008 and fanned the flames of racism again. Then 2015 came along in Canada where Canada's Obama, Justin Trudeau, did the same. It's all the left has, is division a d hate.

Yes the Liberal Party is very racist, Justin Trudeau is the worst, also CBC is very racist, always telling me I'm 'White' when I'm more of a tan, but my kids, wow they are pasty, should I hate them because there 'white' please help without your race baiting im lost. Canadian media do everything possible to instigate and fuel race related unrest. They would love to create the same problem like in US cities. What a fcking SHAME

I found that it wouldn't impact it at all if the left wingnuts didn't use it to try to score political points with minorities because they don't have any real ideas to help them. Your division tactics are failing. We can see your panic. You are being exposed and it is all going to be exposed! Here is the problem with that. You assume all claims are correct. Desmond Cole's claims of racism included Police eyeing him up as they drove by. Disgruntled students and employees who refuse to acknowledge their failings instead scream racism. Too frequently an easy excuse.

It has upset me that 20% of Canada voted for racism. It has made me realize how controlled the media are. It has also made me realize how leftist governments play minorities like a fiddle for votes. Its impacted me greatly. Actually its impacted all of us . 31% of the country voted for a racist. So I guess 31% of the country is racist.

😐i live in Korea for past 20yrs: -assaulted x3 -spat on -insulted by strangers -screamed at by strangers -denied entry to places -forced to get medicals -told not to date them -told not to breed with them -illegal for me to protest -denied standard benefits -visa altered ...more My banker, lawyer & Doctor are black,pharmacist is East Indian, plumber, S African, neighbours are FN. Friends are Italian, Filipino, French, Ukrainians. I’ve never worn Blackface or Indian costumes. I get drunk on St Patrick’s & Oktoberfest. Today the PM called me a racist.

I absolutely despise being lumped in with blackface Trudeau. I wish our liberal leaders weren’t so racist but I’m not in charge of their choices. Blackfacetrudeau TrudeauBlackface Even if the colour of my skin is white, and whiter than other canadian people, I am called a person of colour and I am part of a minority in this country. Disgusting. Racism is not just whit black people.

Norway was also a horrible place to work, ethnically homogenous white people making good policy and great at saving money as a society... actually im just jealous of their good decision making. Hmmm Every single day I am traumatized out of my mind knowing that my racist Prime Minister trivialized the struggles of racialized Canadians by wearing Blackface at least THREE times. No amount of therapy sessions with my psychiatrist have helped me. TrudeauNotFitForOffice

My husband and his family are white. However are Ukrainian. They got called every racist name in the books all the Ukrainian jokes were directed at them. It made them stronger and able to accept what life throws our way. It also taught them to laugh at the world. SNC Lavalin Aga Khan Public transit credit ISIS returnees Open borders Transparency/never answers in parliament Omar Khadar $10.5M Electoral reform M103 UN Compact Migration Alberta Pipelines Veterans shouldn’t have to fight in court Budgets balance themselves 4 Ethics breach

Racism has hurt me most when I had to witness leaked images of the Prime minister Trudeau in blackface on several+ occasions; this was the moment I first encountered racism in this country and now I have ptsd Yes, racism has impacted my life!! I have been subjected to anglophobic, and white-hating remarks of a cabal who uses racism as a 'catchall' against white Canadians to shut us down, and shut us out: the divisive derogatory destructive Liberal Party of Canada. JustinTrudeau

When pictures of our Prime Minister in blackface were shown around the world I was really embarrassed. One of the most racist things I have ever seen. The leader of a country in blackface. And yet the Canadian media let him off the hook. Hey CTV. Will fact check any of these stories? hahahahaha sit down.

I wouldn't give any info to a news source Every day Trudeau gets on his pedestal and calls me a racist because I'm white. Have friends and acquaintances from all walks of life and skin colour and my wife is from indigenous decent. Just sick and tired of his virtue signaling. CTVAtlantic It's not racism if it's TRUE.

It all got worse when obuma got voted in,trust me I was paying attention, he divided the USA! Trump has been trying to unite that country,but msm, like this news outlet are spreading lies,bs...... Let’s go back to work. Together. Build our nation. Together. Let’s get back to enjoying our lives. Together.

