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'I still get followed around in stores': Cabinet minister Hussen on his experiences with anti-black racism

'I still get followed around in stores': Cabinet minister Hussen on his experiences with anti-black racism

2020-06-02 6:29:00 AM

'I still get followed around in stores': Cabinet minister Hussen on his experiences with anti-black racism

Canada's first Somali-Canadian cabinet minister says that despite his high profile position, anti-black racism is a part of his life.

SHAREOTTAWA -- Canada's first Somali-Canadian cabinet minister says that despite his high profile position, anti-black racism is a part of his life — and that of so many others.Families, Children and Social Development Minister Ahmed Hussen told CTV's Power Play that, as a black Canadian, he has a visceral reaction when police vehicles are nearby.

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"Instinctively, my back gets up when a police cruiser comes behind me as I drive," he said Monday."You just have to look at the history of racial profiling in Canada. It is a reality for far too many young black men and women."He said that it doesn’t matter that he is a member of Parliament, nor that he is a federal cabinet minister.

"I still get followed around in stores," Hussen said. He described one such experience, saying that while shopping for cold medicine once with a member of his staff, he was followed from the moment he stepped in the store."I looked at my staff member who was on the other side of the store and she was not followed. She happened not to be a member of the black community," Hussen explained.

"She was surprised that I was being followed around. And for me, I was not. I was not surprised, but it's not about me. It’s about — this is a very common reality for many, far too many, people in our country and it is important for us to acknowledge it."

Protesters have been taking to the streets in Canada and around the world in the wake of the police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minn.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the ongoing demonstrations from the front steps of Rideau Cottage on Monday.

"Anti-black racism is real. Unconscious bias is real. Systemic discrimination is real. And they happen here, in Canada," he said.And for Hussen, that reality is one that he must live with. The minister explained that he is still processing the images from the police-involved killing of George Floyd.

"It is shocking, it is disturbing, it is quite painful to watch that video," Hussen said."I have three young boys, my oldest son is 10 years old and I still have not had the strength to have the conversation with him. How do you explain to a 10-year-old boy, growing up as a young black boy in Canada, that — how do you explain those images? That footage to him? That the very person who was supposed to keep someone safe is engaged in a slow-motion death of an innocent black man?"

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Hussen said that the first step in addressing these issues is to listen to those who are living the reality of anti-black racism in Canada."Once we acknowledge that…then we can start to talk about the solutions. But we're not even there yet. We're still at the point where, for many in Canada, their voices are not being heard and that's the frustration that you see," he said.

While Hussen said representation in government matters and that those in leadership bear responsibility in this effort, he added that fighting anti-black racism should be a mission for every person in Canada."Diversity is a fact in Canada, but inclusion is a choice. We have to make the choice for inclusion. But it starts with having difficult conversations of the lived, daily reality of dehumanizing anti-black racism that is experienced by far too many people in Canada. once we have that conversation, once we can listen to those frustrations and those personal stories, then we can move forward," Hussen said.

"I don't want to be in a position where we have these conversations decades from now with my three young sons. I want them to have a better chance to experience shopping, and to experience running in the neighbourhood, jogging, basic things that they shouldn't be afraid to do. That sometimes I’m afraid to do, let alone others."

Hussen said that having difficult conversations about racism will not "take anything from us.""If anything, it'll make Canada an even better country than it already is." Read more: CTV News »

It's that shifty look he has. Automatically makes on Leary of him. You were a cheat and a line jumper coming here to Canada.And if someone’s following you around, they’re called a salesperson, have a quota to reach so give them a break, buy something!You make enough loonies plus expenses which you should truly return since the quarantine date!

Youre a criminal in Ottawa, why expect more outside of Ottawa He is playing victim card BS He is an immigrant now in a well heeled position in Federal Government. What $ and influence in your baggage afforded you this position? Your skin colour is of no merit. Your integrity is. I do not trust you. Race baiting is abhorrent

Good to see that no one commenting has seen or heard any racism besides trying to restart something that some dumb kid did 30 years ago BS Probably because you look like a criminal HonAhmedHussen and you work for a criminal organization and your boss is the biggest criminal of all. That’s more likely the reason! But if you feel unsafe please feel free to go back to whatever toilet bowl country you came from!

Was it this guy following you? Me too, and I'm not even black Lol that's not it hes just sucks at his job and should be voted out Maybe they are just trying to help you. Or maybe you walk around suspiciously. Or maybe you’re just paranoid. Or maybe we’re all racists. VoteHimOut This man is the worst immigration minister ever

Im a cracker, with long hair and tattoos.....I also get followed around in stores.....profiling kinda sux, eh? There has been other politicians that have a theft problem too, ya dont have to use a racism subsidy to cover your underlying problem, they probably had good reason to follow you. You happily work for and support a guy who wore blackface at least three times that we know of. He's only apologized for it and changed his tune since he got caught. I didn't see Trudeau admitting this or bringing it to light himself... maybe just sit this one out.

“My back gets up when a police cruiser comes up behind me as I drive”. People of colour are not being gunned down at vehicle stops in Canada. Second, you enjoy more privileges and benefits from your job that almost any Canadian. The cruiser is likely your security detail. They probably know who he is....

Of course they follow him around, he's one of Canada's biggest thieves; a Liberal cabinet minister. Maybe because people with similar physical characteristics to him commit a disproportionate amount of crime. Maybe that was the case when he first came to Canada, but not now. I do not think there is that level of discrimination against blacks in this country. I could be wrong

Liar Were you given the golden handshake when hence you came , in my day immigrants came with nothing ,worked their butts off ,made our 🇨🇦 great . How did you get your well paying job with government ? I have no trouble with colour ,you I do. Must be true if he says it happened not like this collection of race baiting divisive Liberals are know to lie for media time...

Maybe you should stop stuffing your pockets with taxpayer money and start holding your own gov accountable ... then you might be trusted by Canadians. TrudeauMustGo Where was he when Trudeau was exposed for wearing blackface? He was defending Trudeau, so spare me the sob stories. What absolute horse shit. This man came to Canada as a refugee and now occupies an important government position. That equals anti black RACISM? Enough so that CTV feels they can print it Yeah right. FAKENEWS is the enemy of the people. They lie. Underground railroad?

Feel free to leave for Mugadishu if Canada is so awful. HonAhmedHussen is an ingrate. Bro, they just want your autograph and to take a selfie with you, chill out! Me, me, me, me, me, me, me! It’s not about you Hussan. Racism is a social behavioural problem, that exists because we as humans, are not all educated enough to understand and respect other cultures.

Maybe they think your head is a storage container. BULLCRAP We are sick of this person's twisted, malicious lies He is a disgusting enemy of Canada I'm sure it's just a coincidence that these Liberals are all fanning the flames of racism right now... 🙄 In Canada, there is only one kind of discrimination, that is between native-born Canadians and immigrants. Colour of skin does not matter in fact to be more woke than reality; companies do hire people who are disabled, black and woman.

so do I and I'm white. Sales clerk wants to make commission. society needs to separate the races !! Fact Check: The amount of melatonin in your skin does not make you more prone to developing paranoa. Check here for more information. I make up stories & speak out of context TOO so I can get media attention.

Maybe it's something about the way you behave and nothing to do with the colour of your skin. I've had undercover store guys follow me around once or twice until I turned and walked up to them and asked if I could help them... lol If Canada is so horrible... why did you come here then Its because Canada is fucking awesome isn't it? And you just won the lottery so be grateful.

I’ve seen his ugly mug over 10 times today. Stop. Chill... 🖕 ALL THE WHITE RACIST PEOPLE!! I think if you get followed in stores it’s not racist, it’s people doing their jobs, it’s just a shame that minority’s make up a large amount of people that need to be watched, so maybe you should blame the people of your race for the fact that your profiled

Then move back to where you came from If i was in this lieberal government, i’d be worried if the cops followed me too. That’s such bull Canada so racist they elected you into office.liberalvictam I was told by a black girl once that she does not want terrorists in my country. I said, neither do I, lol. Most racist people are just ignorant, I have met many people like her but to he fair 99% of people I have met are great open minded folks. Love Canada

So just Justin Trudeau and he’s white...I think. blackface He was appointed To this file for reason........wake up Canada! Dis guys forhead is crazy He’s gotta quit shoplifting so he doesn’t get followed. Fivehead BeliefInPeace St. Petersburg troll farm drones are on point tonight. Many are displaying pretty fair English skills. Good work chaps.