When blacks kill whites over racism, does that not count? The media keeps being racist and it's annoying. There's my answer Never heard tell of it till you publicized JustinTrudeau mocking black people at last election. I googled blackface and he's the only thing that comes up!! CTV you can do better!! Please stop this false narrative. Stop pushing liberals personal agenda.

I see alot of Archie Bunkers in here complaining that they can't have there little white privilege anymore. Equality must really suck to them. The Libtards’ Ministry of Propaganda wants to hear from you : come and fan the flames of divisive Canadian identity politics! Complicit criminals you are, CTV News : whatever blood comes next is on you et al. Lamestream medias, « Canadian » in name only.

Hey , you need Jesus. I got beat up by four black men because I was white. Does that count? ( ya I thought not ) Well people who don’t know me call me racists for being white, say I have so called white privilege (what ever that is). CTVAtlantic I am 71 years old and am tired of hearing about it. Where I live I grew up with black kids some are my best friends. Give it a rest. The media keeps it going.

Congratulations on leading in the Race baiting, most divisive, gaslighting P.O.S. media in Canada . This is not how we come together as a nation.. CTVAtlantic I would love to make a comment on this. CTVAtlantic Stop! Please CTVAtlantic TrudeauBlackface was incredibly insulting to me and every other Canadian.

CTVAtlantic Having my best friend pulled from my car because they ' thought he was holding me hostage '? To hell with racism in every way ... this one time... at band camp Of course you do! It wouldn’t be fun without the pinko media looking to make victims of all Canadians! Listen to this The liberal media has been pushing the we are different tripe for too long. We need unity.

Honestly never thought about racism until cbc and other various bottom feeder media stations started telling me I was racist. This is a horrible attempt at race baiting! I'm an older black lady; born and raised in Canada. I have never experienced a single act of racism. Never! Stop calling Canadians racists. They're not; we're not! Canadians are wonderful.

Found a black guy trying to pry the trunk of my car open when I came out of Zellers. Funny actually, I walked up and said 'wanna know an easy way to get it open?' to which he replied 'fuck outta here honkey'. I pushed the button on the keys and popped it open. And called the cops When I was in Venezuela I got paid to stand around and be white. Company thought having a white engineer would give them more legitimacy in the eyes of potential clients. I'm not an engineer.

I feel good fuvkers..I laugh at TV ..assholes I was made fun of in high school because of the colour of my skin. Most of it had to do with the fact that I despise being classified by and lumped into a group based on what my skin tone seems to suggest I am. I'm mixed, and classify as Canadian before anything else and always.

let’s hear, when I was a kid I’d walk to highschool and on the way home I’d stop into 7/11 for a slurpee somedays, but because I was a kid with a backpack the Muslim clerk thought I would try to steal things so he’d only let me and friends on the store 1 at a time, no backpacks Definitely got fired a one two times for speaking up for a few minorities.

Im White and I was harassed by two black guys some years ago and been called derogatory names before as well, but I don’t blame every other person of colour and nobody should in any case. Stop the damn race baiting ctv Do not give them air time. Quit spreading their news! That's what they want. Speak and spread hope and freedom. Quit fanning the flames. If there is no flame there is no fire.

I was racially abused when walking my 6 month old baby down the street in a stroller. There was a crowd following behind me calling me names. How as corrupt and useless propaganda helped yours ? Well protected and privileged white people in the liberalparty want to take my property to placate other privileged white people and win their votes. This instead of addressing the chromic underserving of certain communities which is resulting in gang crime.

Totally Wow the privilege in these comments is dumbfounding. Y’all don’t get it. They are trying to show you WHY this is going on but all you white ppl hear is “what do you mean I’m not the centre of attention!!” Disgusting and selfish. Check yourself I didn't get a job at Canada Post because I put down Caucasian. I was well qualified as I did 8 years as a Postal Clerk with the military. However; in retrospect glad I didn't get the job as I have a much better one.

IStandWithTrudeau because he's clarified real racism for me and frankly he does need the help. Optics is everything! [ETHICS] always runs deeper than blackface. Always! Respect begets respect regardless of skin colour. Hi. We’re CTV News. We let our audience investigate our stories for us and pass the savings on to you.

Well I keep getting called a racist because I am white, does that count? Iv walked into to shops and no one would help us but they help the white ppl first and skip us and we were there first. This is nothing more than a distraction meant to divide us further. This is perpetuated here by our hypocrite PM who takes orders from Soros. Everything that happens in the US is happening in 🇨🇦. This is not a coincidence. This needs to stop.

Its works both ways get over it snowflakes.. The only racism I have come across in all my life is the Justin Trudeau Blackface banana in the pants boy. Not once, not twice..... oh yes , and all the other comments made by him and his cabinet members—- liberals are racist Don't know any racists - so no impact. What has impacted my life is the unwarranted implication that our beautiful country is full of racism. Perhaps a racism tax for that and a Corona Virus tax will eradicate this non-problem. Stuff your new narrative Get bent CTV media-drones

I’ve never seen it I’ve never been a part of it I have played on multiple sports teams that were multicultural and we never had an issue. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist but I’ve personally never witnessed or been involved with racism A guy in Vancouver told me i was a 'Round eye, gygin piece of shit'. You park there. My Trans am park there. Some Chinese guy. I just ignored him.

When you have 20 years of experience but still forced to do a labour job and unable to get a entry level job in your field I’ve been stabbed as a 13 y/o at school, unprovoked, by a stranger. I’ve been ridiculed for my ass and my hair. I I’ve been molested, gang-raped and objectified. But my story of growing up in Toronto wont count. 3 guesses why.

It’s been incredibly troubling to know that we have a prime minister who participated in blackface/full body a few time at least. Very troubling. The liberal party has me fearing for my life because I have white skin. Today May has made things even worse. I may never come out of the house again. Liberals banned one of my firearms because it’s black! No more reasonable and supported evidence.

My black friends used to have to stick up for me in elementary school when THEIR friends picked on me because I was so small and 'white.' To be fair, everyone sort of teased me, but the black kids got physical and pretty mean-spirited. It hasn’t. Ever. The news coverage has been stressful at times I’ve been the victim of racism at the hands of the PM

One night after bar closed late I walked home and a group of Somali men followed me home and started yelling racist slurs at me .... I ran nut they follows me and attacked because I was Asian decent Our prime minister wore black face, that’s all the racism I’ve seen. I was at a party in Scarborough warden St.clair area. We were chased out of the neighborhood because we were white.

I don’t let hypocritical stupidity ruin my life. I can tell you very plainly that the only racism i encounter in Canada stems from other ethnic groups alot or whom hate adn look down on each other. Canada was a lot less racist when it was alot less diverse. Sad but true! I got jumped in Hong Kong by 3 guys because I was white. Couldn't go to work for 2 weeks after.

I can tell you how PropagandaVirus from your organization has ruined MY life..... I am a 77+year old gramma,who was fortunate to be in Canada because my anscestors were actually ' invited' to come here to break land, build railroads etc. NOW TRUDEAU CONSIDERS MY FAMILY AS 'WHITE SETTLER RELICS' that must be replaced. He is the RACIST that should be replaced

INSULT. TO. YR. MIND ANYTHING. EVIL. OR. NEGATIVE. . OR. UGLY. OR. UNPLEASANT. . IS. LABELLED. AS. BEING. B L A C K EG. DEVIL. ,,,,,,FRIDAY 13TH...BLACKMAIL ANYTHING. POSITIVE. IS. LABELLED. WHITE EG. ANGELS. I'm White, my partner's Black. As a kid/teen in Peel Region, my partner thought it was normal for police to pull over a driver and ask for ID from everyone in the car, so you always carry ID. Even now, it would never occur to me to bring ID as a passenger. That's White privilege.

It’s impacted me by the assumption being made that I’m racist simply because of the color of my skin. My prime minister dresses in black face yet calls me the racist Race-baiting CTV is Sick. Beyond redemption. I'm tired of being called racist when I say something based on facts. EX: when I said ban flights from China I was called racist when I just was concerned over the Wuhan Disease

Pm Justin Trudeau’s racism is very disgusting and disturbing. It’s hard for me to function. I am outraged at Gov’t painting Canadians as racist. Leftist Marxists are obsessed with labelling every situation of discord as being racist. We should focus on ideas not skin colour or cultural origins. Our Gov’t is fomenting hatred, division & chaos in true Socialist fashion.

deepakobhrai went into politics because of Racism, we have been fighting it for over 20 years. He put his name in the leadership race and ur organization ignored him for most of it. So if u want to talk Sytematic Racism lets talk - but u need to know U are part of the problem. Discriminations will always be there. Racism is only a fraction of it. It’s a hot topic because of the protests and the looting And riots in several western counties. CTV is part of the force behind to push people hate each other.