I'm white, and I get followed in stores every day when walking in the store ailes and people always behind me. It's called customers. Will always be someone following you. Stores aren't empty. Well, so do I, its called loss prevention. Is it annoying, yes, but I understand the loss prevention officer has no clue who might be up to no good just by looking at them. NotRacism

DID YOUR BOSS BLACKFACE TELL YOU TO SAY THAT! Fcking libturd freak You guys are about tied with CNN !! Brutal ! Liar Yeah, sure he does, it's his security detail. Everyone's back tenses up when they are stopped by police. It's not a phenomenon unique to black people. Look at the comment section, he is right.

Go back to the homeland Ugh just go back to somalia already! Maybe he should stop hating on Canada. The country that welcomed him and allowed him to have the fantastic job he has ... calling us racist now is a real slap in the face. Ask our indigenous peoples if they are followed in stores too? I've seen that, alot.

80% of the hateful and ignorant replies to this tweet further confirms what he's saying is true. Good! He's a real life fraud! For someone that hates Canada this much it’s a wonder he doesn’t leave back to Somalia FakeNews I call bs politically expedient BS but BS non the less Lol what a bafoon so do I ... and I am white ... with long hair

“My back gets up when a police cruiser comes up behind me as I drive”. People of colour are not being gunned down at vehicle stops in Canada. Second, you enjoy more privileges and benefits from your job that almost any Canadian. The cruiser is likely your security detail. Your a Liberal and can't be trusted! I get it, what are you missing?

BS Followed by randyhillier Awwww poor baby 🙄 There’s your true definition of racism and fear mongering! Anything to keep the racism fire going! I've been away for a while. Anti black racism, is that a sub domain of racism? Is it worse than other forms of racism? Can you be anti Asian but pro Black? When I left, it was enough for me to know that racism itself was despicable.

Probably because you work for JustinTrudeau Maybe he should go back to beautiful Mogadishu to feel less threatened That's because you're a Liberal, not because you're black. You're far more likely to be a criminal because of your party rather than your skin color. The LPC breeds corruption and criminal behaviour.

Yes I get followed around as well and then they ask me is there anyway I can help you.And then you say either no thank you or ask for help.. This guy like every liberal does nothing but spread anti-white racism every chance they get. Hussen was at a rally in Toronto during the election being racist. These so-called progressives are the LAST people who should be lecturing anyone about racism.

Sorry...not buying this. He shouldn't steal then. Canadian Liberals are as skilled as the Dems at distracting from real issues. This moron moved from Somalia and questions Canadian values. Sound familiar? Omg. Me too. This Country is racist. I get followed too How did he get his cushy job Yeah well guess what? I used to work loss prevention. The demographic I apprehended most was natives (male and female) followed by black males followed by Asian females. Start reporting race on police reports if you're confident race isn't the issue.

Bullshit. I went to Central America & got followed around in stores when it wasn’t a tourist hot spot. Oh well! He's followed by his security detail What a joke And I'm pretty sure it's because they know you're in the liberal government and they are following you around to make sure your hands are not in their pockets...

He has an awful lot of hatred for a country and it’s citizens that have given him everything what a job HonAhmedHussen while he was the minister, there has been discrimination within his government, and once the issue was brought up to directories, they fired people who made the complaint to silence them. You are a fuking joke HonAhmedHussen

This race baiter should be celebrating the fact that Canada is *the* most tolerant nation on Earth and listing the many virtues that lifted his Somali azz into the highest offices in the land. Instead the criminal is stirring racial tensions where none exist, stats to back it up So many racists in the replies.

. I'm still looking for the interview with DesmondCole when he called Trudeau blackface. Will you be posting it again? Very well spoken gentleman. Bullshit, race baiting pseudo victim. Canada is a good country with great people... Hmmmm I don’t think it’s that bad in Canada!!! There is always racism but very tiny minority

Still waiting for you to do your jobs and ask what he is doing about the gun violence in the GTA... Virtue signalling trash - if HonAhmedHussen feels unwanted or threatened in anyway, he should head back to his “beautiful” Mogadishu. And? BOO HOO -- LIAR It has nothing to do with being coloured - you're just an arse whole...

Me too You can go back to Somalia if Canada is so bad. Go back to Mugadishu. Don’t shit on Canada, ingrate. HonAhmedHussen enemy

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Crowds protest against anti-black racism, police impunity in MontrealCrowds rallied at a Montreal anti-racism protest demanding justice for a black Minnesota man who died following a police intervention last week and other victims of police violence. ALL lives matter. Blah blah blah Thanks CTV you finally admit that the Federal Liberals and Bloc Québécois are racists. Good for you for seeing the light.

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