Let me just say that Justin Trudeau is the First PM to call his country of Canadians racists. I am outraged. TrudeauBlackface Fake news GTV. My so called prime minister is one and that is really sad and have impacted my life negatively. Then during my highschool years, a couple of white, gel haired cops pulled up on me and a couple of my friends ( who were white ). One of em was kicking a mailbox so they came to question us. They claimed I was the one kicking the box ( they clearly saw my friend doing it ). (2.)

In 2nd grade in Hull/Gatineau, a french kid called me 'le negre' we got into a shoving match and I was the one who missed the rest of recess. I remember trying scrub my skin clean ( my mom was white and my dad wasn't around ) I guess I thought I was dirty or something. (1.) My rights have been redefined as privilege by liberals who are now seeking to deny them

I view police officers differently today. It hasn't CTV read the messages below ! And get those left wing antifa from your editorial ! See 99 percent Canadians are fed up with media and black face Justin ! We want our lives back ! This has to stop ! All lives matter ! Now is the message loud and clear ! Say Merry Christmas !

Walking into a car dealership in Vancouver if you are white, they will always help the Chinese first!! I’ve walked out and went elsewhere. I was ashamed that JustinTrudeau wore TrudeauBlackface, he can't even remember how many times. His projection of his own racist ways onto Canadians has divided Canada.

It has made my life better as I think colour is only skin deep ! It is what you make with your life that matters ! You have choice end up in a dumpster or create one and help others ! You are wasting time worrying about what is wrong think what you have to offer racism is the Liberal crime syndicate favorite way to create division in our society..the only really racist embarrassment Canada has is mr. Blackface Trudeau

I'm deeply disturbed by having Racist PM. TrudeauBlackface Otherwise Canadians aren't racist expect ... HonAhmedHussen , theJagmeetSingh and all liberlal caucus.. I feel for people like me, and more especially for my mom and her parents, they are more discriminated then me. This is all happening subconsciously in Canada right now and when my mom came to Canada 50yrs ago.

I live in Alberta. People, the media, our government label me based on the province I live, my opinions don’t matter, my friends and families well being aren’t as important as theirs. They don’t care for my race, just where I live. We are all Canadians, it use to mean something. This is all because I'm lighter skined then my mom. Ridiculous!

Well my moms from Trinidad and my dads Irish Canadian. So I've had people ask me when I would go to the hospital or doctor's office if the woman that was with me my mom? I honestly feel my mom was being racially profiled. This has happened numerous times in my life We deal with WHITE racism every day. Have since 2015. The riots and savages in the US are now taking aim at us again. Fuck you. We’re still better. 😂

He’s a racist. He scares me. I come from China. After living in Canada for 30 years, racist insults only once, I don't think Canada has systematic racial discrimination. Every day in Beijing, the bus may encounter such insults five times. I am very lucky to be Canadian. Keri_Adams Honestly the violence going on is upsetting because innocent people are having their businesses burned or looted happening which is so wrong!IT IS NOT THE WAY TO ACT.

The only racist I know of is Justin Trudeau. (13) You survive in the worst conditions, by being honest, and teaching and helping others to build a better society for everyone. Racism kills both the target and perpretrator alike, along with everyone else by extension. In terms of overpopulation, nature is its own eugenicist.

I was denied a job in the post office cause I'm white. I was told only visible minorities were being considered. That's funny because in that area whites are the minority. If I were racist I could have been PM. It hasnt. CTV is State Media Agent Provocateur Inciting Race War on behalf of Liberal Government

(12) We survive by being honest and doing good. We don't judge ourselves, each other, or other people. We do what makes us happy, and we encourage others to do the same. Live and let live. Do what you want as long as it does not interfere with the rights of others. I remember when dr tam said it was racist to close borders. Does that count?

Canada has been peaceful during these protests .... I got called racist because a cop in Minnesota killed someone. (11) Now, we could have become haters, and acted out against an entire society that has taken it upon itself to collectively persecute us, and engage in violence against a target of conveniece. This would have ended any chance of happiness we could ever have forever.

🙄 More mainstream media manipulation aided and abetted by our lame liberal government. Bored with the pandemic, they are back to fomenting racism. The Federal government subsidizes wages for people other than my skin color. It makes it near impossible to find employment when the company hiring can have the wages subsidized by hiring someone other than my skin color.

I had experience racism in a workplace or at least that’s how I felt. It hurts and very demoralizing but it didn’t let me stop from achieving my goals at that time. Not as much as the news a government pushing it! He is 65, I am 32. We have no family support, or friends we can trust. We are slandered to every community we travel to. People are paid to harass and stalk us. We are also victims of trauma based mind control experiments. The holocaust and mk ultra never ended. ---

It doesn't. We don't accept it from anyone. If you want to know how bad racism in canada is just look at all the relpies. Even the mention of racism gets them offended. All the justiciations, excuses, deflection on all articles, that is where racism lives. Let’s talk about the systematic racism and discrimination within our society with the Health Care system, education system, the media, the police and child welfare systems. So it impacts 24/7. In all shapes and forms.

Not at all we are all the same species but it seems that darker skinned people want to be 'special' they are very racist. It hasn’t, because it’s not rampant in Canada like the media is saying. There may have been cases of incidents...but it’s definitely not rampant, not even close. Canadian born Chinese here. Other than receiving some name calling as a kid, nothing here. Assimilate without losing your culture, value and respect western traditions. I am lucky to be Canadian. Don't play the victim, don't play identity politics like the Libs.

(10) My uncle, Lawrence Allen White, and myself, Justin Alexander Krane, are both lifelong targets of non consensual human experimentation, persecution, slander, constant threats to our safety and wellbeing, TOTAL invasion of privacy, and every action we do is judged by morons. The peaceful protest is right. Hitting, smashing, and robbing is a mob no matter what excuses.

(9) Being honest, understanding and respecting universal moral and ethical principles, compromise, collaboration, negotiation, giving to the self first, and then others, facing one's demons, all help to build a better society, in which racism/hatred have no room to fester. McDonald's in China BANS Black people from restaurants!

It hasn't untill you turn on the news and they try feed it to you. . People make assumptions about my intent, my upbringing, my beliefs, my values, my experiences because of my colour. People justify harm against me and those like me because of my colour. And I'm white. (8) All of which are related to ignorance and immaturity. This can be remedied by speaking out about things that are important, and that impact the rights and freedoms of humanity as a collective. Understand that EVERYONE makes mistakes. Admit fault, learn from experience and fix

A child knows CTV has abandoned journalism. It is all agenda setting now. Ive lost my home and native land since TrudeauBlackface lied stole and committed indictable offense's . Did i mention we lost the custodians of our judiciary. brendaluckitrudeaucomplicit Don’t fall for it. OBAMAGATE trials are starting tomorrow. Hillary Clinton is testifying under oath today about her emails. This is all a distraction. OBAMAGATEGATE TrudeauBlackface TrudeauDictatorship

There is a special race of people in Canada who are newly approved to hunt with the now banned 'assault rifles'... this privilege is solely based on their skin colour. They keep their assault rifles and other Canadians will have those exact same guns confiscated. As a newcomer years back. I applied for the fast track program for internationally trained nurses in 2 universities. After passing all their requirements, they denied me admission. The reason? They think I am inadaptable due to being in the country less than 6 mos.

BiasedMedia agenda My government is run by cultural marxists who try to try to divide the ppl in my country by calling us racists. Because im white im racist apparantly load of crap it goes both ways (6) People devalue life and engage in hateful behaviour, when they lack the intellectual and emotional reasoning ability to identify, evaluate and solve the ACUTUAL cause of their unhappiness. This phenomenon, caused by normalization of abusive behaviour and is cross cultural.

I still get followed around in stores. Empty ones, and I'm in the feminine products aisle. There's only so many guys looking for tampons, lol. Especially guys with a Bluetooth in their ears, 🤣. Journalists like ShreeParadkar trying to divide Canadians by the colours of their skin. When the Liberal left doesnt agree with their positions it because theyre 'white privileged' idiots who can't see past their own privilege. Racism at its finest.

I only see it perpetrated as propoganda on the fakenews media channels Stop ginning up outrage for clicks. You're part of the problem. Be better. I can’t compare to what the blacks folks have experienced but being and English person in Quebec hasn’t always been roses. I can say this though right now I am embarrassed to be white.

(5) Buzzkilling, harshing of one's mellow, and bigotry, are interchangeable. Prejudices, like people are all the same, because people are all the same. Racism, xenophobia, homophobia, mysogyny, are all forms of the same hatred and devaluation of life itself. Haters gonna hate. I am not a racist the majority of Canadians are not racist our prime minister is obviously racist. It hurts me as a Canadian to continually be called a racist just because our prime minister is.

(4) People persecute and scapegoat themselves and their immediate families first, before moving on to other people. This behaviour happens in all cultures and all families in one degree or another. People who engage in hateful behaviour hate on everyone. They are buzzkills. I interviewed for a job at Service Canada. During the phone interview they asked me indirectly my sex orientation, race and gender first/ I'm a white and male. I was informed that they were only hiring minorities, and did not proceed further along the interview- fuck racism.

When we first came to Canada in the 1960s,we were persecuted and made fun of,my father was discriminated against for jobs,because we were BRITISH! AllLivesMatters Are you referring to the French vs English racism in this country (3) People have cultural and perceptual biases, based on their geography. However, when trade, communication, and interconnection become a technological and logistic necessity, collective and geographical biases become obsticles to survival. ---

I know a girl who was abused by a man but didn't report it because she is white and thought she deserved it. She doesn't judge all people because of that. Some people are really bad, and some people are good. Last time I witnessed racism towards me I was in Mexico. Surrounded by Mexicans taunting me. But I'm white, so, ya, that doesnt count.

Every culture persecrutes and has been persecuted. No one is innocent or immune to being a racist. Archie Bunker and George Jefferson are both perfect examples of this. They are also kind hearted and funny characters, and representations of the era in which they grew up. (2) All lives matter. They asked a question about you personally. Has it impacted you? Don’t just make noise for the sake of it!

This is what you’ve created, MSM. Why are you creating more divide? What narrative are you pushing? WE ALL BLEED THE SAME NO MATTER THE RACE! May Peace Love Truth Beauty and Goodness overcome all those on this planet! Amen. GodWins WWG1WGA WeThePeople You should give a clear definition of 'racism' before you ask this question.

It's embarrassed me as a Canadian. It seems it has impacted me by providing me great priviledge. I had no idea how much until now. When I travel to Japan I can't read the menu in restaurants. They do it on purpose because I'm white. It's just one small example of Asian privilege. Sometimes I have to feel guilty for being white. Which is BS! I didn’t once ever act on my internal thoughts!

I was beaten up by a couple of native guys who didn't like that I was dating a girl from the reserve. my daughter dated an Asian boy and his parents did everything to destroy their relationship because she was white. Until JustinTrudeau. racism was never a problem It hasn't.. Just because JustinTrudeau,AndrewScheer defend Antifa and bait race wars doesn't mean we Canadians are Racist.. That's their globalist agenda to creat and destroy Canada!! Fake news is complicit also because they R Turds voice in manipulating Canada

A friend and I were walking in my neighborhood. A group of youths surrounded me and a friend. They kept calling us by our skin colour and making racial slurs. They started to box us in and were trying to trying to rob us. Their girlfriends convinced them not to robs. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white red or green or yellow

Not racism specifically, but prejudice. Many anglos in Quebec have had some experience with this. So dirty CTV, so dirty. When I was very little, I had to live in Detroit for 2 years. It really opened my eyes to Racism. During the Race Riots. All white School, White only parks, White only pools, white only churches. At 7 years old, I knew this was wrong. So glad to move back to Toronto.

more important canadian matter. This is a Nazi rollcall so let’s hear from you Nazis! Really just PM JustinTrudeau is the only racism I've witnessed in all my years. Oh and his blackface supporting supporters. My personal experience with racism is that I’m judged & vilified by my skin colour, & I’m constantly slandered for it. My government, the media and half my community see no issue with this, in fact they support it in the name of “equality”. Deep down, we’re all just people.

Race baiting leftist trash media is affecting us all. I applied for a job in a mainly Hindu community and was passed over for a Hindu with leas experience. I am white. Racism is very subtle today. Most people don't realize they are being racist or discriminatory, except in situations where they are participating in comminity persecution campaigns, cultic rituals, stalking, slander, blacklisting and other predatory activities.

I learned that politicans are never wrong. It hasn’t at all, never saw it one time in my 40 + years. Only time I see it is on the news. I have been alive for 53 years, I have had my share of troubles and walked with a whole variety of people, in all that time I have come across less than a handful of true racist, of different heritage and backgrounds. I personally have never known anyone wear blackface!!

I have not been impacted by racism in anyway and have not been racist towards anyone . I feel that our government is now looking for black votes by creating a racial divide. As a person with Native heritage, the left/liberals with Blackfacetrudeau as your supreme leader & bank, use us for race baiting politics. Left use us because you have no real policies that will make our lives better , just divide us for cash!!!!

My experience is that Canadian MSM is promoting divisiveness and inspiring racism. I'm so tired of them jamming RACISM down our throats!!! CTV you can go down kicking and screaming....but you are going down! I PERSONALLY am appalled and horrified by JUSTIN TRUDEAUS racism.I mean i feel as if he is targeting us with his RACISM.HIS BLACKFACE was a really disturbing image and scared a lot of people.Justin needs to do way better at controlling his RACISM,or he needs to FO😩

You mean more than Trudeau TrudeauBlackFace has done saying canadians r racists? BlackFace TrudeauMustGo CDNpoli My MLA calls people Colonists even though our fMilies have been here for generations. 30 years industrial tradesman passed over for a supervisory position for a freshly minted female tradesperson less than a years experience.

People think because my skin is white that I am inherently evil. That I would say is ultimate racism. You never hear about racism against white people do you, cause it ain’t news although it is rampant. How has racism impacted my life? Look at all the trolls in this comment section talking about “white discrimination” 🙄 and taking away from BIPOC experiences.

I can’t get over Trudeau Blackfaces, it’s really dramatic, he wants to be some other and laugh it up at same time and Canadian media seem to be able to figure out but not talk about it, it’s like a . Pause imo Well living in Scarborough is hard for a brown person when they see you as a ghetto person who is up to no good

Ask our blackface PM and Marci Len. Why don’t you report on the missing billions in Infrastructure funds? Did forget about accountability too?

'I still get followed around in stores': Cabinet minister Hussen on his experiences with anti-black racismCanada's first Somali-Canadian cabinet minister says that despite his high profile position, anti-black racism is a part of his life. You can go back to Somalia if Canada is so bad. Go back to Mugadishu. Don’t shit on Canada, ingrate. HonAhmedHussen enemy Me too It has nothing to do with being coloured - you're just an arse whole...

'Anti-black racism is real': PM Trudeau calls out Canadian racism after Floyd protestsAmid protests in Canada following the police-involved killing of George Floyd , Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says 'we can't pretend that racism doesn't exist' in Canada. That's rich JustinTrudeau : 3 times blackface (at least) Cut Indigenous man's hair to humiliate him Raged at Black female caucus member Pressured then fired Indigenous Cabinet Minister Called Jagmeet Sing 'Marge Simpson' He is the racist and has no moral authority on this issue. NONE.

More than 1,500 Calgarians fill streets in 2nd protest in wake of George Floyd’s deathMore than 1,500 protesters could be heard asking for change on Monday, chanting the words, 'say his name' and 'Black lives matter.' Calgary? Really? Stop spreading the virus ...please respect that there are people who want to see a better tomorrow...we can work together to make this new economy work for each other...we are now in economy 2.0 and our regular industrial logic cannot compete with CHINA. We need U.N.I.T.Y. More COVIDIOTS...

Large crowd gathers in Moncton to protest racial injusticeA large crowd of anti-racism protesters gathered in front of Moncton City Hall on Monday. Lol Wow, they finally got a 'ALL lives matter' sign? That's...surprising What msm considers large...most people consider small. LOL TruthIsHard bias DefundMSM

Canadian Black And Anti-Racist Groups You Can Support NowHow you can help fight anti-Black racism and police brutality here in Canada too. The Media coronahoax Well obviously they don't even speak English. christel_D Thank you!

Trudeau says ‘we all have a role’ in confronting racism amid George Floyd solidarity protestsTrudeau said he wants young Black Canadians to know he is listening and understands why many are “anxious and angry” about the continued racism and discrimination they face. Turdeau felt the same discrimination White taxpayers and veterans can get bent i guess